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Producido por Glenn Hauser. Edición nº 13-46.

Alaska | Albania | Algeria | Anguilla | Antarctica | Argentina | Austria | Bangladesh, 4750 | Belarus | Belgium | Bolivia | Brazil | Canada | China | Colombia | Corsica | Cuba | Cyprus | Denmark | East Turkistan | Ecuador | Egypt | Equatorial Guinea | Ethiopia | Europe | France | Germany | Greece | Grenada | Guam | Guatemala | India | Indonesia | Iran | Ireland | Ireland And Northern | Ireland Northern | Israel | Japan | Juan Fernandez | Korea North | Korea South | Kurdistan | Kuwait | Kyrgyzstan | Lithuania | Mali | Mexico | Micronesia | Mongolia | Myanmar | Netherlands | New Zealand | Nigeria | North America | Norway | Oklahoma | Oman | Papua New Guinea | Peru | Philippines | Romania | Russia | Rwanda | San Andres | Sarawak | Saudi Arabia | Slovakia | Slovenia | Solomon Islands | Somaliland | South Africa | South Carolina | Spain | Sudan | Taiwan | Tajikistan | Tatarstan | Thailand | Tibet | Uganda | Ukraine | U K | U S A | U S A 12050, Wewn, 09/11 0012 Ut | U S A | Vanuatu | Vatican | Vatican State | Venezuela | Vietnam | Wake Island | Western Sahara | Zambia | Zanzibar | Zimbabwe | Unidentified

    Alaska - KBBI, 890, Homer very strong! Like it was next door at
    S9+20 with album rock. Audible off every antenna but the Eastern
    Beverage, with ID in between sets at 0003 EDT [sic] 11/7 with young
    male announcer "You're listening to KBBI Homer" Back into album rock.
    Probably the strongest I have ever heard them! I could even detect the
    transmitter hum during dead air! Also decent signal on several
    barefoot portables. Drake R8, NW EWE (Patrick Martin, Seaside OR, IRCA
    via DXLD)

    There was no EDT on Nov 7, so does he mean EST? If the log were in UT
    in the first place there could be no confusion (gh, DXLD)

    640, KYUK, Bethel AK, topping KFI easily with 60s oldies and weather
    for Bethel at 0031 EST [sic = 0531 UT] 11/7. Drake R8, NW EWE (Patrick
    Martin, Seaside OR, ibid.)

    Patrick, I'm hearing a station under KFI 640 playing music off the NW
    ewe. Just to weak under KFI's S-9+25 db signal. Would be great to
    catch a KYUK ID, it would be a new station here. Best regards, (Dennis
    Vroom, Kalama, WA, 0610 UT Nov 7, ibid.)

    [and non]. If you never heard a long wave station, tonight would be a
    good night to try for one. After reading Patrick's report on Alaska
    890 I decided to give the Alaskan weather stations a try. Very
    surprised to hear two Radio Rossii long waves this early.

    153, Russia, Komosomolsk, Radio Rossii, 0550 weak signal with music.
    NW ewe. 11/06/2013

    180, Russia, Yelizovo, Radio Rossii, 0544 very weak signal with music
    and man in Russian. NW ewe. 11/06/2013

    209, Alaska, Yakataga, CYT, 0551 weak signal with weather forecast. NW
    ewe. 11/06/2013

    358, Alaska, 0553 very weak with weather forecast. NW ewe. 11/06/2013

    379, Alaska, 0555 weak with weather forecast. NW ewe. 11/06/2013

    394, Alaska, Kodiak, KAK20, 0556 fair signal with weather forecast. NW
    ewe. 11/06/2013

    411, Alaska, KAI-82, Ilamna, 0557 weak with weather forecast. NW ewe.

    529, Alaska, Level Island, 0557 good with weather forecast. NW ewe.
    11/06/2013 (Dennis Vroom, Kalama, WA, JRC NRD 545, NW ewe + Active
    whip, IRCA via DXLD)

    His times must be UT but his dates must be local, following Martin`s
    report; really UT Nov 7 (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

    Alaska - 4125 USB NWS Kodiak AK? 11/7 7:03 PM PST tuned in to very
    weak marine weather by a man, mentioned winds in knots and waves in
    feet. Gone sometime around 7:20. Another one to keep after.

    NWS Kodiak AK, KWL38, 4125-USB, KWL38, National Weather Service, 11/9
    0300-0311, nice ID by man and into marine weather forecast, also small
    craft advisories, fair-good signal. Very happy to hear this one and
    hope they QSL (Martin Foltz, Mission Viejo CA, ABDX via WORLD OF RADIO
    1695, DXLD)

    Alaska [non] - 29760, Tentative, KNLS, 4 x 9920 --- very poor,
    monitored until 1330 when a datawell buoy fired up on the channel and
    wiped it out! -- (Tim Bucknall, Congleton, UK, Twitter #KresySiberia, Nov 7, harmonics yg via DXLD)

    I`d say that`s very unlikely considering a transpolar night route.
    Even more so that KNLS is not scheduled now on 9920 at all, but this
    in HFCC B-13, FEBC in Iba, Philippines, mostly day path:
    9920 1200 1330 49 IBA 100 270 0 146 1234567 271013 290314 D 9920 Mul
    PHL FEC FEC 4967. And Aoki says the language is Koho, while KNLS would
    be in Russian, Chinese, or maybe English (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

    Thanks Glenn, can disregard KNLS them, but was listening to 9920 and
    29760 carrier continued after 9920 had gone. Jurgen Bartels has had an
    unID broadcast harmonic on this frequency (29760); I`ll ask him if he
    managed to get any programme detail (Bucknall, ibid.)

    Later follow-up: it was V. of Russia, 4960 X 6! Via Tajikistan, per
    Aoki English at 14-19 due south from Dushanbe (gh, DXLD)

    Albania - Winter B-13 shortwave schedule of Radio Tirana:
    0000-0100 on 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg NoAm Albanian
    0230-0300 NF 7425 SHI 100 kW / 300 deg NoAm English Tue-Sun, ex 7465
    0800-1000 on 7390 SHI 100 kW / non-dir WeEu Albanian
    1800-1830 NF 7490 SHI 100 kW / 000 deg SoEu Italian Mon-Sat, ex 6040

    [not non-dir, rather proper 310 degree antenna matrix access. wb.]

    1830-1900 on 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg WeEu French Mon-Sat
    2031-2100 on 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg WeEu German Mon-Sat
    2100-2130 on 7465 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg U.K. English Mon-Sat
    (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX

    Albania - China(non) Winter B-13 schedule of China Radio
    International via Cërrik:
    0000-0157 on 6020 CER 300 kW / 305 deg to NoAm in English
    0000-0157 on 9570 CER 300 kW / 305 deg to NoAm in English
    0200-0357 on 6020 CER 300 kW / 305 deg to NoAm in Chinese
    0200-0357 on 9570 CER 300 kW / 305 deg to NoAm in Chinese
    0500-0657 on 5985 CER 150 kW / 240 deg to NWAf in Arabic
    0500-0657 on 7210 CER 150 kW / 240 deg to NWAf in Arabic
    0500-0557 on 7220 CER 150 kW / 140 deg to N/ME in English
    0500-0657 on 9590 CER 150 kW / 140 deg to N/ME in Arabic
    0600-0657 on 11750 CER 150 kW / 140 deg to N/ME in English
    0700-0857 on 11785 CER 150 kW / 310 deg to WeEu in English
    0700-0857 on 11855 CER 150 kW / 310 deg to WeEu in Chinese
    0900-0957 on 7285 CER 150 kW / non-dir to SEEu in Romanian
    0900-0957 on 9460 CER 150 kW / non-dir to SEEu in Romanian
    1100-1157 on 7220 CER 150 kW / non-dir to SEEu in Bulgarian
    1100-1257 on 13665 CER 150 kW / 310 deg to WeEu in English
    1200-1257 on 7345 CER 150 kW / non-dir to SEEu in Serbian
    1400-1557 on 11920 CER 150 kW / 240 deg to NWAf in French
    1400-1557 on 13670 CER 150 kW / 240 deg to NWAf in French
    1500-1557 on 7230 CER 150 kW / non-dir to SEEu in Turkish
    1500-1557 on 9565 CER 150 kW / non-dir to SEEu in Turkish
    1600-1757 on 5970 CER 150 kW / 330 deg to WeEu in German
    1600-1757 on 7380 CER 150 kW / 330 deg to WeEu in German
    1600-1757 on 9555 CER 150 kW / 140 deg to N/ME in Arabic
    1600-1757 on 11725 CER 150 kW / 240 deg to NWAf in Arabic
    1800-1957 on 5970 CER 150 kW / 310 deg to WeEu in French
    1800-1957 on 6055 CER 150 kW / 240 deg to NWAf in French
    1800-1957 on 7360 CER 150 kW / 310 deg to WeEu in French
    1800-1957 on 7385 CER 150 kW / 240 deg to NWAf in French
    2000-2157 on 5960 CER 150 kW / 310 deg to WeEu in English
    2000-2157 on 7285 CER 150 kW / 310 deg to WeEu in English
    2000-2157 on 6185 CER 150 kW / 193 deg to EaAf in Arabic
    2000-2157 on 7215 CER 150 kW / 140 deg to N/ME in Arabic
    2200-2257 on 6175 CER 150 kW / 280 deg to SoEu in Portuguese
    2300-2357 on 6175 CER 150 kW / 280 deg to SoEu in Spanish
    2200-2357 on 7210 CER 150 kW / 280 deg to SoEu in Spanish
    (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX

    Algeria [non] - France: 9395, Radio Algerienne (list log); 2139-
    , 7-Nov; M commentary in Arabic; sked at 2154 & off with music;
    never heard any clear mention of Algeria. Not listed in 11-7 Aoki, but
    listed by Hauser in 10-30 DXLD. SIO=454 till 2155:41 when V of Russia
    came up abruptly. R.A. went off before 2200 (Harold Frodge, Midland
    MI, USA, Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie; 85 ft. RW & 180 ft. center-fed
    RW, All logged by my ears, on my receiver, in real time! DX LISTENING

    Algeria [non non] - Future SW sites in Algeria, Ourgla and Bechar
    5925 0400 0600 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    5995 0400 0600 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    7250 0200 0400 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    7265 0200 0400 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    7265 0400 0600 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    7335 0600 0700 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    7340 0400 0600 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    9490 0600 0700 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    9600 0000 0200 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    9815 0600 0700 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    11650 1900 0200 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    11655 1900 0200 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    11690 1800 1900 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    11715 1800 1900 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    11770 1900 2300 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    11830 0700 0900 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    11965 1900 0200 46 ORG 300 206 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    15220 0700 0900 37SE,38SW,46E,47NW BEC 300 135 0 146 FRA ALG TDA
    (via Wolfgang Büschel, Nov 3, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8 via DXLD)

    Anguilla - 11775, Nov 9 at 2215, DGS is still on past usual 2200
    close, VG signal, way above 11780 Brasil. No DST shift, just normal
    sloppiness before switch to 6090 night channel (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    Antarctica - Al mejorar las condiciones de propagación he vuelto a
    escuchar, con señales de S9 a LRA36 en mi Icom IC 751. Desde Buenos
    Aires (LU2BAM (Dante) 07/11/2013, GRA blog comment 2010 UT Nov 7 via

    [non-log], 15476.0, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel.
    Checking on Nov 8 from 1930 to 1945; impossible to make out anything
    due to very strong signal from assume Adventist World Radio in Arabic
    on 15480. The heavy QRM totally blocked any chance for LRA 36
    reception (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via

    Ron, Today, no signal here at my QTH and not in SDR Twente. 73 (Jorge
    Freitas, Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W - Brasil 2052 UT Nov
    8, ibid.)

    Argentina - 6060, RNA, 10/11 0111 UT. Transmisión del partido en
    Rosario con Newell's y San Lorenzo, aparte que hablan sobre los
    problemas técnicos que tiene la imagen de la televisión pública.
    SINPO: 54554 (Claudio Galaz, Tecsun PL-660, hilo largo de 25 metros,
    Sector sur de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    Austria - 9830, Nov 10 at 2056, something in French, with African
    music, is oblivious to the heavy RTTY infesting 9830; address in Côte
    d`Ivoire. Maybe it`s clear over there. HFCC shows AWR, 300 kW, 210
    degrees from Moosbrunn daily, and followed by another semihour in
    English. We know that the African service of AWR cannot spare any time
    for `Wavescan` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Bangladesh, 4750 - 0, 1150-1212. Presumed to be the one here with
    talk, a few bits of music around TOH. No clear ID heard, but a couple
    mentions of "Bangladesh" just before TOH. Fair signal. Unlike RRI
    Makassar (which was not heard at all today, even as a het), this one
    is pretty much right on 4750.00, or maybe 4749.99. When the magnetic
    field is disturbed, as it is today, propagation at my local SR moves
    from the area of PNG and Indonesia farther westward, toward the Indian
    subcontinent (Art Delibert, N. Bethesda, MD, 11/10/13, AOR AR-7030,
    Pennant antenna facing NW, with DX Engineering pre-amp, Hard-Core-DX
    mailing list via DXLD)

    4750, Bangladesh Betar, Nov 08 1244-1256, 33443, Bengali, Koran and
    talk, ID at 1255 and 1256.

    15105, Bangladesh Betar, Nov 08 1230-1241, 25332, English, Opening
    music, Opening announce, 1232 ID, News (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX,
    IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121,
    ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    15505, Nov 9 at 1358, the Bangladesh Betar IS is JBA, and just too
    weak to tell whether there is a timesignal when it stops at 1400. It`s
    no longer showing up any better (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

    Belarus - Radio Belarus. B13. From 27.10.2013 on 30.03.2014:

    In the SW band:
    1100-2300 UT on 11730 kHz
    1705-2300 UT on 6155 kHz

    In the MW-band:
    1600-1800 UT on 1170 kHz

    FM-transmitters and frequencies:
    Brest - 96.4 MHz
    Grodno - 96.9 MHz
    Svislach - 100.8 MHz
    Geraneny - 99.9 MHz
    Braslaw - 106.6 MHz
    Myadel - 102.0 MHz (Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan, Russia /
    "deneb-radio-dx" via RusDX Nov 10 via DXLD)

    Good reception Radio Belarus in Belarusian language on 11730 around
    1300 UT. 1300 passed such songs Soviet youth. At 1300 the news.
    Modulation shallow background with AC. Slight interference with 11740
    kHz. SINPO 34543 (Alexander Egorov, Kiev, Ukraine / "deneb-radio-dx",

    Winter B-13 shortwave transmissions from Belarus:
    Radio 1, including relays of R. Stalitza, R. Grodno, R. Culture
    0400-0700 on 7255 MNS 125 kW / 072 deg to EaEu Belarussian
    1500-1700 on 7255
    MNS 125 kW / 072 deg to EaEu Belarussian
    1500-2100 on 6080#MNS 100 kW / 127 deg to N/ME Belarussian

    co-ch CRI in Chinese/English
    # co-ch VOA in English and VOIRI in French 1823-1920

    Radio Belarus Minsk [ENGLISH: WORLD OF RADIO 1695]
    1100-1400 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu Belarussian
    1400-1600 on 11730&MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu Russian
    1600-1800 on 11730&MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu Polish
    1705-1800 on 6155^MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu Polish
    1800-1940 on 6155^MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu German
    1800-1940 on 11730&MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu German
    1940-2000 on 6155^MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu German Tue/Wed/Fri
    1940-2000 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu German Tue/Wed/Fri
    1940-2000 on 6155^MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu French Sat-Mon/Thu
    1940-2000 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu French Sat-Mon/Thu
    2000-2020 on 6155^MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu Spanish Sat-Mon/Thu
    2000-2020 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu Spanish Sat-Mon/Thu
    2000-2020 on 6155^MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu English Tue/Wed/Fri
    2000-2020 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu English Tue/Wed/Fri
    2020-2200 on 6155^MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu English
    2020-2200 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu English
    2200-2300 on 6155 MNS 125 kW / 252 deg to WeEu Russian
    2200-2300 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu Russian
    & co-ch AWR KSDA in Chinese 1400-1500, Voice of Turkey in English
    ^ co-ch AIR in Urdu till 1930, CRI in Russian 2000-2100
    (Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, DX Re Mix News Nov 11 via DXLD)

    Belgium [non] - Winter B-13 schedule of BRB stations:

    Radio Miraya:
    0300-0600 on 9940 secret / hidden site to EaAf English/Arabic

    Denge Kurdistan:
    0400-1600 on 11510 KCH 250 kW / 116 deg WeAs Kurdish (11600 Oct 28-31)
    1600-2000 on 11510 ISS 250 kW / 090 deg WeAs Kurdish (11600 Oct 28-31)

    Suab Xaa Moo Zoo, Voice of Hope:
    1130-1200 on 11570 TSH 100 kW / 250 deg to SEAs Hmong
    2230-2300 on 7530 TSH 100 kW / 250 deg to SEAs Hmong

    Que Me:
    1200-1230 on 9930 HBN 100 kW / 318 deg to EaAs Vietnamese Fri

    Khmer Post Radio:
    1200-1300 on 9960 HBN 100 kW / 270 deg to SEAs Khmer

    The Disco Palace:
    1530-1630 on 12115 ISS 100 kW / 079 deg to SoAs Music in DRM

    Radio Xoriyo:
    1600-1630 on 17870 ISS 500 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Somali Mon/Fri
    Transmissions jammed by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white noise

    Radio Assenna:
    1700-1800 on 15245 secret / hidden site to EaAf Tigrinya Mon/Wed/Fri
    Transmissions jammed by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white noise

    Voice of the Forum of Eritreans:
    1700-1800 on 15245 secret / hidden site to EaAf Tigrinya
    Transmissions jammed by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white noise

    E-SAT Radio, new frequencies day by day from 15360 to 15390, ex 15355-
    1700-1800 on 15380 secret / hidden site to EaAf Amharic Mon
    1700-1800 on 15365 secret / hidden site to EaAf Amharic Tue
    1700-1800 on 15385 secret / hidden site to EaAf Amharic Wed
    1700-1800 on 15370 secret / hidden site to EaAf Amharic Thu
    1700-1800 on 15390 secret / hidden site to EaAf Amharic Fri
    1700-1800 on 15375 secret / hidden site to EaAf Amharic Sat
    1700-1800 on 15360 secret / hidden site to EaAf Amharic Sun
    All frequencies jammed by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white noise

    Radio Inyabutatu:
    1700-1800 on 17870 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Kinyarwanda Sat
    (Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, DX Re Mix News Nov 11 via DXLD)

    Bolivia [and non] - 6135-, Nov 9 at 0054, music playing here sounds
    like that on 11855, i.e. R. Aparecida, Brazil which also has a 6135
    transmitter --- but instead it`s R. Santa Cruz, since offset to the lo
    side, and there is no het at all from the ZY; furthermore, at 0059
    they are definitely not //, one talking, one musicking.

    BTW, I am still often hearing, including tonight, R. Pio Doce, Bolivia
    on 5952.4v, but both of them are a lot weaker than they were in our
    summer, when in their winter the signals were getting a better head-
    start northward (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Bolivia - 9620 [sic], Radio Fedes [sic], at 0230, on 11/10, males
    speaking in Spanish along with musical interludes of a short duration
    and then returning to talking again. Good (John Cooper, PA, WinRadio-
    G33DDC Excalibur Pro, RF Space SDR-IQ, Grundig Satellit-750, Tecsun
    PL-660, Wellbrook ALA 1530+ Imperium, All Band Tuned Super Sloper.
    PARS SWL End Fed Sloper, NASWA Flashsheet via DXLD)

    ?? R. Fides is on 9625, and a tough catch; 9620 is occupied by R.
    Exterior de España at this hour (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Brazil - BRASIL: 4775, ZYG207, Rádio Congonhas; 2238-2246+, 5-Nov;
    Portuguese baladas; one-word "Congonhas" ID at 2245. SIO=2+52+ (Harold
    Frodge, Midland MI, USA, Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie; 85 ft. RW & 180
    ft. center-fed RW, All logged by my ears, on my receiver, in real

    Brazil - 4865.06, R. Verdes Florestas, Cruz.º do Sul AC, 2309-2319,
    07/11, propaganda religiosa por padre; 33431. QRM R. Alvorada (p) e

    4875.05, R. Dif.ª de Roraima, Boa Vista RR, 2307-23178, 07/11,
    canções; 44433, QRM CODAR. Melhor sinal em 08/11, 2215, programa
    musical. 73 (Carlos Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING

    Brazil - 4915, ZYF691, Rádio Daqui: 2235, 5-Nov; Portuguese baladas
    with RD ID between. SIO=443 with minor swiper splash from down-
    frequency. Best 60 m station below 5 MHz (Harold Frodge, Midland MI,
    USA, Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie; 85 ft. RW & 180 ft. center-fed RW,
    All logged by my ears, on my receiver, in real time! DX LISTENING

    4915, Nov 8 at 0653, LAH from two stations on slightly different
    frequencies, one with music, both vs CODAR. Even tho it`s the
    madrugada, no doubt the Brazilian pair, Rdif. Macapá and R. Daqui,
    Goiânia. Brazil must be the only Latin American country piling more
    than one station on a single tropical band frequency. Stronger here
    than 4885 at the moment, also 24 hours from Pará (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    Brazil - 5035, Rádio Educação Rural at 2212 in Portuguese with a man
    with soft talk then a woman with talk and ranchero-like male vocals at
    2214 - Fair Nov 10 (Mark Coady, Selwyn, ON, Alinco DX-70, Drake SPR-4,
    inverted vee or delta loop, ODXA YRX via DXLD)

    Without an ID, how do you know this was R Educação Rural rather than
    Rádio Aparecida? We have numerous reports of the latter, altho
    possibly RER is also active (gh, DXLD) Viz.:

    5035, ZYG853, Rádio Aparecida; 2248-2301+, 5-Nov; Low-key Portuguese
    religious program. Lengthy Aparecida ID promo from 2257+ past ToH.
    SIO=333- in LSB needed to minimize splash from 5040 RHC (presimed) in
    Spanish (Harold Frodge, Midland MI, USA, Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie;
    85 ft. RW & 180 ft. center-fed RW, All logged by my ears, on my
    receiver, in real time! DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    5035.00, 0250-0310 07.11, R Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, Portuguese
    religious talk, music, hymn 35232 (Anker Petersen, heard on the AOR
    AR7030PLUS with 28 metres longwire in Skovlunde, Denmark, via Dario
    Monferini, playdx yg via DXLD)

    5035, R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2253-2309, 07/11, canções, programa
    Com a Mãe Aparecida; 45433. // 6134.9, 9629.8, 11855.

    6134.9, R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2300-2314, 07/11, programa Com a
    Mãe Aparecida, refs. à Campanha dos Devotos; 44432.

    9629.75, R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 1924-1950, 08/11, programa
    Cantinho Sertanejo, revista de notícias Jornal dos Jornais, ás 1930;
    33432, mas em ascensão, apesar da QRM adjacente. 73 (Carlos Gonçalves,

    6134.96, R Aparecida, 2034, Nov 7, Port TC, sung ID, sertaneja, in the
    clear between 2030 co/channel VOV Russian carrier off and 2058 CRI
    Croatian carrier on. Unusually early, slightly off frequency, //
    11855; beware R Madagasikara not heard here lately (Martien Groot,
    Schoorl, Netherlands, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Brazil [and non] - 10000, Nov 10 at 0144, YL voice with
    ``Observatório Nacional, 23 horas, 44 minutos, 40 segundos``, etc.,
    and pips every dekasecond, mixing with equally weak WWV and WWVH.
    During the 0145 minute has to combat the unreadable WWVH propagation
    report. And vs NIST tone after 0146. Obviously giving local DST of UT-
    2 now rather than UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Brazil - 11940, Rádio Voa Vontande [sic] – Puerto [sic] Alegre
    (Presumed), 2114, 11/9/13, in Portuguese. Man talking with another man
    – seemed color to a soccer game. Good (Mark Taylor, Madison WI,
    Perseus, WinRadio g313e, Eton e1, Grundig G5, Tecsun PL 660; EWE,
    Flextenna, NASWA Flashsheet via DXLD)

    ?? Assume you mean R. Boa Vontade, but it`s unknown to use this
    frequency; where did you find that listed? Not even Aoki. REE Spain is
    on 11940 weekends at 19-23, and that was a Saturday. And only in
    Spanish. They do have Portuguese at 21-22, but it is supposedly only
    M-F and on 11680. There is a ZY on 5970, R. Itatiaia which could
    possible harmonicize on 11940 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


    Con un acto solemne en el Palacio Planalto, la presidente de Brasil
    firmó este jueves un decreto que autorizará a las emisoras de radio
    migrar sus señales de AM a FM, una frecuencia donde ganarán en calidad
    de audio, competitividad y alcance, a través de los teléfonos

    "La migración que acabamos de autorizar es la base para mejorar la
    cualidad de las transmisiones, permitiendo mejoras en las relación con
    los anunciantes" , ha dicho Rousseff durante el lanzamiento. "Quería
    decir que durante mis años de prisión las noticias llegaban por la
    radio. Era uno de los instrumentos del contacto con el mundo", ha
    contado la mandataria para remarcar la importancia de la radio.

    La decisión del Gobierno fue una respuesta a una vieja demanda de la
    Asociación Brasileña de Emisoras de Radio y Televisión (Abert), que ha
    denunciado desde hace años las dificultades de emisión que enfrenta en
    las grandes ciudades para distribuir su señal en Amplitud Modulada.

    "Es una excelente noticia para toda la radiodifusión nacional, no
    solamente porque atiende los deseos y expectativas de los
    radiodifusores. El decreto también establece un nuevo marco de
    inversiones y de innovaciones en el sector, impulsando a la radio a
    tornarse más competitivas para atender mejor a sus oyentes y al
    mercado", ha dicho el presidente de Abert, Márcio Villela.

    La Asociación estima que el 90% de las 1784 emisoras de AM que operan
    en Brasil se pasarán a la banda de FM. El ministro de Comunicaciones,
    Paulo Bernardo, ha aclarado que el traspaso será opcional. Aclaró,
    además, que el Gobierno ya no dará licencias de AM, con el objetivo de
    sustituir poco a poco todas las frecuencias existentes.

    "La radio AM está perdiendo calidad, es una frecuencia muy difícil" ,
    ha dicho el ministro. "En las grandes ciudades, principalmente, es muy
    difícil que usted pueda sintonizar una radio AM. A las radios de los
    automóviles, por ejemplo, se les hace muy complicado sintonizarlas" ,
    agregó el funcionario, que estará presente en el acto de firma del
    decreto presidencial (infobae via Arnaldo Slaen, Nov 7, condiglista yg
    via DXLD)


    Amigos, tudo que ouví non últimos dias na mídia sobre o assunto da
    migração das emissoras AM para FM so' demonstra o mais completo
    desconhecimento da situação por parte de políticos e ate alguns
    técnicos. A partir da Presidência da Republica.

    Aqui vai a minha humilde opinião e fico curioso em ouvir as suas.

    Parece claro que a decisão se sustenta sobre dois pontos.

    a) A crise estrutural das ondas medias, baixa audiência,
    interferências e tal
    b) A grande demanda de estações que querem migrar para FM (o governo
    diz 80 por cento!)

    Eu quero acreditar que seja assim. O primeiro ponto è fora de
    discussão, o segundo porem me deixa muitas duvidas.

    E' evidente, também se não declarado, que o ponto principal é outro.
    Depois que o mundo se encheu a boca durante anos sobre a digitalizaçao
    da banda AM e até das ondas curtas, ficou demonstrado que trata-se de
    uma coisa impossível. Os testes DRM/IBOC provaram aqui, come nos EEUU
    e na Europa, que as perspetivas e o retorno econômico não compensariam
    os custos. Tecnicamente o AM digital também não funciona (ruídos e
    interferênciasgolpei am no digital até mais que no analógico), e não
    existe nem no primeiro mundo um exercito de consumidores prontos a
    comprar novos receptores.

    Quando a Apple foi questionada sobre a decisão de não colocar um
    simples chipinho para radio nos IPhones (que ja existia nos celulares
    mais baratos) a resposta foi que o digital passa pelas rede IP, não
    pelas ondas hertzianas. Eles tinham razão.

    O problema é que o governo brasileiro se inventou agora uma solução
    improvável tanto quanto.

    Eles dizem que nas regiões do Pais onde já tem disponibilidade de
    frequências a migração vai para a atual banda FM (88-108); nas outras
    tem que esperar que se liberem os dois canais da tv analógica. o que
    criaria a nova banda FM (76-88 Mhz )

    Será? As áreas do Brasil onde a banda FM não esta' completamente
    cheias de sinais são as mesmas aonde a AM continua viva e
    razoavelmente saudável. Estamos falando de regiões com menor densidade
    habitacional, cidades pequenas o bem afastadas uma da outra, áreas
    rurais, norte e centro oeste do Brasil. A primeira fase da migração
    estaria então autorizada aonde menos precisa! E aonde as emissoras são
    menores e dispõem de menos recursos para arcar os custos de
    equipamentos novos, antenas, publicidade etc.

    A segunda parte da migração, na nova banda FM, é também bastante
    imaginaria. Teoricamente interessa as áreas urbanas, aonde as
    emissoras AM não teriam "vagas" na atual banda, já congestionada
    demais. Mas o que é hoje a AM nas grandes cidades tipo Rio, São Paolo,
    BH, Porto Alegre? A grandes emissoras/redes tipo Globo, Tupi,
    Itatiaia, Gaucha etc jà ganharam freqüências FM nos últimos anos e
    estão bastante satisfeitas com a nova audiência. Um dia podem decidir
    de desligar os transmissores AM para poupar dinheiro na conta de

    O resto é pouca coisa: emissoras moribundas, sem audiência e recursos,
    que quase todas vivem alugando horários para as igrejas evangélicas.
    Quem vai bancar a migração, o pastor? E sinceramente: quantos cariocas
    ou paulistanos estão aguardando ansiosos que a própria emissora AM de
    coração passe para FM?

    Quem ainda escuta AM no Brasil, tirando nos amadores de plantão, são
    pessoas que usam receptores antigos e baratos. Será que eles iriam
    comprar os novos rádios, que ainda não existem, com as duas bandas FM?

    Concluindo: esta coisa não vai dar em nada. Eles não sabem do que
    estão falando. Eu não digo que a AM tenha um grande futuro, è possível
    que esteja mesmo nos seus últimos anos de vida. Mas esta solução não
    funcionará. Tem toda a cara da típica lei cheia de boas intenções que
    a final é fora da realidade. Depois todo mundo chora que "não pegou"
    (Rocco Cotroneo, Rio de Janeiro, Nov 8, radioescutas yg via DXLD)

    Rocco, concordo com teu ponto de vista. Obrigado por teus comentários.
    Gostaria de trazer a luz outros aspectos da migração, de forma
    descompromissada (ou seja: não citarei fontes, apenas darei uma

    == a pressão política ==

    Possivelmente, há pressão intensa de parlamentares e entidades por
    novos concessões de rádio. E é provável que eles exijam canais FM por
    sua disponibilidade em celulares e menor custo de ativação.

    O governo costurou um comprimisso: melhora a cobertura das emissoras
    ABERT sem exigir investimento em equipamentos digitais. Libera canais
    para todas as concessões que estão na fila.

    == os desafios técnicos ==

    o Brasil vai ser o primeiro pais a ter uma banda FM entre 76 até 108
    MHz. Não há receptores baratos e funcionais com esta ampla cobertura
    de banda!

    Os testes (como os que a Jovem Pan vai começar) vão ter resulado
    previsíveis. Cobertura muito boa... se você tiver um bom receptor!

    Receptores comuns, com circuito tradicional são incapazes de
    sintonizar sinais abaixo de 88 MHz livre de interferências. Ao
    sintonizar 76.1, você escutará a emissora em em 97.5 MHz!

    Por que isto acontece? Dois motivos: a) receptores simples possuem
    apenas uma FI de 10.7MHz b) receptores simples não possuem fron-end
    sintonizado (como geralmente ocorre em OM).

    Felizmente, os últimos 5 anos trouxeram novidades importantes para
    receptores economicos. Chips como o Silicon Labs Si43x usam um FI de 0
    KHz ou um valor muito pequeno e são imunes ao problema descrito acima.

    A banda extendida entre 76MHz e 88MHz vai funcionar, mas depende de
    novos receptores, usando um novo tipo de circuito. O que me leva ao
    terceiro ponto.

    == Bolsa Minha Estação ==

    Sim, já tem dono de rádio querendo que o governo patrocine na
    transição dos equipamentos e introdução de novos receptores.

    Minha opinião sobre isso é impublicável. Todos vão concordar que o
    governo prioridades mais importantes do que ajudar empresários
    incapazes de gerir um negócio sustentável.
    (Huelbe Garcia, ibid.)

    Rocco e Michel [sic], Vocês já falaram praticamente tudo sobre mais
    esta bobagem que estão fazendo com o rádio no Brasil.

    Apenas para resumir uma situação que acredito aconteça na grande
    maioria das cidades brasileiras, estou no interior em uma cidade com
    porte médio, tenho atualmente problemas de ruídos, causados por tudo
    que a gente conhece que tem por aí. No entanto, não é um problema
    crítico e não afeta as três emissoras AM da cidade, não há razão
    alguma para estas emissoras migrarem para a banda de FM, isto deve
    ocorrer em praticamente todo o interior do Brasil.

    Enfim, parece que o interesse é politico, seriam várias e várias
    concessões para FM em uma caneta só. 73 (Samuel Cássio, ibid.)

    Pessoal, O problema de interferências na faixa de AM ocorre em grandes
    cidades, e não é porque em pequenas cidades não ocorre o problemas que
    irão deixar como está.

    As transmissões estão em fase de mudança. As transmissões digitais
    irão substituir as transmissões analógicas e com vários benefícios em
    questão de economia de energia, largura de faixa e muitas outras.

    A telefonia celular começou no Brasil em 1993 com equipamentos
    analógicos e atualmente estão digitais em todo o Brasil. Isso
    aconteceu gradativamente e hoje não se vê mais telefone celular
    analógico em funcionamento.

    A TV digital no Brasil, começou a poucos anos, e hoje a maioria dos
    lares brasileiros os aparelhos de TV são digital com recepção digital.
    Há conversores a venda para os aparelhos analógicos e se não me
    engano, vi conversor a venda por R$ 60,00.

    Em minha cidade, todas as EMISSORAS ou geradoras de programação LOCAIS
    já transmitem no modo digital, e continua as transmissões analógicas.
    Somente as REPETIDORAS de TV ainda continuam somente no modo
    analógico, mas nas cidades onde a programação é GERADA o sinal já é
    digital. Para que as emissões sejam 100% digital, deverão ser
    substituídas APENAS as repetidoras.

    Quanto a migração das rádios AM para a mesma frequencia dos canais 2 a
    5 dos televisores, esta será GRADATIVA. As transmissões de TV
    existente neste canais terão de ser interrompidas para que as rádios
    AM sejam comecem, e para a recepção dessa faixa de frequência novos
    aparelhos de FM deverão ser produzidos e vendidos no mercado, nem que
    sejam aparelhos com duas faixas de FM (52 - 87 e 87 a 108 MHz por

    Isso ocorre também nas emissões comerciais de VHF, quando em 2022 a
    ANATEL não mais emitirá licença para operação de estação que tenha
    transmissão analógica - rádio e repetidora.

    Para se ter uma idéia, as polícias de vários Estados brasileiros já
    trocaram seus rádios VHF analógico para digital. Imagine quantos
    rádios VHF analógicos funcionando cairão em desuso.

    Isso tudo faz parte da evolução, e os únicos que continuarão com as
    emissões analógicas serão os radioamadores. Vejo que não é outro
    motivo que não a evolução, mudança das transmissões e não outra coisa.
    Se mudarem a transmissãio para AM digital, tero rádio para [sic, cut
    off incomplete] (CÉSAR AUGUSTO MERLIN, Nov 9, ibid.)

    Cesar, ninguém aquì é contra a evolução, apesar de um certo (legitimo)
    saudosismo de muitos de nos. E' que o AM digital, depois de dez anos
    de testes no mundo inteiro, està saindo do cenário. Aquì estamos
    discutindo das medidas alternativas que o governo vai adotando. A
    migração para FM não significa passar do analogico para digital (Rocco
    Cotroneo, ibid.)

    Vocês já imaginaram, assim que as transmissões de AM passarem para o
    FM, a qualidade de nosso dx em AM? Conseguiremos captar muitas
    estações estrangeiras, antes encobertas por fortes transmissões
    locais. Estarei falando bobagem? Ou realmente será algo diferente em
    dx em AM? Abraços a todos os radioescutas (João Araújo, São Paulo -
    SP, ibid.)

    João, Não é apenas aqui que o AM está em decadência. Portanto, se a
    migração demorar pode ser que já não exista muita coisa para ouvir.
    Torço para estar errado. Já a faixa de FM, se boa parte não ocupar as
    frequências que ficarão vagas dos canais analógicos de TV, creio que
    reinará o caos. Quanto a qualidade da programação... 73 (Ivan Dias
    Jr., - Sorocaba/SP, ibid.)

    Acho que continuará um lixo. Hoje ficamos felizes quando captamos uma
    estação distante: Falamos: -Puxa, captei uma estação lá da ponta do
    pais, em Roraima ou outros. Dai respondemos: -Puxa, que legal, o que
    você ouviu?? Dai a pessoa responde: Melhor não falar! (puro lixo).

    Raras as estações que transmitem conteúdo bom, ex:

    Bandeirantes SP, Rádio Aparecida, SP, Rádio Cultura de Araraquara, SP
    Rádio Guaíba, RS, Rádio Nacional da Amazônia, DF, Rádio CBN, Rádio
    Itatiaia, MG, e mais umas 10 ou 15 no máximo, com bom conteúdo.

    Quanto as utilitárias, estamos bem felizes! Tem muita coisa pra ouvir
    e decodificar! (João Araujo, São Paulo - SP, ibid.)

    Amigos, Essa migração me preocupa em alguns pontos:

    1 - Temos algumas estações FM que trabalham apenas com informes de
    trânsito, como a Sulamérica Trânsito. Já acho uma tremenda burrice
    essas emissoras operarem apenas em FM, pois, muitas vezes, noticiam
    situações de rodovias em pontos que simplesmente estão fora do alcance
    da emissora. Operando na faixa de AM o alcance delas seria
    consideravelmente maior. A não ser que façam como a rádio CCR Nova
    Dutra, cujo sinal cobre toda a extensão da rodovia. Sem contar os
    rincões do território nacional onde mal chegam as ondas curtas...

    2 - Nos rádios FM que já possuem sintonia FM abaixo de 88 MHz (banda
    de áudio de TV), é comum sintonizarmos nessas faixas sinais de
    emissoras cuja frequêcia está bem mais acima. A Band News FM (96.9
    MHz) pode ser ouvida por volta dos 76 MHz, bem como a Tupi FM, Rádio
    Estadão, dentre outras. As novas emissoras teriam que lidar com esse
    problema. Obtive esses resultados em dois receptores analógicos
    (Toshiba 4 faixas e Philco PH60). 73's (Erick Tamberg, Guarulhos - SP,

    Amigos, Se me permitem a modesta opinião, já afirmei aqui que a
    "morte" do AM no Brasil é apenas questão de tempo. A geração de nossos
    filhos, na média, mal sabem que o AM existe. O próprio FM está aos
    poucos cada vez mais migrando para o interior dos veículos, que é onde
    se lembra que o rádio existe. Na Europa, o AM já caminha para a
    extinção. O rádio vai continuar a existir, mas cada vez mais acessado
    através de aplicativos como o "Tune In", instalado nos celulares, com
    o som trafegando via Bluetooth para caixas de som possantes ou do
    próprio carro (sempre ele, por isso as cidades estão paradas, mas essa
    é outra discussão).

    Para o nosso hobby, acho que teríamos um ganho com a migração, porque
    nossas escutas noturnas ganhariam novas fronteiras. Países hoje
    difíceis da vizinhança continetal se tornariam corriqueiros e, quero
    crer, os colegas do litoral conseguiriam acessar a África, quando as
    condições permitissem.

    Quanto à migração propriamente dita, posso cravar que não acontecerá,
    pelo menos da forma que foi concebida, a não ser que ocorra um acesso
    coletivo de insanidade nos donos das AMs para que esses aceitem gastar
    rios de dinheiro para uma adaptação que colocará suas rádios em uma
    faixa de frequência que os aparelhos atuais não sintonizam. O que deve
    acontecer é a continuidade do movimento atual. Quem tiver dinheiro e
    espaço locará um canal tradicional de FM e migrará aos poucos suas
    operações. É o que penso. 73 (Arthur Antonio Raimundo, Manaus AM
    Brasil, 03º05'41"S, 60º01'57"W, FI96XV, ibid.)

    Acabo de ouvir a presidenta Dilma na Voz do Brasil, dizendo que as
    novas emissoras em FM vão ser ouvidas em celulares e tablets. Tablets?
    Repito: não sabe do que está falando (Rocco Cotroneo, Nov 11, ibid.)

    Rocco, Não conheço os tablets em geral, mas eu tenho um tablet até bem
    vagabundinho que pega FM. Talvez o tablet da presidentêêêê tem FM
    também! (Aluizio Antonio dos Santos, 12 Nov, ibid.)

    Tablets também pegam FM! Pelo menos os lá de casa pegam ... Ipad e
    SAMSUNG (Lourival, ibid.)

    Pessoal, que eu saiba tablet sintoniza FM através de um software
    dedicado e não diretamente da antena da emissora. Pelo menos meu
    Samsung funciona assim. Mas que ela é burra, quanto a isto eu tenho
    certeza (G S Cysneiros, ibid.)

    Mas se é para sintonizar as emissoras em celular, tablet, etc., não
    precisa migração nenhuma; muitas e muitas emissoras podem ser ouvidas
    pela internet seja AM ou FM há muito tempo, acaba de uma vêz com a
    transmissão de rádio e segue pela internet, afinal o que tem a
    sintonia por tablet com recepção de rádio via ondas hertzianas diretas
    dos transmissores? (Samuel Cássio, São Carlos SP, iid.)

    Cassio, O meu tablet vagabundinho recebe FM via ondas hertezianas
    direta dos transmissores! (Aluizio, ibid.)

    Sim, mas aí é rádio, um tablet com um receptor de rádio integrado,
    como celulares, etc. A idéia, como entendi, é que grande maioria das
    emissoras de ondas médias, fora dos grandes centros portanto, migrem
    para a banda oficial de FM no Brasil 88 a 108 MHz, como serão estas
    transmissões - em AM ou FM? E nestes casos, as emissoras fora dos
    grandes centros, emissoras que transmitem em ondas médias não têm
    tanto problema assim para mudarem de banda, por mais ruído de toda
    espécie que se possa ter, os sinais locais não sofrem com isso e
    durante o dia não têm a concorrência de emissoras mais distantes;
    então os motivos alegados não são apenas os problemas de recepção em
    ondas médias.

    Como já foi dito aqui, ah, mas as coisas evoluem, bom então transmitam
    pela Internet e pronto ou decretem de uma vez o fim do rádio em HF e
    que fique só em VHF no modo FM. A propósito não conheço ninguem que
    ouça rádio e as emissoras locais de AM em celular, tablet, pelo menos
    aqui onde moro. Quanto a se ouvir as emissoras pela internet e faço
    isto bastante tambem, a maioria que conheço ouve rádios musicais,
    normalmente webradios.

    Bem, o rádio enfrenta um problema díficil, a concorrência é muito
    grande, o conteúdo de programação é ruim na maioria dos casos e nuna
    se protegeu as ondas de rádio em seu estado mais natural, as
    consequências chegaram. 73 (Samuel Cássio, ibid.)

    Frequência de 76 a 88 MHz e não 88 a 108 MHz, OK (Ariovaldo Lobrito,

    Tablets têm chips para rádio FM? O Ipad com certeza não. Existem
    várias apps que pegam emissoras na Internet, claro (Rocco Cotroneo,

    Pois então veja aí:

    -- O ministro das Comunicações, Paulo Bernardo, disse que os
    interessados na migração poderão protocolar requerimento no ministério
    a partir de 1º de janeiro de 2014.

    Quem quiser permanecer na AM poderá manifestar interesse em ampliar a
    cobertura nessa faixa. Segundo Bernardo, durante certo tempo, será
    permitido que as rádios transmitam em AM e FM, para que haja a
    migração da audiência "sem sobressaltos" .

    "Na hipótese de não haver canal de rádio FM disponível na localidade,
    serão usadas as frequências ocupadas atualmente pelos canais 5 e 6 de
    televisão, após finalizado o processo de digitalização da televisão" ,
    disse o ministro.-

    A maioria vai para o FM mesmo, entre 88 e 108 MHz, a maioria das
    rádios em ondas médias no Brasil não estão nas grandes capitais, o
    Brasil é muito grande, OK? (Cássio, ibid.)

    Tablet e celulares com receptor FM real integrado já vi aos montes.
    Nunca vi celular nem tablet com receptor físico integrado AM; alguém
    sabe se existe?

    Ariovaldo, 76 a 88 será usado nos grandes centros onde não ha vaga
    para novas emissoras na faixa de 88 a 108. Em pequenas cidades com
    muitas frequencias disponiveis migrarão sim para 88 a 108 (Aluizio
    Antonio dos Santos, 13 Nov, ibid.)

    Pessoal, Francamente. .. além de nós radioescutas, alguém mais conhece
    quem escuta ondas médias? Só conheço pessoas que escutam FM. No início
    do FM, as músicas que tocavam eram só orquestradas. Hoje temos todo
    tipo de lixo musical, até aquelas que "vão descendo até o chão". E
    particularmente, algumas AM são melhores que certas FMs (César Augusto
    Merlin, ibid.)

    César, Aparentemente você vive numa grande cidade. Em Porto Alegre, a
    emissora mais popular (Farroupilha) está presente apenas em AM. E vai
    muito bem há 50 anos.

    Sistema 'duplex&# 39;, onde a emissora possui emissão simultânea em AM
    e FM, é algo exclusivo em capitais ou cidade muito grandes. Todas as
    demais emissoras AM de cidades pequenas ou médias estão apenas em AM.

    Embora as emissoras dos grandes centros urbanos tenham milhões de
    ouvintes, elas são relativamente poucas. O maior número de emissoras
    está localizado no interior.

    Uma conversa com amigos nascidos fora da capital mostra um
    comportamento interessante: todos estão felizes que as emissoras de
    sua cidade Natal estão disponíveis na web. Isso mostra, também, como a
    população é arraigada ao local.

    A massificação, pasteurização e impessoalidade do conteúdo sao
    fenômenos, aparentemente, urbanos e modernos nas emissoras de radio.

    E como a população da cidade grande re-encontra o local? Lendo! Vários
    jornais baratos e de foco comunitário surgiram nos últimos anos:
    Extra, Diário Gaúcho, Metro, Super Noticia (Huelbe Garcia, ibid.)

    Olá César, Eu não poderia deixar de responder essa: Vamos lá:

    Pessoas que "conheço", "não são radioescutas", e ouvem "Ondas Médias"

    A minha mãe, o meu paí, minha tia, minha avó, meu avó (viciado), o
    porteiro do prédio onde moro, o locutor da rádio 730 que mora aqui no
    meu prédio, o Senhor que vigia carros numa garagem aqui ao lado, os
    alfaiates que trabalham aqui perto da minha casa, o meu amigo Pedrão,
    da eletrônica do Pedrão, o Sebastião (tião) que tem uma lojinha aqui
    perto que vende créditos para celulares, as amigas da minha tia
    (muitas delas) as amigas da minha avó (dezenas delas) "vários amigos
    meus", colegas com quem trabalho que ouvem todos os dias os programas
    de esportes pelas rádios Difusora, 730, Bandeirantes e RBC, o caseiro
    do meu paí, vários caseiros das fazendas vizinhas, um senhor que não
    conheço, mas está todos os dias com um radinho na mão na avenida Goiás
    no centro de Goiânia, passo por ele todos os dias, no camelódrmo de
    Goiânia, tem um senhor que vende rádios, 24 horas sintonizado na rádio

    Como sou viciado em rádio, ouço todos os dias "dezenas de recados"
    para pessoas de diversos setores de Goiânia, que não são radioescutas;
    mencionadas diariamente pelos locutores. Eu só citei menos 1% das
    pessoas que ficam perto de em? Fora as que não conheçoe as milhares e
    milhares de pessoas que ouvem diariamente ondas médias nesse universo
    que não é nem um pouco pequeno.

    Essa lista pode acabar, os membros dessa lista vão morrer, mas o rádio
    nunca vaí acabar, nunca vai morrer, sempre haverá uma pessoa ou grupo
    para transmitir em qualquer onda herteziana que seja...e sempre haverá
    alguem que irão ouví-los. Seja oficial, ou clandestinamente (Cássio
    Santos - Goiânia-Goiás, ibid.)

    Bom dia César, Moro em Florianópolis e as rádios CBN Diário 740 e a
    Guarujá 1420, além de outras, tem uma audiência fantástica na região.
    73 (Marcos Antonio Pacheco, ibid.)

    Caro colega, não é bem assim. Aqui em PE, a rádio jornal AM possui uma
    audiência avassaladora. Os motivos técnicos alegados para esta
    migração não me convenceram. Era mais fácil explicar que em algumas
    grandes cidades a faixa de FM está cheia e como a pressão e o lobby
    das empresas de comunicação é enorme, é necessário disponibilizar
    novas faixas de FM para elas (Chicao Valadares, ibid.)

    O meu vagabundinho tem chip para FM, inclusive se for tentado sintonia
    sem o fone de ouvido ele manda a mensagem:


    Tem um tablet vendido na que tem sintonia de FM real e
    sintonia de TV digital tambem com sintonial real e não via soft
    internet, dados de celular ou coisa que o valha! Em tempo nunca diga
    ao possuidor de Ipad que o dispositivo dele é um tablet, isso é pior
    que falar mal da mãe dele!!!!!!!!! (Aluzio Antonio dos Santos, ibid.)

    Via the ADX list, via

    Hello! According to the TV news, president Dilma has signed a decree
    which enables all Brazilian MW/AM stations to switch over to FM. As of
    January 1, 2014 the stations can apply for switching to FM.

    Associação Brasileira de Rádios e Televisão believes that around 90%
    of the 1784 stations currently broadcasting on MW/AM in Brazil will be
    switching over to FM. Initially, the stations will be able to
    broadcast both on AM/MW and FM.

    After five years the stations must decide whether to switch to FM
    permanently or to continue on FM. They may also decide to stay on
    MW/AM and are allowed to expand their prescence in this band.

    Some of the motives for the decree is better audio quality and less
    interference plus the fact that FM transmissions, contrary to AM/MW
    radio, can be received on cellular phones.

    Tough for AM/MW buffs, indeed! Greetings fom Brazil, (Nils Olsson,
    formerly of ARC, via Bengt Ericsson, ARC via Max Van Arnhem, MWCircle
    yg via DXLD


    ABERT President Daniel Slaviero [caption] The U.S. radio industry is
    not the only one exploring ways to help AM broadcasters.

    Brazil radio observers expect their government to publish a decree in
    November detailing an optional migration process for AM radio to the
    FM band. In cities where the FM spectrum can’t accommodate new
    channels, it will be necessary to extend the spectrum using television
    Channels 5 and 6.

    Brazil — the largest country in South America and home to the world’s
    fifth-largest population — has about 1,800 AM stations.

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff okayed the migration concept in
    June, and the Ministry of Communications formulated an outline this
    summer and early fall. Rousseff was expected to sign off on the actual
    plan in November.

    As we’ve reported, Brazil sought to settle the AM migration issue
    before deciding on a digital radio standard or standards for
    shortwave, AM and FM. In pursuing this plan, the nation follows
    partially in the footsteps of Mexico, which approved a voluntary AM
    migration plan this year. Approximately 540 AMs there plan to migrate
    to FM.

    Daniel Slaviero, president of the Brazilian Association of Radio and
    Television Broadcasters (ABERT), talked with RWI freelancer Carlos
    Eduardo Behrensdorf about what led to the AM migration decision and
    how the moves would proceed.

    RW: What do proponents say are the advantages of migration?

    Slaviero: ABERT and the state associations of broadcasters view the
    migration as critical to the future of AM radio. On the FM band, [AM]
    broadcasters will gain transmission quality. Being located in a lower
    position in the spectrum, the AM band is very susceptible to noise and
    interference, which increases with the urbanization. Also, the
    mechanical noise caused by electrical networks and factories, for
    example, generates spectral “noise” in the frequency bands, and AM
    radio is the first to be affected, followed by shortwave. The
    interference also affects other bands used for broadcasting, but with
    less intensity.

    The migration will also enable broadcasters to get better integrated
    in the current context of technological convergence. The technical
    characteristics of signal reception, especially the need to use large
    antennas to capture the signal, have hindered the reach of AM radio.
    For example, cell phones have FM reception. But many vehicles leave
    the factory already without a medium-wave receiver.

    RW: How many broadcasters would move and what is the timeframe?

    Slaviero: Since the migration is optional and costly, we don’t have a
    ballpark figure of how many broadcasters will move. The government
    estimates that the decree, containing the rules for the reallocation,
    will be published this month. Therefore, the migration could be
    expected to begin in early 2014. In small towns where there is space
    on the dial, the AM stations will immediately move to frequency
    modulation. But in large cities, where the spectrum is crowded, it
    will be necessary to extend the spectrum of the FM band to television
    Channels 5 and 6. In this case, the migration will take place
    gradually as these channels get released after the analog television
    signal is turned off, which will occur between 2015 and 2018.

    RW: Who conceived and led this effort and how did they win the support
    of broadcasters?

    Slaviero: Given the problems that AM radio faces, ABERT and the state
    broadcasting entities agreed that the best solution for the AM is
    migration. We proposed the migration to the government, which is now
    responding favorably to the petition of the broadcasting industry.

    RW: Was migration a contentious issue?

    Slaviero: No. There is a consensus that the most important thing is to
    rescue the AM radio and to ensure the provision of services, with more
    quality to the listeners. The migration will strengthen the radio
    industry as new media emerge and begin to take away attention from the
    traditional media.

    RW: How will AM stations pay for the costs of the transition? Is the
    government offering a subsidy?

    Slaviero: The government is not offering a subsidy. ABERT supports
    access to financing options, but we have not gotten a reply from the
    government regarding this issue yet. There is a clear indication that
    the broadcasters will have to pay the price difference between the
    basic AM or FM license, established according to the station power,
    coverage area, etc. We are talking about the minimum cost of the
    license, set in the previous ordinance.

    RW: Besides cost, what other obstacles will individual stations face?

    Slaviero: The broadcasters will have to pay for the costs incurred
    from any technological change. Basically the stations will need to
    invest in order to adapt their transmission systems.

    RW: Are there sufficient receivers in the marketplace for stations to
    be heard? Will there be a campaign to expand the number of FM
    receivers capable of receiving these stations?

    Slaviero: In the cities where there is no need to expand the dial,
    listeners will receive the signal in their current receiver. On the
    other hand, in cities where the television Channels 5 and 6 will be
    used, it will be necessary to increase the number of receivers. There
    are already receivers in the market capable of receiving the signal.
    Some new equipment will only require a software upgrade — for example,
    some new cell phones. This will be a gradual change and the
    manufacturers will have to adapt to the frequency spectrum. That’s why
    there will be a simulcasting period when broadcasters will operate in
    AM and FM simultaneously.

    RW: What will happen to the vacated AM spectrum?

    Slaviero: The vacated spectrum will be returned to the government and
    they will conduct the appropriate research on new uses for the band.
    But since the migration is optional, and not all broadcasters will
    make the transition, this spectrum will continue to be used for the AM

    RW: For countries that may be considering such a migration, what do
    broadcasters and regulators need to know or be aware of?

    Slaviero: It is crucial to examine the regulations and to talk
    extensively about the issue with every party involved. You should be
    aware that the FM spectrum may not be sufficient to accommodate the
    migration, so it will be necessary to make some changes, as is the
    case of Brazil, which will extend the range of frequency modulation to
    the TV Channels 5 and 6.

    In Mexico, for example, the migration took place only in the cities
    where it was possible to do it on the dial. In the cities where there
    was no space, the change was not implemented and they have no plans
    for the near future. We can say that in Mexico only one part of the
    process was finished.

    RW: Would you like to add anything else?

    Slaviero: Hopefully this semester the Congress will review the
    government’s proposal and will publish a law.

    The migration is very important for Brazilian radio. We are [talking
    about] a robust market, with more than 4,500 commercial radio stations
    — from these, 1,800 are AMs — and 200 million conventional receivers.

    Radio in Brazil reaches approximately 50 million households (88.9
    percent) and, contrary to what one might think, its presence in day-
    to-day lives grows, favored by the Internet and various devices such
    as computers, cell phones, iPods, MP4s and tablets. These devices are
    helping to expand the reach of radio, which now can be heard in new
    ways. Once the quality of the sound and the scope of the reach are
    guaranteed, our stations should constantly strive to improve their
    content and therefore maintain the relevance of the media (via Kevin
    Redding, ABDX via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Canada - For “financial and strategic” reasons, the new AM stations
    in Montreal on 600 (NWS/TLK in English) and 940 (NWS/TLK in French)
    that were supposed to sign on this fall will now launch in the summer
    or fall of 2014.

    The new 850 SPT station in French will sign on at the same time,
    giving the common owner of the three licenses more flexibility to
    obtain financing and sell advertising with all three signals rather
    than just two. (La Presse, Montréal, via Dan Sys via Shawn Axelrod)

    Dan Sys also reports on the November 6 CRTC hearing on the license of
    CJMS-1040. Apparently the station owner testified that he thought his
    father had mailed in all the CRTC filings and responses to CRTC
    inquiries over the past year, but he has now understood that his
    father is suffering from dementia. And he’s found a buyer for the
    station. But the CRTC doesn’t generally allow license sales when a
    station has had significant compliance issues, which has been the case
    for CJMS for a number of years. CRTC decisions usually follow a month
    or two after hearings, so we should get word by the end of the year
    (AM Switch NRC DX News Nov 18 via DXLD)

    Canada - 740, Nov 10 at 0218 UT, atop KRMG OK is an ad for something
    in Cambridge, 519-area code, therefore CFZM Toronto with its 50 kW U1
    advantage via CBL transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LITENING DIGEST)

    Canada - Middle-Eastern on 1450 kHz 0100-0200 UT --- I've been
    hearing this tonite on the PL-310 for a steady hour. A lookup
    indicates only one ethnic station, WCEV Cicero IL. However, there is
    also noted international 1449 R. Free Libya rated 500 kW omni-
    directional. The 2100-2200 EST time-frame is still night at that
    location. Is anyone else hearing this through the clutter? (Paul S. in
    CT, UT Nov 9, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    An update here, my copy of AMLOGBOOK was deficient, and did not
    contain CFAB or CHOU. The latter is the source of the Arabic music /
    song heard. Consider this a closed case. Thanks (Paul S. in CT, ibid.)

    Canada - Steve Canney posted to Ontario DX Association [Facebook?
    Date?]: ``Not much of an update but I was at the CFRB tx site
    yesterday and the CFRX transmitter was sitting on a desk looking like
    it was waiting for an engineer to put in the new components to get it
    back up and running again. Let's hope they get to the site soon so it
    can make listening on 6.070 MHz interesting indeed, especially at
    night. I'll keep you posted`` (via Sudipta Ghose, -- One of those,
    India, Nov 13, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Meanwhile RHC
    took over 6070 (gh)

    Use it or lose it --- from tonight, Radio Habana Cuba has taken over
    6070, in Spanish, apparently ex-6100. Please inform CFRB/CFRX. 73,
    (Glenn Hauser, Nov 11, ODXA yg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    I've passed this along via [to?] Steve Canney, the QSL signer. He also
    has heard RHC there. He says the transmitter for CFRX is still on the
    bench and the engineer was vague as to when they would get it fixed.
    However, Steve said he could tell that some work had been done on it.
    I guess it's a case of low priority (Harold Sellers, Nov 12, ODXA yg
    via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Canada - 6160 & 6160, Nov 14 at 0101, CBC news and CCI, unseems
    echoing as CKZU and CKZN apparently not // at this hour. Incomparably
    stronger 6165 Cuba has not yet started modulating (Glenn Hauser, OK,

    China [and non] - [Taiwan tentatively] 5010 kHz? Hearing something
    on 5010, beginning at 2235 tune-in, still going as I type this. Way
    down in the noise. Definitely not any MARS stations that usually hang
    out around 5009.5 USB at night. Lots of talk by various announcers &
    music bits. My gut reaction has me thinking China. Anyone else hearing
    this? (Scott R. Barbour-NH-USA, Oct 30, DXplorer via BC-DX Nov 8 via

    I tried 5010 tonight (Nov 1). There was nothing at 2135 UT (except
    Equatorial Guinea with a weak signal on 5005.02 kHz). But on recheck
    at 2148-2155 UT I heard CNR-1 program on 5010.00 with a new Chinese
    transmitter, maybe replacing 4750 kHz? It was clearly // CNR-1,
    Golmud, on 4800 kHz (heard with SINPO 45344), but 5010 kHz was about 2
    seconds behind, so it must be a regional transmitter. It was heard
    here with SINPO 34343 with slight CWQRM. A man and a woman were
    talking in Mandarin, mentioning Shanghai (Anker Petersen, Denmark, Nov
    1, ibid.)

    CNR1 could also be a jammer against Taiwan SOH on 60 meter band?
    (Wolfgang Büschel, Nov 3, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8 via DXLD)

    It seems that RTI has started using 5010 kHz in B13 and China is
    jamming them, typically with not just one transmitter. At 2300 there
    seem to be two transmitters, the other delayed by about one second.
    Also one transmitter is on 5010.000 kHz exact, the other 5 Hz above
    (Mauno Ritola, Finland, Nov 4, DXplorer via BC-DX Nov 8 via DXLD)

    Taiwan: 5010, Radio Taiwan Int'l (list log), 2246, 5-Nov; M&W
    alternating in Mandarin Chinese. SIO=3+53; still there at 2310. Not in
    10/31 Aoki, but in 11/5 update (Harold Frodge, MI, DX LISTENING

    Or CNR1 jammer which is what everyone was reporting here first (gh)

    Double CNR carriers have been heard on 9 and 10 /11 on 5010; therefore
    acting as jammers. I have not heard anything other in this frequency
    to identify who is jammed. Any ideas? (Zacharias Liangas, Greece, Nov

    R. Taiwan International, 2200-2400 (Mauno Ritola, Finland, HCDX via

    [other miscellaneous reports of ChiCom jamming, in chrono order:]

    China [and non] - 3/11, 9835, RFA Tibetan 2208 today is stronger
    than CNR jammer with S8 signal (Zacharias Liangas, Thessaloniki,

    7495, Nov 6, 2015, Firedrake, China, Jamming RFA, strong (Giampiero
    Bernardini, Milano, Italia, playdx yg via DXLD)

    Firedrake [non] CNR1 jamming search Nov 7 after 1430:
    14980, good but with heavy flutter at 1435
    No others found in the 12s, 13s, 15s, 16s, 17s
    See also Cuba

    Firedrake, Nov 8 after 1400:
    6145, good at 1408 jamming Taiwan; seems the most reliable spot lately
    6125, however is in CNR1 jamming at same time --- oh, per Aoki, this
    frequency is not a jammer: imagine that! Standard remark about CNR1`s
    PR problem, as if they cared.

    Intentional search for CNR1 or Firedrake, 1425-1429 Nov 8, found none
    from 12 to 18 MHz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    9420-9448 approx., Nov 9 at 1424, extremely distorted FMy blob, like I
    have been attributing to 9430 FEBC Philippines transmitter, which has
    certainly acted up before --- but now I can still detect the latter
    with weak signal amid this mess.

    Then at 1428 I find that the blob modulation matches CNR1 jammers on
    9605 and 9530 vs VOA, and, out-of-synch, also 9450 CNR1 jammer vs
    Sound of Hope. Aoki shows nothing to explain the blob, no non-jam CNR1
    services listed in the range. Remember that the CNR5 9410 transmitter
    used to go haywire but remained around its nominal frequency (Glenn

    CNR-1 change service time --- CNR-1 delayed s/on and s/off for 30
    minutes from November 5 (Beijing Time). Now operating at 2025-1805 UT
    (ex 1955-1735 UT) de Hiroshi (S. Hasegawa, Japan, Nov 7, dxldyg via DX

    China - 4940, Voice of Strait. Saturday (Nov 9) with "Focus on
    China" from 1500 to 1530. In English with news (long item about
    China's high speed railway system; 32nd International Istanbul Book
    Fair recently opened and Chinese calligrapher Pang Zhonghua will
    lecture about calligraphy; etc.) and tourist info about the town of
    Jimei, the hometown of the late Mr. Tan Kah Kee, who was a notable
    philanthropist; no less than 14 IDs; ends with "This is the Voice of
    Taiwan Strait News Radio." Program has become very westernized, with
    many speakers of native English. Fair-good.

    6185, CHBC (presumed), 1543-1601
    on Nov 9 with non-stop EZL music; no
    announcements; fair. Can only be heard well after VOK signs off (Ron
    Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via DX LISTENING

    China [non] - 9570, Sat Nov 9 at 1210, Cantonese hour of CRI, VG via
    Cuba has some really beautiful music, soprano with full orchestra, an
    opera? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Colombia [and non] - 5910, Nov 8 at 0650, TWR in Polish via Austria
    with LAH from/to as conveniently IDing just now, ``música 100%
    colombiana, 5910 onda corta, Alcaraván Radio``. HJDH gets no protexion
    or consideration from the Big Guns, as it and the Colombian government
    do not even bother to register its frequencies with HFCC. In B-13 the
    following occupy 5910 at night and surely QRM HJDH even nearby to it:

    0100-0300 RRI in Romanian; 0400-0430 NHK Spanish via France; 0430-0500
    NHK Russian via Lithuania; 0641-0659 TWR Polish via Austria; 0900-1200
    VOR English via Vladivostok (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Corsica [and non] - Re: AUDIOLIP: MEDITERRADIO 1494 KHz, 1130-1200,
    "Mediterradio`` via Radio France Bleu/Radio Corsa Frquenza Mora.
    Bilingual transmission in Italian and Corsican language coproduced by
    RAI Siclia, RAI Sardegna and Radio Corsa Frequenza Mora. The
    transmission is broadcast every Friday on 1062, 1116, 1494 kHz.
    The audioclip is available here:
    (Francesco Cecconi, QTH: CENTRAL ITALY, RX: DEGEN 1103, Nov 1,
    condiglista yg via DXLD)

    Mediterradio is a joint project of French and Italian broadcasters
    facilitated through their membership at the Permanent Conference of
    the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operaters
    member stations

    In October 2012, a new version of the radio magazine Mediterradio was
    launched through the intermediary of COPEAM. Relying on a new and
    ambitious partnership between RAI and Radio France, Mediterradio
    evolved in a weekly news programme devoted to the Western islands of
    the Mediterranean Sea: Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. The originality
    of this programme was made possible thanks to the audacious use of the
    languages based on the inter-comprehension of Corse and Italian.

    Produced and actuated by France Bleu RCFM along with the Sardinian and
    Sicilian stations of Radio Rai, Mediterradio is intended to deal with
    current affairs and to create relations between economic, social and
    cultural actors, relying on the common insular reality in the
    Mediterranean of today.

    In a 27 minute format, the three stations illustrate current affairs
    through short reportages. Music, a cultural agenda and a feature on
    the weekly news contribute to the improvement of the mutual
    understanding of the three islands. Priority is given to the
    reportage, so to deeply and comprehensively deal with the subjects.
    Special editions were realised on the occasion of an event at the
    European Parliament in Strasbourg, in November 2012, and in the
    framework of COPEAM Conference in Cagliari, in March.

    Another joint programme produced by other stations in Kantara

    Kantara: Another idea of the Mediterranean

    Kantara is a weekly radio magazine in French which brings together,
    all around the Mediterranean basin, the public radio broadcasters
    France Bleu RCFM, Chaîne Inter in Morocco, Alger Chaîne 3, Radio
    Cairo, Radio Tunis Chaîne Internationale and Spanish External Radio,
    all members of COPEAM.

    Created in 1999, Kantara wants to be the echo of the reality in a
    common and shared Mediterranean world. Every week, reports and/or
    invitees from both Mediterranean sides deal with society and current

    The year 2012-1013 was characterized by important steps for the
    development and the future sustainability of the magazine. One of the
    main progresses is the effective setting up of the rotating
    production. In fact, from September 2012, the partner channels ensure
    in succession this function, making thus possible the involvement and
    the reinforcement of the professionals of all the concerned radios.

    Moreover, during the all year and with the view of enhancing the
    visibility of the magazine at both regional and international levels,
    a number of specific actions were undertaken: a promotional brochure
    conceived by Radio France, a partnership agreement with IMA (Arab
    World Institute) and some special episodes realized in Cagliari, in
    Sardinia, on the occasion of COPEAM annual Conference or at the
    official opening of the Villa Méditerranée in Marseille (via Dr.
    Hansjörg Biener, Nov 10, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Cuba - 4765, Nov 9 at 0130, open carrier from R. Progreso, adding
    music in progress at 0131:20, so signing on an hour later than before.
    Presumably off circa 0500, as gone by 0505 check. Haven`t run across
    it on any RHC frequencies yet again (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

    Cuba [and non] - Poor RHC, getting QRM because Arnie refuses to
    participate in HFCC, so other stations would at least know where it`s
    operating, (rather than consulting the real world of DX reports, or
    even turning on a radio). Will Arnie ever make any adjustments?

    17580, Nov 7 at 1406, RHC is about equal to the clash from IBB making
    a SAH, i.e. R. Azadi via Biblis at 1330-1430. Meanwhile there are
    plenty of open channels for either on 16m.

    11760, Nov 7 at 1433, RHC is buried by heavy CCCCCCI, as their good
    friends the ChiCom are intent on jamming Sound of Hope, Taiwan, at
    1300-1500. Iran in Bengali is also on there from 1420, per Aoki.

    Some further chex of RHC in B-13, as they
    as of Nov 8 have not
    put up their new website schedules, just blank pages:

    17720, Nov 8 at 2115 has VG signal but open carrier/dead air. This
    must be because the European service in Spanish bihour has moved a
    unihour later to 22-24 instead of 21-23, while the preceding
    languages, 1930-2100 in French/Portuguese/Arabic, have stayed at the
    same UT; explain that?

    Leaves a one-hour gap at 21-22 with nothing for the 17720 transmitter
    to do. Well, it could duplicate the other French broadcast on 11760,
    which has moved an hour later from 2000-2030 to 2100-2130 and // on
    11880 to Africa now an hour earlier at 2100-2130 instead of 2200-2230.
    17720 is in fact the SSOB, and nearly the OSOB as 16m is of little
    interest to any broadcaster: just 17850 Spain, fair signal; and barely
    audible 17675 DRM from NZ. At 2129, guess what, if I turn the volume
    way up on 17720, I can barely hear traces of French bleeding thru,
    enough to match it // 11880. Well, that`s a start.

    11600, Nov 9 at 0055, somewhat distorted music, immediately nailed as
    yet another RHC leapfrog mixing product, matching 11760 over 11680
    another 80 kHz below. Don`t recall catching it here before.

    11760, Nov 9 at 0503, RHC English is here, presumably late turning off
    transmitter after Spanish to 0500; could cut off at any moment. 6125
    not yet on at 0503, or maybe a carrier mixing with Spain for another
    hour. 6165 and 6060 on in English, nothing audible on 6000, yet.
    Spanish audible at 0504 on 6100, not on 9810 and higher bands are

    5990, Nov 9 at 0100, CRI English relay is opening, undermodulated, as
    RadioCuba is late again turning off the transmitter after Spanish.

    9965, Nov 9 at 0630, pulse jamming here, against nothing but a JBA
    carrier. Could it be R. República, Costa Rica(?) teeny transmitter
    reactivated after years? Doubt it, but the DentroCuban Jamming Command
    is not taking any chances. Still pulsing against nothing at 1208. Aoki
    B-13 has nothing on 9965 at either time; HFCC shows ``HBN`` Palau
    could be on 9965 any time between 13 and 10 UT, but that would have no
    bearing whatsoever upon Cuba.

    6000, Nov 9 at 1348, no RHC audible, but a JBA carrier which could be
    CNR1; mainly QRDRM from 5995 Australia, which doesn`t convert to AM
    until 1400. So evidently RHC is running 6000 for only one hour in the
    mornings now, at 12-13. I see that B13 Aoki, now fully available at
    still has RHC on 6150 instead of 6000, despite having moved belatedly
    months ago to avoid Australia, as I reported immediately.

    17580, 15340, 13780, 11860, 11760, 11750, 11690, Sat Nov 9 at 1533
    music show from RHC sounds like favorite, `Cancionero Iberoamericano`,
    but missed opening. I want to check their program schedule, even if
    outdated, but can`t reach it via

    We do get very different results using Firefox and IE. On Firefox
    there are linx to INTERESANTES pages, like frecuencias, programacion,
    but they lead to blank pages. On IE, there`s a lot more to be seen on
    the primary language pages, but the links don`t show up at all within
    the black bar just below the title. What a mess, just like their SW

    17720, Nov 9 at 2104, what`s become of RHC`s frequency to Europe? Not
    checked before 2100 when it was trilingual for a sesquihour, but
    yesterday it stayed on past 2104 with dead air, traces of French. No
    propagation problem now, as the hybrid numbers/digital transmitter is
    VG, blasting in on 17480 with carrier, then YL numbers and bursts, in
    fact the SSOB, virtually the OSOB.

    Surely 17720 will be back on after 2200 at new 22-24 UT timing? NO, it
    isn`t. Hunting around for a replacement, none found on 17 or lower
    bands, 15 or 13 MHz. Only regular frequencies: at 2217 in Spanish,
    11840, an echo apart from 9810 & 9710. 11880 in English.

    6060, 6100, 9810, 11760, 11840, Nov 10 at 0054, RHC Spanish music fill
    hour is playing the song in English ``Tie a Yellow Ribbon``, which
    they probably view as critical of Yanqui imperialist foreign policy.
    6100 modulation is distorted; and 6060 has heavy CCI, as also on it at
    this time are: Iran, Sichuan, Brasil, Argentina: could not match it to
    15345v (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    11860, RHC, 10/11 2244 UT. Hombre habla sobre Sudamérica en inglés con
    SINPO: 44444 (Claudio Galaz, Tecsun PL-660, hilo largo de 25 metros,
    Sector sur de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    [The one date it was on 11860 by mistake instead of 11880, as below]:

    17720, Nov 10 at 2026, RHC is back on this frequency today which was
    missing yesterday, now with music, 2033 recheck in Arabic. 2059 it`s
    dead air already, and turned off at 2102. Today there is no numbers
    transmitter on 17480, which may have needed the same unit yesterday.

    17720 must have come back on circa 2200, as at 2227 it`s running in
    Spanish, but only poor-fair strength now, and // 11840, 9810 and 9710
    (but no 15230 now or lately). 11840 has good strength, but suppressed
    and distorted modulation, as often the case lately. And it`s still
    like that at recheck 0207 UT Nov 11.

    Checking others after 2200: 11880 is OFF, at 2215, which had been the
    English-to-Africa for the past week at 22-23, ex 23-24. But there is a
    strong dead carrier with lite whine on 11860, and that comes to life
    at 2217 with a bit of Spanish, then cut to English amid DXers
    Unlimited. Arnie has nothing at all to say about RHC schedule changes
    until he`s finished at 2225.

    So has English deliberately moved from 11880 to 11860, or is this just
    another mistake, as 11860 is already in use at other times? No visible
    reason to change it. In fact there is good reason not to change to
    11860, as at 2240 I hear some CCI, which per HFCC would be VOA English
    via Thailand, UT Sun-Thu only.

    15370, Sunday Nov 10 at 2226, open carrier; 2229 RHC IS and theme,
    opening Esperanto a bit early, with theme song, schedule still
    claiming to be Sundays at 07 on 6010, 15 on 11760, 2230 on 15370. The
    15 should have shifted to 16, but unconfirmed yet; the 07 would
    normally be tacked on to one of the English frequencies just finished,
    which no longer includes 6010, so really on 6000, or maybe 6060?

    9580, Nov 11 at 0203, CRI Chinese relay with very heavy wobble on the
    carrier and modulation, while // 9570 via Albania is steady.

    Two+ weeks after B-13 officially began, and one+ week after DST ended
    in areas under Yankee influence, RHC characteristically begins
    adjusting its frequencies, having refused to cooperate with most other
    countries in advance HFCC planning. Observations November 11:

    17720 is now gone, nothing at 2033 Nov 11; had been for Europe at
    1930-2100, and sporadically after 2200 in Spanish.

    13680 is the replacement for 17720, in Arabic at 2033 Nov 11, news
    about Cuba. I figured it would drop to the 13 MHz band like most
    winters. 13680 is an old RHC frequency revived, once used in the
    mornings, but not at all in A-13. So this should apply to 1930 French,
    2000 Portuguese, 2030 Arabic --- and 22-24 Spanish? Not exactly ---
    13680 is off at 2102 check, and still off at 2252. See below.

    11880 is in French at 2109 Nov 11, as previously, except yesterday
    when 11860 was employed instead, also for English after 2200. Recheck
    2240, yes also back on 11880 today in English. 11860 evidently was a

    15370 is still the French frequency (except Esperanto Sundays) at
    2230, confirmed at 2252 Nov 11, only fair.

    Where`s the European broadcast in Spanish at 22-24, ex-17720? At 2252
    I find Spanish on 11840, still suppressed modulation, 9810, 9710 and
    5040. Nothing on the 17 MHz band.

    13860! At 2302 Nov 11, VG signal, opening ``última hora`` de la
    `Revista Iberoamericana`, i.e. second hour, so may have started at
    2200 without my noticing. Gives schedule as 5-7 pm Cuban standard time
    = 22-24 UT, on
    , 13740, 11840, 9710, 9810, 5040 in typical
    Soviet-style disorder. So 13860 must be
    today`s wrong frequency
    mis-punch for 13680 where we may expect to hear it subsequently.
    13740, however, is vacant at 2302, but the others are confirmed.

    15230, open carrier at 2252; 2259 IS and opening French,

    13780 and 6000, Nov 12 at 0038 are carrying the separate `Mesa
    Redonda` TV soundtrack, which is a sporadic, non-daily service. VG
    signal on 13780, and neither // to 11840. 13860 is off by now.

    6070, Nov 12 at 0049 past 0104, RHC Spanish mainstream on NEW
    FREQUENCY, left vacant by CFRX. Use it or lose it! As I informed the
    ODXA ASAP. (Altho IIRC vaguely, in a previous season RHC showed up on
    6070 despite CFRX.) This is much stronger than and an echo apart from
    // 6060. 6070 apparently replaces 6100, and it`s still on at 0418.
    What was wrong with 6100? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    6000, Nov 12 at 1316, RHC is still on here, squeezed between Australia
    5990-6000 QRDRM, and N Korean jamming noise quite like DRM, centered
    on 6003. Couldn`t happen to a nicer station. Continues to weaken
    during this hour well post-sunrise.

    RHC finally issued new B-13 schedule effective Nov 11; I had already
    discovered most of it by monitoring Nov 11 as in previous report. 6000
    is scheduled from 12 to 14. Full sked has been posted to the DXLD yg
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) And here:



    Norte, Centro y Sudamérica 6125 - 0500-0700
    América Central 11760 - 2000-2100
    New York 6060 - 0500-0700
    San Francisco 6000 - 0500-0700
    Chicago 6165 - 0100-0700
    Washington 6000 - 0100-0500
    Banda Tropical 5040 - 2400-0100
    Africa 11880 - 2200-2300

    Europa 13680 - 1930-2000
    América Central 11760 - 2100-2130
    Sudamérica 15370 - 2230-2300 [exc. Sun, Esperanto!]
    Africa 11880 - 2100-2130
    Banda Tropical 5040 - 0130-0200

    Río de Janeiro 15370 - 2330-2400
    Buenos Aires 15230 - 2300-2400
    Africa 11880 - 2130-2200
    Europa 13680 - 2000-2030

    Europa 13680 - 2030-2100

    San Francisco 6000 - 0700-0730
    Norte, Centro y Sudamérica 11760 - 1600-1630
    Sudamérica 15370 - 2230-2300

    Buenos Aires 15370 - 2300-2330
    Banda Tropical 5040 - 0100-0130

    Buenos Aires 15370 - 0000-0030


    Norte, Centro y Sudamérica 6000 - 1200-1400
    11760 - 1200-1600
    Nueva York 6060 - 0000-0500
    9550 - 1200-1400
    11860 - 1200-1600
    San Francisco 13780 - 1400-1600
    Chicago 9850 - 1200-1400
    15340 - 1400-1600
    América Central 9540 - 1200-1600
    9810 - 2200-0600
    11750 - 1400-1600
    Antillas 6070 - 0000-0600
    9710 - 2200-2400
    11690 - 1200-1600
    Río de Janeiro 11670 - 0000-0500
    17730 - 1200-1600
    Buenos Aires 15230 - 1200-1600
    17580 - 1200-1600
    13740 - 2200-0500
    Chile 11840 - 0000-0600
    Europa 13680 - 2200-2400

    Cuba 5040 - 2200-2400
    Sur de Estados Unidos
    México 0200-0600
    América Central
    Norte de Sudamérica

    MESA REDONDA [irregular, Usually UT Tue-Sat]
    Washington 6000 - 0000-0100
    Chicago 13780 - 0000-0100
    (from xls via Alan Pennington, BDXC-UK yg; reformatted to text with
    clutter removed and annotated by gh for DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Cuba - 15230, RHC, 13/11 0535 UT. Noticias acerca de Chile y de las
    elecciones presidenciales del día domingo 17 de noviembre como un
    informe ampliado. Señal SINPO: 55454 // 11840 con SINPO: 55555 // 9810
    con SINPO: 33333 // 6100 ¿fuera del aire? // 5040 ¿Inglés o Español?
    No es posible identificar por el ruido marcado en frecuencia. (Claudio
    Galaz, Rx: Tecsun PL-660, Antena: hilo largo de 25 metros, QTH: Sector
    sur de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    15230, Nov 13 at 1355-1358 as I tune across RHC, Arnie Coro is doing a
    non-DX spot within the morning magazine in Spanish, talking about
    their SW frequencies: still on 11760 where RHC has been since it
    started with 1 kW as ``Onda Corta Experimental Cubana`` in 1961. New
    in the evening to the Caribe is 6070, omni-direxional, right next to
    6060 direxional to N America. Also he says 5040 works very well in the
    evenings with no QRM.

    11840, Nov 14 at 1342, today`s RHC frequency screwup as Arnie is
    talking about the typhoon, weaker than // 11860; also on 11760 and
    11690. Not sure what frequency is missing as a result; 11840 is
    supposed to run only at 00-06 UT for Chile (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    Unknown Spanish broadcast station 29130

    For the past few days I have heard this Spanish speaking broadcast
    station on 29130, which is clearly not in the broadcast but amateur
    band. I have not heard a station ID but have heard mentions of news,
    and Cuba. Possible it is a wayward Cuban station?? (Ray, W5XE,
    wpe4avy-1958, Nov 11, SWL at via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Aoki shows Havana on 9710 (x 3 = 29130) at 2100-2300 in Spanish. EiBi
    shows it at 2200-2400 (Dan Ferguson, ibid.)

    Thanks, Dan - the 2200-2300 time frame fits for the Cuban station on
    29130 (Ray. W5XE, ibid.)

    Cyprus - 29165, Akrotiri OTHR, 20 kHz BW, 40ms PRF from Cyprus. S9
    +20dB in Maine (Mike Chace-Ortiz-USA, intruder alert Nov 7 via BC-DX
    Nov 8 via DXLD)

    9297-9323, Nov 10 at 0105, low-pitched OTH radar pulsing, presumed
    from here in typical 25+ kHz bandwidth. Exactly same sound also heard
    at 0142 on 9918-9943, when the lower one has gone.

    9322-9349, Nov 11 at 0205, heavy OTH radar pulsing, presumed from
    here, really QRMing 9330 WBCQ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Denmark - DINAMARCA, 242, Danmarks R, Kalundborg, 1101-1120
    , 11/11,
    notícias; 25341. O tx está, portanto, novamente activo. --- 1 gravação
    anexa ---. 73 (Carlos Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING

    Denmark - Danmarks Radio and its interval signal machine --- Dutch
    DXer Rudy van Dalen sent me a link to an interesting article about
    Danmarks Radio 1st Programme interval signal, and the machine used to
    produce it. It's a mechanical xylophone and seems quite a large and
    elaborate machine just to produce a 15-second melody, which has been
    in use since 1931. I wonder how easy it would be to change the tune?

    The article and accompanying 6-minute video are in Danish:
    (David Kernick, UK, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    [and non]. The Radio Norway interval signal -- best of all the
    shortwave broadcast interval signals in my opinion -- was also played
    on a similar machine much like a music box.

    The reason is that playing the IS over and over would soon wear out a
    phonograph record. This was back in the days before magnetic tape, and
    even tape had a limited lifespan.

    The Radio Norway IS is from Eivind Groven's Towards the Mountains
    symphony. Or from the folk song that informed that symphony. To hear a
    sample of the original, click on Andante quasi cantabile on this page:
    (Kim Elliott, Nov 9, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    East Turkistan - 4850, PBS Xinjiang seems to have returned again;
    first day here Nov 12; first heard at 1245 through 1400; started at
    below threshold level and very slowly improved to poor; 1332 to 1358
    non-stop singing; at both 1300 & 1400 time pips; not able to make out
    language, but possibly their Kazakh service as heard in past years
    here. So is this replacing 6015? Am positive was not AIR Kohima!

    An unfortunate development, as I am expecting AIR Kohima to be on the
    air here with coverage of the major event of the year for them, the
    Hornbill Festival, which takes place in Nagaland from Dec 1 to 10.
    Website at

    With PBS Xinjiang here, it will make for difficult reception of
    Kohima. As this year is AIR Kohima's Golden Jubilee, surely they will
    be broadcasting the festival via SW, as they have done in past years.
    BTW - The state of Nagaland was formally inaugurated on December 1,
    1963, another important reason for Kohima being on the air Dec 1.
    contains a recording of a typical reception of AIR Kohima during the
    Hornbill Festival (2012 - "Festival of Festivals") (Ron Howard,
    Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    Aoki new update - November 13, 2013, 0200 UT: [all 1234567]
    3950 PBS Xinjiang 1205-1800 Chinese 100 ND Urumqi TKS ... b13 Nov. 12
    3950 PBS Xinjiang 2310-0300 Chinese 100 ND Urumqi TKS ... b13(=7260)

    4850 PBS Xinjiang 1155-1400 Kazakh 100 ND Urumqi TKS ... b13 Nov.12
    4850 PBS Xinjiang (CNR8)
    1400-1500 Kazakh 100 ND Urumqi TKS ... b13
    4850 PBS Xinjiang 1500-1800 Kazakh 100 ND Urumqi TKS ... b13
    4850 PBS Xinjiang 2340-0325 Kazakh 100 ND Urumqi TKS ... b13=7340
    (via Ron Howard, ibid.)

    East Turkistan [and non] - 9420, Nov 9 at 0108, CRI English has
    strong signal but seems very undermodulated --- NO! It`s merely
    suppressed underneath an open carrier from Greece; and // weaker but
    louder 9410 in the clear. HFCC shows both are via Kashgar at 308 and
    174 degrees respectively (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Ecuador - 4920, Radio Quito at 1145 in Spanish with two men with
    religious talk with mentions of "Jesus Christo" [sic] to 1150 and a
    man and woman with brief talk over music and into a man with talk with
    mentions of "Quito" - Poor Nov 5 (Mark Coady, Selwyn, ON, Alinco DX-
    70, Drake SPR-4, inverted vee or delta loop, ODXA YRX via WORLD OF
    RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    ?? That would be a rare and probably temporary reactivation for a day
    or two, but gone again by now. Unfortunately, Mark does not post his
    logs timely to his own club`s yg. Was it really below 4919- as usual?
    Lacking a definite ID, that would help to firm this up. But
    frequencies tend to be rounded off anyway in his column (gh, DXLD)

    Egypt [and non] - 09/11, 9720, ERU, 0123 UT. Sólo se escucha la
    portadora abierta, además de la modulación de CNR-2 // 11760 con RHC
    con mucho QRN o QRM ¿Radio Cairo? // 12080 ¿Radio Australia o R.
    Cairo? Solamente una portadora con muy baja modulación // 13620 se
    escucha una portadora abierta con 3 voces distintas, dos de ellas son
    CNR-1 Jammer versus RFA 4 y la otra es Cairo que se escucha muy
    débilmente // (Claudio Galaz, Tecsun PL-660, hilo largo de 25 metros,
    Sector sur de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    12080, Nov 14 at 0108, fair signal with open-carrier/dead-air --- must
    be Cairo! Yes, B-13 scheduled 0045-0200, 250 kW, 241 degrees from Abis
    in Spanish. No more Iran on 12080v since A-13 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    17870, R. Cairo, Nov 10 1243-1258, 35433, English, Talk and arabic
    music, ID at 1255 (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-
    9830, NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire,

    Equatorial Guinea - GUINÉ EQUATORIAL, 5005, RNGE, Bata, 1921-1945,
    08/11, dialecto local, texto, música pop' africana; 45433. 73 (Carlos
    Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, now on air whit good signal, 1800, Oct 12
    [sic: must mean Nov 12], male with Vernacular comments and African
    music. Good. Listened all days between 1800-2100, vernacular and
    Spanish program, some days weak, but today good signal. Enviado desde
    Smartphone BlackBerry (Manuel Mendez, Log in Lanzarote, Canary
    Islands, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Equatorial Guinea - 15190, Radio Africa, 1601, Nov 6. On Nov 7
    serious transmitter problems; tuned in at 1455 to hear preaching in
    English with good audio; 1503 suddenly had very garbled audio that
    quickly went to unintelligible; 1505 to tune out at 1522 mostly dead
    air - just open carrier, with a few unsuccessful attempt to bring back
    audio (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg

    Nov 8, checking 15190 to see if they corrected yesterday's transmitter
    problems. NO! At 1517 & 1532 only heard good strength open carrier
    with no trace of any audio (Ron Howard, CA, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO

    Radio Africa, 15190, Bata. Nov 8, 2013 Friday. 1710-1715. Open carrier
    only, very weak and with no audible modulation. Jo'burg sunset 1630
    (Bill Bingham, Johannesburg RSA, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    Hi Bill, After Radio Pilipinas went off the air at 1930
    , again was
    hearing a decent open carrier on 15190 with no audio, from assume
    Radio Africa with tx problems. A waste of air time! (Ron Howard, Nov
    8, ibid.)

    [non-log]. 15190, Radio Africa at 1608 on Nov 9. Nothing heard; no
    open carrier (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg

    Equatorial Guinea - I suspect that the 15190 kHz transmissions from
    Equatorial Guinea could be about to end. Note the mention of "Pan
    American Broadcasting's Radio Africa network" in the announcement of
    the Radio Miami International arrangement for the ex-WYFR facility and
    how the FCC already allocated 15190 to it (Kai Ludwig, Germany, Nov 7,
    dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    That certainly looks related, but old WYFR used 15190 for a while to
    Brasil, oblivious of Equatorial Guinea and Rádio Inconfidência (gh,

    Nov 11, Radio Africa has fixed their transmitter problems! Heard 1514
    to 1548 with 15 minute segments of religious programming; 1533 "Fields
    of Faith" (?) with Niagara Falls, NY address; 1547 the same program
    repeated again; no local ID; poor to almost fair. Good audio!

    [and non] BTW - Radio Santec (IRRS via Tiganesti) [also 15190]
    audio of Sunday (Nov 10) program; in English at 1511 to 1530 with
    double audio (echo); unique program about “animal cannibalism,” plants
    and animals are in constant contact with God, society is egomaniacs;
    off with Radio Santec German address and IRRS Italy address. 1530 into
    Swahili; not English as listed by Aoki (Ron Howard, California, dxldyg

    15190, Nov 11 at 2020, poor signal with gospel huxter in English, and
    het on hi side from Brasil, so R. Africa is back after some
    transmitter problems. Still not up to snuff, at 2052 undermodulated,
    some hum, almost readable, no het.

    15190, Nov 11 at 2256, open carrier with good signal past 2305. I did
    not notice this a few minutes before, but probably R. Africa.

    However, as Kai Ludwig points out, among the WYFR frequencies to
    become WRMI is 15190 on the 87-degree African beam at 20-23, and
    Jeff`s press release says one of their clients will be Pan American
    Broadcasting, so it looks like Okeechobee will replace the Bata
    transmitter for this service, and likely do a much more reliable job
    of it. (The other 87 degree regs are 21525 at 14-20, and with
    different CIRAFs, 9355 at 04-08) (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO

    15190, Radio Africa, 0630, Oct 12 [sic, must mean Nov 12], listened
    all days in the morning with religious English program. Good. Enviado
    desde Smartphone BlackBerry (Manuel Mendez, Log in Lanzarote, Canary
    Islands, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Ethiopia [non] - 13810, V. of Oromo Liberation via Germany, Nov 06

    1700-1705, 25332-25221, Oromo, 1700 sign on with opening music, ID,
    Opening announce, Talk, No Jamming (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-
    R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT,
    70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Europe - 6205.4, R. Tanto [sic: Tango?] Italia, I, 2239-..., 08/11,
    italiano/castelhano/inglês, música e canções argentinas; 45433. 73
    (Carlos Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)


    The complete & updated infos are available from our web-site at

    Thanks a lot for your supports. Special QSL cards available
    73's Good Dxs FFFR !
    Your Country Music Station.
    Radio Waves International
    BP 130
    92504 RUEIL Cedex
    rwaves @
    On the Air since 1983. The week end sounds on shortwaves
    Peter HILLS & Philippe "The terrible twins"
    (via Roberto Scaglione, Nov 9, shortwave yg via DXLD)

    Listening to Radio Waves International 30th birthday transmission on
    5990 (2100-2300 UT). Their schedule says they are being relayed via
    Ulbroka [LATVIA]. I thought that closed down years ago. According to
    their schedule two more transmissions from there tomorrow (Nov 10) on
    7210 from 0200-0400 and 11700 from 1330 to 1500 UT (although RWI adds
    that broadcast might be earlier). Their website is

    SINPO 54444 via Twente SDR receiver (paulw63uk, 2238 UT Nov 9, BDXC-UK
    yg via DXLD)

    The HFCC registrations, updated on Friday, have 100 kW registrations
    from Sitkunia [sic], Lithuania on 5990 2100-2300 Friday and Saturday,
    7210 0200-0400 Saturday and Sunday.

    The 11700 frequency is registered at 1430-1630 Sunday (Mike
    Barraclough, Mov 10, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

    Europe - PIRATE, 11700, R. Waves Int. via Ubroka [sic], Nov 10 1335-
    , 45444-35433, English, Music program, ID at 1335, etc, ID
    frequently, 1501 sign off. Thanks for information from NAKANAKA (Kouji
    Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345,
    Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING

    As of Nov 12 update they now say `LITUANIA`, not LATVIA or Ulbroka.
    Obviously mixed up with Sitkunai, the site in Lithuania. Hardly first
    time that Lat and Lith have been confused. When establishing these
    countries, they should have chosen different first letters, like
    Estonia! But can you remember their order, north to south? (gh, WORLD
    OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Welcome to our 30th Birthday’s schedule on the airwaves during
    November 2013

    Previous schedule (ed 04) update November 12th --- Reports already come
    from Canada, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Norway.

    Date Channel time transmitter power location
    November 9th 48 or 41 mb Afternoon & Evening own TX 25w (France)
    November 9th 26mb 11401 khz Afternoon & Evening own TX 25w (France)
    November 10th 48 or 41 mb All day own TX 25w (France)
    November 10th 26mb 11401 khz All day own TX 25w (France)
    November 11th 48 or 41 mb Morning own TX 25w (France)
    November 11th 26mb 11401 khz Morning own TX 25w (France)

    Via Relay:

    November 9th 5990 khz 2100 2300 Relay 100 kW Lituania
    November 10th 7210 khz 0200 0400 Relay 100 kW Lituania
    November 10th 11700 khz 1330 1500 Relay 100 kW Lituania

    perhaps 1 or 2 hours earlier ???

    November 16th 48 or 41 mb Afternoon & Evening own TX 25w (France)
    November 16th 26 mb 11401 khz Afternoon & Evening own TX 25w (France)
    November 17th 48 or 41 mb Morning own TX 25w (France)
    November 17th 26 mb 11401 khz Morning own TX 25w (France)

    Via Relay:

    November 23rd 6140 khz 1300 1400 Relay 100 kW (France)
    November 24th 7300 khz 0000 0100 Relay 100 kW (Germany)
    November 24th 17540 khz 1330 1430 Relay 100 kW (Germany)

    November 30th 48 or 41 mb Afternoon & Evening own TX 25w (France)
    November 30th 26 mb 11401 khz Afternoon & Evening own TX 25w (France)
    (via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Radio Waves International 30th birthday

    Lithuania, 5990: Listening to Radio Waves International 30th birthday
    transmission on 5990 kHz (2100-2300 UT). Their schedule says they are
    being relayed via Ulbroka. I thought that closed down years ago.
    According to their schedule two more transmissions from there tomorrow
    (Nov 10) on 7210 kHz from 0200-0400 UT and 11700 kHz from 1330-1500 UT
    (although RWI adds that broadcast might be earlier). Their website is

    SINPO 54444 via Twente SDR receiver (paulw63uk, BrDXC-UK ng Nov 10)

    The HFCC registrations, updated on Friday, have 100 kW registrations
    from Sitkunai, Lithuania on 5990 kHz at 2100-2300 Friday and Saturday,
    7210 kHz at 0200-0400 UT Saturday and Sunday. The 11700 kHz frequency
    is registered at 1430-1630 UT Sunday (Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng
    Nov 10)

    Lithuania R. Waves Intl on 7210 kHz. French pirate, R. Waves Intl, one
    of their special planned November "30 Year Birthday Party" broadcasts,
    0200 UT Nov 10 on 7210 kHz via Ulbroka Latvia

    [sic, rather via Sitkunai, Lithuania transmitting site. Ulbroka ceased
    and dismantled/scrapped in autumn 2008 already, various broadcasts
    moved to Sitkunai-LTU or Rimavska Sobota-SLK instead on Christmas
    2008, wb.]

    100 kW, strong signal. Carrier on air at 0158 UT, program started 0159
    UT, supposed to be on until 0400 UT. Full sked of planned broadcasts

    IDs in English and other languages, pop mx.
    (Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer Nov 10)

    Lithuania Three photos of the radio station Sitkunai (Lithuania) from
    Rimantas Pleykis:

    (Dmitry Mezin-RUS, "open_dx", RUSdx Nov 10) ALL via (Wolfgang Büschel,

    France - Ciao a tutti. Anche a Rapallo, più o meno dalla settimana
    scorsa, mi sono accorto che su 1350 Radio Orient non c'era più. La
    sentivo anche di giorno. Istintivamente, anche ieri sera, ho
    monitorato pure i 1602 kHz e si sentono soltanto due SER (Ontynient
    più una che potrebbe essere Cartagena ma non ne sono certo) e, forse,
    della musica che potrebbe provenire - se non è spenta - da Radio
    Seagull. D'altronde, ma è solo un'opinione personale, se Radio Orient
    ha chiuso per ragioni economiche deve avere per forza disattivato
    anche i 1602 (Luca Botto Fiora, Rapallo (Genova) - Italia, Nov 9,
    playdx yg via DXLD)

    [Re 13-45:] ``France [and non]. [Re 13-44:] Radio Orient 1350 kHz off
    air --- That'll be the end of Radio Orient. Not only will they lose
    their listenership in France, where digital radio is highly unlikely
    ever to take off, but they will also lose their North-African
    audience. OK, digital radio starts in December in Nice, Marseille and
    Paris. But do they figure people will rush to stores to buy new radios
    when there are lots of radio stations to choose from on the FM band?
    It's like R. Orient decided to commit suicide. In France NO ONE has
    ever heard about DAB and the likes. The upcoming launch of digital
    radio in 3 cities is bound to be the greatest flop in French radio
    history! Anyway that'll make yet another clear channel on the MW band
    (Rémy Friess, ibid.)``

    I don't think that Radio Orient's leaving medium wave is like
    committing suicide. First of all, Radio Orient is a multi-platform
    service including FM in France and - Lebanon, which might suggest that
    they didn't look for an audience in North Africa anyway. One should
    also remember that the licencing of private medium wave stations was
    done in the hope that DRM would at some point take over and lead to a
    revival of the band. As we all know this did not happen (Dr Hansjoerg
    Biener, Nov 10, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Re: ``C. GHIBAUDO: 1350 kHz RADIO ORIENT IS CLOSED. Our contact friend
    in Nice report the 1350 kHz operated from Fontbonne has been closed
    down for economic problems!``

    As a reminder: Towards the end of last year it had been reported that
    both 1350 and 1557 moved again to the Col de la Madone facility while
    the Fontbonne site closed altogether and was dismantled afterwards, as
    a result of the cessation of all shortwave activities.

    And the real Nice mediumwave site, to which both frequencies still had
    been attached, has been closed and shortly afterwards demolished
    already in 2003, cf.

    > The other frequency in Nimes 1602 kHz it seems is active??

    This one:

    Reminds of various installations for the short-lived Megaradio money
    wash here in Germany, such as 1116 kHz which has been reactivated with
    a mere wire, mounted on the Geyer FM/TV tower. And this was even a 5
    kW (but unsurprisingly a poorly working one). (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DX

    France - 3965, Issoudun, RFI, NOV 5 0042 - Listed at only 1 kW. Hard
    to believe, but about 50% copy with an English interview being
    translated into French earlier. Once over 13 dB SNR, almost 100% copy.
    (Walt Salmaniw, PEI DXpedition via DXLD)

    7390, Nov 10 at 0630, RFI French has a fast rippling SAH from another
    stronger signal, open carrier? Albania doesn`t start 7390 until 0800.
    More likely a second transmitter at Issoudun: such TDF self-collision
    mixups have happened before.

    15395, Nov 13 at 1436, fair signal in Farsi. Only thing in HFCC B-13
    on 15395 is 1530-1630 RFI Issoudun in Pst, meaning Pashto?

    Ivo Ivanov just explained this in the Nov 9 issue of DX Re Mix News,
    which he has fortunately continued to publish rather than retiring:
    1430-1500 15395 ISS 500 kW / 085 deg to WeAs Persian, not 1530 on same
    1430-1500 17850 ISS 500 kW / 084 deg to WeAs Persian, wooden frequency
    1430-1500 15360 ISS 500 kW / 085 deg to WeAs Persian, wooden frequency

    These are among several other Russian and Persian broadcasts from RFI
    which are appearing an hour earlier than planned, apparently confusion
    about standard vs summer time (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Unscheduled transmission of Radio France Internationale on Nov. 6:
    1330-1500 on 15530 ISS 500 kW / 080 deg to CeAs French with powerful
    signal (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX
    LISTENING DIGEST) I also heard this Nov 6 after 1400 (gh)

    15530 28E,29S,30W ISS 500kW 80deg Russian F RFI TDF
    11860 19,29,30 ISS 500kW 55deg Russian F RFI TDF
    [as registered] (Wolfgang Büschel, dxldyg via DXLD)

    Part of winter B-13 schedule of Radio France Internationale:
    1300-1330 11860 ISS 500 kW / 055 deg to EaEu Russian, not 1400 same
    1300-1330 15530 ISS 500 kW / 080 deg to CeAs Russian, not 1400 same
    1430-1500 13690 ISS 500 kW / 084 deg to WeAs Persian, not 1530 same
    1430-1500 15395 ISS 500 kW / 085 deg to WeAs Persian, not 1530 same
    1430-1500 17850 ISS 500 kW / 084 deg to WeAs Persian, wooden frequency
    1430-1500 15360 ISS 500 kW / 085 deg to WeAs Persian, wooden frequency
    1500-1530 11935 ISS 500 kW / 055 deg to EaEu Russian, not 1600 11670
    1500-1530 13750 ISS 500 kW / 080 deg to CeAs Russian, not 1600 13650
    1700-1800 11955 ISS 500 kW / 085 deg to WeAs Persian, as scheduled
    1800-1900 5890 ISS 500 kW / 055 deg to EaEu Russian. not 1900 5915
    1800-1900 9465 ISS 500 kW / 080 deg to CeAs Russian. not 1900 9805
    Due to standard time against UT, meaning in Russia and Iran (Wolfgang
    Büschel, ibid.)

    Germany - Local tribute to the Muehlacker station --- On the
    occasion of the dismantling of another mast of the former Muehlacker
    medium wave station, a local newspaper asked its readership to send in
    photos of the mast. A selection of the pictures along with a short SWR
    video (unrelated to the actual dismantling) can be found at
    (Dr. Hansjoerg Biener, Nov 8, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Germany - Radio Andernach, DRM shortwave schedule to German forces
    in NE/ME/Indian Ocean, NE Horn of Africa area. 1200-1330 UT 21590 kHz,
    2200-2330 UT 9620 kHz. Via M&B Nauen site, probably in 60 to 100 kW of
    power range (Wolfgang Büschel, Nov 4, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8 via

    What should be noted: Legally this is no broadcasting, thus the audio
    signal is encrypted. The legal status is the same than for the
    satellite channels of the press office of the federal government
    (Bundespresseamt) which are encrypted as well, with Media Broadcast
    handling the decoder stuff (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Winter B-13 of Radio Andernach in DRM mode:
    1130-1330 on 21590 NAU 100 kW / 122 deg to SEEu German
    2130-2330 on 9620
    NAU 100 kW / 122 deg to SEEu German

    co-ch till 2200 VOA in Bambara Mon-Fri and REE in Spanish from 2300
    (Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, DX Re Mix News Nov 11 via DXLD)

    Germany - Re: ``5975, RFE/Radio Liberty, at 0311 UT and still going
    at 0352 UT on Oct 28. Non-stop loop in English "Radio Free Europe -
    Radio Liberty, Praha," along with beeps; signal improving.
    [...] 5975 0300-0400 29SE NAU 250 65 0 216 daily Adygey D IBB
    (Glenn Hauser, ibid.)``

    ``Already asked MBR Cologne headquarter staff, to trace reason for
    this wrong endless Prague feed outlet to MBR Nauen transmitting site.
    Maybe N_S_A set the wrong espionage feed line to Angela Merkel PM? 73
    (wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 3)``

    Provided that it was no failure already within RFE/RL: Reason is that
    the satellite receiver at Nauen was set to the wrong piece from the
    mess shown at
    where it should be noted how many of these channels have two audio
    IDs: These ones are not stereo but contain two independent mono feeds
    instead, so the number of channels is even greater. And if the wrong
    channel has been specified to them the Nauen staff has hardly any
    chance to sort it out: How should one find certain programming in a
    hardly identifiable language in such a big bunch?

    Reminds me of a case from the last decade: A transmission provider
    that belongs to an armaments trust fed wrong audio to a third-party
    transmitter operator, in particular TV audio from Israel instead of
    the scheduled Voice of Vietnam. Attempts to alarm their customer,
    specifically its control room (of course at this time still the one in
    a building that is no longer a radio house anymore) remained futile
    for weeks if I recall correct (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DX LISTENING

    Germany - 15235, Nov 7 at 1403, S Asian song, with gospel lilt, much
    better than adjacent 15230 Cuba. HFCC shows Islamabad, Pakistan at
    1330-1530, surely imaginary, and MBR at 1330-1530, 250 kW, 85 degrees
    from Nauen. But what? For that, consult Aoki: at 1400-1415 Thursdays
    (and Fridays), it`s Athmeeya Yatra Radio (Gospel for Asia) in Kar,
    presumably meaning the Burma minority language Karen (Glenn Hauser,

    Germany [non] - 12070, Nov 8 at 2118, VG signal from Deutsche Welle
    in English, via Rwanda, of course. This 21-22 broadcast aims 295
    degrees from Kigali, close enough to USward; earlier 12070 English at
    1900-1930 & 2000-2057 is at 210 degrees, further southward.

    This may well be our best bet for DW, but it`s marred by continuous
    lite squealing, the pitch varying depending on the modulation, but
    becoming steady during very brief pauses, which proves it`s coming out
    of the same transmitter: DW need to swap out some ailing modulator

    11800, Nov 11 at 2103, DW news in English via Rwanda, where else? good
    signal, but weaker than // 12070. OTOH, 11800 is not squealing. 11800
    is non-direxional, vs 295 degrees on 12070, which explains the
    disparity (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


    On its 0500 news Thursday November 7, BBCWS is reporting that Greek
    police have been sent into the (former) ERT studios to remove the
    fired employees that have been operating the rogue service the past
    few months.

    A quick check at 0505 has a good signal from ERT with music on 9420,
    but not heard on the other usual frequencies. What's left of ERT might
    be gone later today (Steve Luce, Houston, Texas, dxldyg via DX

    Euronews 7 November 2013

    Greek riot police have raided the headquarters of ERT, the occupied
    public broadcaster which was officially closed by the government in

    The police operation began at around 4am local time, when witnesses
    said six riot police vans stationed themselves outside the entrance.

    Social media accounts claim the sacked employees who have continued to
    operate via internet and satellite were given a matter of minutes to
    vacate the building.

    ERT’s headquarters have been the site of numerous protests in recent
    months, not just against the shutdown of the broadcast company, but
    also against the government and its austerity policies.
    (via Mike Terry, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Story is trending on Twitter. Reports of dramatic broadcast in Greek
    on 9420 kHz (Mike Terry, 0740 UT Nov 7, ibid.)

    Posted 7 November, 2013 - 19:38 by Theo Vatmanidis
    ERT_Novermber 2013 police operation ©

    At 04:15 am this morning, riot police raided the ERT building in
    Athens. Since the closure of the former state broadcaster in June,
    sacked ERT employees had defiantly carried on broadcasting from the
    premises. Greek Eurovision participation still not secured.

    During its long history as the Greek state broadcaster, the Elliniki
    Radiofonia Tileorasi (literally Hellenic Radio-Television) had been a
    national institution. Apart from being the official broadcaster of the
    2004 Olympic Games, ERT also hosted the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest
    in Athens.

    In June, citing budget management issues, the Greek government decided
    to shut down the company and replace it with a sanitized smaller
    broadcaster. The shock closure of ERT resulted in over 2,500 employees
    being made redundant and heavy criticism for the government.

    There has been an interim broadcaster, Dimosia Tileorasi (Public
    Television), put in place until ERT’s proper replacement, NERIT (New
    Hellenic Radio Internet and Television S.A.), is launched. Indeed, it
    has been argued that repossessing the ERT headquarters was vital in
    order to make NERIT operationally viable.

    It is not known when NERIT will go on air; its launching appears to be
    crucial for a possible Greek participation in the 2014 Eurovision Song
    Contest to be considered by the EBU (via Zacharias Liangas, DXLD)

    Posted: November 7, 2013 | Author: SOZ | Filed under: Uncategorized
    By NICHOLAS PAPHITIS Associated Press November 07

    ATHENS, Greece — In a pre-dawn swoop Thursday, Greek riot police ended
    a nearly five-month protest by sacked workers broadcasting from what
    was once the headquarters of the defunct ERT state broadcaster,
    removing a few dozen people occupying the complex.

    Police said four people were briefly detained during the operation in
    the northern Athens suburb of Agia Paraskevi. About 50 people were
    removed from the building, which will be handed over to ERT’s
    successor that is now broadcasting from cramped studios in another
    part of Athens.

    Among the detainees was radio journalist Nikos Tsimbidas, who was
    broadcasting live as police entered the studio. “Believe me, it’s a
    shocking experience to be on the mic with two platoons of riot police
    surrounding the live broadcasting booth,” he said on air. “We are
    being removed, I’ve just been informed that it appears orders have
    been given for me to stop talking.”

    The evacuation was peaceful, although police later used tear gas to
    push back a crowd of about 200 who turned up outside the complex to
    support the former ERT workers.

    The main opposition Syriza radical left coalition protested the
    “illegal” police operation, with several Syriza lawmakers joining
    protesters outside the building.

    PHOTO: Parliament Member of Syriza, main opposition party Nikos
    Voutsis scuffles with police as he tries to pass from a block near
    ERT's headquarters in the northern Athens suburb of Agia Paraskevi,
    Greece early Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013.

    Greek police said they have removed the remaining former workers from
    what used to be the headquarters of the now-defunct ERT state
    broadcaster. The building had been occupied by the protesting ex-
    employees for the past five months. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

    “The government … has created a black page in the history of state
    television and democracy in our country,” a party statement said.

    Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said the evacuation was to
    “restore the rule of law.”

    The complex had been occupied by the protesting ex-employees since
    June 11, when Greece’s conservative-led government abruptly closed ERT
    and fired all 2,700 staff, citing the need to cut costs due to the
    country’s severe financial crisis. They continued to produce
    unauthorized broadcasts online, including airing news reports and

    These ended Thursday, although regional former ERT branches were still
    broadcasting their own unauthorized programs.

    “The broadcasting complex had been illegally occupied, and that
    resulted in daily financial losses for the Greek state,” Kedikoglou
    said. “The (police) intervention was carried out in the presence of a

    ERT’s abrupt closure triggered a political crisis that prompted a
    junior left-wing ally to walk out of the governing coalition, amid
    daily protests in Greece and international condemnation.

    The former workers had turned down repeated government calls to leave
    the ERT headquarters so that full-scale state broadcasts can resume
    from the complex.

    However, the bulk of ERT’s journalists and many other staff, despite
    initial vows to fight the broadcaster’s closure, were eventually
    rehired by DT, ERT’s successor.

    Former ERT staff have called for a protest near the Agia Paraskevi
    building later Thursday (via Zacharias Liangas, DXLD)

    Padlock ERT, shrinking in Neritan

    A few hours after the evacuation of Radiomegarou ERT, the Deputy
    Public Broadcasting, Pantelis Kapsis, heralds, speaking at Step FM,
    shrinking the future of public broadcasting speaking "for this moment
    for two channels" and radio stations "that will not be all "! The
    former director of the "New" and "Step" told George Papachristou and
    Claus Chian, he claimed, he was informed about the intervention of
    riot by the Minister of Citizen Protection, although it was he who
    publicly called for the intervention Radiomegaro.

    Interview k. Kapsi is as follows:
    google translation
    (via Zacharias Liangas, DXLD)

    9420, Nov 7 at 0703, animated Greek talk, fair with deep fades. Sure
    wish I understood Greek, as press reports about now that riot police
    raided ERT HQ building to expel the occupiers, but a rather chaotic
    situation. Here`s one story about it via Mike Terry:
    So will we hear anything further on the Avlis SW frequencies? (Glenn

    Tarmo Tanilsoo posted this on Facebook PCJ group about an hour ago: - Looks like police forgot to turn off the
    transmission. NET is broadcasting just empty chairs, and an open mic.
    So nobody is left there, but transmission is still on. ET3 is still
    broadcasting from Thessaloniki.

    As I write (0749) BBC Radio 4 is covering the story and interviewing
    an ERT journalist in the building who states they want to resume
    broadcasts. Police have control of the building but seem unaware of
    the journalist's presence there (Mike Terry, Nov 7, dxldyg via DX

    BBC Radio 4 reporting again at 0854. Unlikely the station will return
    to the air, the journalist may have been the only left one in the
    building (Mike, ibid.)

    Observed via the live streams on the Press Project website
    [] at 0900 UT 7 Nov: ERA 1st Programme [radio] and
    ERT Athens broadcasting an announcement on a loop, in Greek of course.
    ET3 [Thessaloniki TV] carrying coverage of these events in Athens, ERA
    3rd Programme [radio] carrying normal classical music programming, ERA
    Thessaloniki radio carrying a studio discussion (David Kernick,
    Interval Signals Online, 0917 UT, ibid.)

    Log: Ellinki Radiophonia Thessaloniki 1511.97 kHz, 1710 UT

    Hallo! Nach Räumung des Athener Funkhauses kommt jetzt um 1710 UT auf
    1511.97 kHz (Chania) ein Programm von "Elliniki Radiophonia
    Thessaloniki". Ich vermute daß es sich hierbei nach wie vor um ein
    "Rebellen"-Programm handelt. 73, (Patrick Robic, Austria, Diese Mail
    wurde ueber die A-DX Mailing-Liste gesendet, via Kai Ludwig, dxldyg
    via DXLD)

    Thessaloniki Program on shortwave --- The Chalkis-Avlida shortwave
    site transmits on 9420 kHz now a program from Thessaloniki, which,
    besides the rather obvious references to the location, identifies as
    "ERT 3", so is clearly not the Kapsis operation. The enclosed message
    suggests that this program now goes out via the 1512 kHz Chania
    transmitter, too. See
    and the related recording
    ... and yes, presumably this went out on 9420 kHz and possible
    parallels, too (Kai Ludwig, Germany, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    7450 has been taken by IRIB [Iran], obviously assuming that no station
    in Europe will use this frequency anymore. Tonight around 1930 I heard
    here only some other station which I did not bother to identify once
    it was obvious that the programming is not in Greek, but it must have
    been IRIB with listed Italian 1920-1950, and they're supposed to be on
    this frequency 2020-2120 in Spanish, too.

    It's possible that no signal from the Chalkis-Avlida transmitters went
    out on 7450 at 1930, but now, shortly after 2200, it does, // 9420 and
    certainly still with programming from Thessaloniki as clearly
    identified around 1930.

    Guess what: IRIB is now also scheduled for 9420, for Europe as well,
    with Albanian 1820-1920. And in the Ukraine the shortwave zombie still
    goes around, with a 9420 registration for the Western Siberia service
    NRKU has terminated just like all other shortwave transmissions.

    Here's audio of the last minutes from Athens:

    A summary of today's events [with several video linx]:

    And an interesting judgement:
    (Kai Ludwig, Germany, Nov 7, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Viz the last one:


    The eviction of the remaining staff from former public television’s
    (ERT) building last night in Athens was a bitter showdown of an
    unequal brinkmanship. The picture of handcuffs used as a padlock at
    building’s gate has already become one of historical value. It is a
    picture from the future of Europe.

    But there’s a story behind the picture: Back on June 11th,with no
    prior notice, the Greek government shut down ERT, suggesting that
    urgent austerity reforms have been the reason for its decision.

    But Nikos Mihalitsis, former director of the technical department of
    ERT, has analyzed thoroughly that the public broadcaster’s shutdown
    occurred for other reasons. “One is that the government was going to
    apply, like it finally did, similar measures to other public
    organizations and shut down schools and hospitals. So it needed a
    trial case to measure reaction” and second and most important that
    private television owners in cooperation with politicians in power are
    trying to control the future TV market and as a result what
    information reaches to the public.

    “The time of the closure is not accidental. ERT was shut down right
    before the beginning of a tender [which has eventually been postponed
    for the end of 2014, something that might to an extent be connected to
    the prolonged standoff with ERT ex-workers] for the establishment of
    HD networks throughout the country. There are terms in this tender
    that clearly point to a Greek company that represents the interests of
    five private TV entrepreneurs, and make sure that no international
    player would consider bringing an offer” said Mihalitsis.

    In Europe, and in most of the world, TV producers are prohibited from
    owning the distribution networks themselves, as a safeguard of
    independent broadcasting. Greek law, however, predicts that a TV
    producer could own a minimum percentage in such a company. This has
    created leeway for the afforementioned five to create a consortium and
    claim the tender for HD infrastructure. The consortium (Digea) has
    already won a tender to establish a smaller HD network covering only
    key points in Greece.

    Absence of ERT means not only lack of a privileged public entity that
    would affect how HD broadcasting networks are distributed for the
    benefit of the public but also that a consortium of private actors, in
    coordination with its political partners, will be able to attempt to
    control anything broadcasted in the country.

    Contrary to benefiting the public by saving it from an ineffective
    public organization burdened of personnel appointed as a political
    clientele, which has been partly true, the closure has been estimated
    to reach over 300 million in losses of rights and compensations for
    incomplete projects.

    The importance of this case was demonstrated by the anxiety of the
    Ministry of Finance, to which all ERT’s property belongs after its
    closure, to silence ERT workers that stayed in the premises and kept
    broadcasting since the 11th of June. Something it failed to do until
    last night.

    While criticism regarding pulling the plug of a public TV overnight
    started pouring in throughout Europe on June 12th, the European
    Broadcasters Union (EBU) stepped in and provided a sattelite uplink in
    order to keep it going. On June 14th its president Jean Paul Fillipot
    flew to Athens, to warn that the move constitutes an act against
    democracy, and met with government officials asking them to backtrack
    on their decision. EBU Head of Institutional Relations Giacomo Mazzone
    told me in an email exchange at the time that EBU’s intervention was a
    committed one “because EBU is convinced that public service
    broadcasting is a primary right of the European citizens and nobody
    cannot prevented to access such service even for a single day”.

    According to Panos Haritos, former ERT’s correspondent in the Middle
    East based in Jerusalem, a day after EBU’s visit to Athens the
    Minister of Finance asked from the Greek ambassador in Israel to
    contact the satellite provider company RRSAT and request ERT off its
    satellites, through which EBU transmitted its uplink. “The Israeli
    company accepted the request after the Greek side threatened to move
    legally against it” Haritos said.

    Minister of Finance Giannis Stournaras had also threatened to take
    legal action against whoever reproduced signal with ERT’s brand while
    workers of ERT remained in the HQ of ERT and kept broadcasting on a
    daily. EBU maintained ERT's TV and radio frequencies via a live stream
    on its website.

    EBU interrupted ERT’s streaming on August 20th after the Greek
    government's interim “Public Television” (DT), for which it hired a
    couple of hundred of ERT personnel and transferred its signal and
    rights, launched it first news bulletin. Some ERT workers stayed in
    the old headquarters and went on streaming online (with the help of
    ThePressProject). Initially DT broadcasting was made possible from
    private studios linked to some of the biggest private stake holders in
    Greek television.

    The methods employed in eliminating ERT have caused severe political
    as well as legal criticism and appear to be full of irregularities.
    For one, the closure has circumvented the parliament and was
    implemented through a ministerial decree issued jointly by the
    Minister of Finance and Deputy PM Simos Kedikoglou, ratified only by
    some of the ministers. Second, according to Mazzone “some strange
    movements from the portfolio of rights of ERT on sport contracts to
    some commercial televisions occurred without any transparency and
    accountable decision”.

    Finally the ex CEO, and then appointed trustee of ERT, responsible for
    the broadcaster’s liquidation, Gikas Manalis has sent letters to all
    workers informing them they are fired since 11th of June. The letters
    were mailed unsigned and unstamped, and have been characterized as
    bearing no legal substance from expert constitutional lawyers.

    In June the irregularities of the handling of ERT’s case had thrown PM
    Samaras government into a temporary existential crisis. The PM ignored
    an order by the Council of State to immediately restore public
    broadcasting. The government interpreted this decision in accordance
    with its actions and refused to open ERT, causing a cabinet
    reshuffling after the third partner of the coalition government,
    DIMAR, walked off. The new cabinet included a deputy Minister for
    ERT’s renewal who entered negotiations with workers regarding the
    future of the organization and the building, failing to create any
    consensus over the issue.

    The closure of ERT by the government of New Democracy and PASOK
    underlines the nature of the governance with which the country was led
    through a severe austerity that has lasted already four years. Now
    based almost entirely on televised manipulation of public opinion,
    this is a government that takes down yet another opposition voice.
    Meanwhile it accuses everyone that talks against it of trying to
    obstruct the process of seeing the country out of this crisis, a
    moment supposedly close. Meanwhile, the country’s creditors that are
    in Athens these days are preparing another bitter pill of austerity.
    Apostolis Fotiadis (via DXLD)

    ERA Thessaloniki has been audible on 9420 kHz this evening in Europe.
    (Mike Terry, 2342 UT Nov 7, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Observed (via Global Tuners Rimini receiver) with good reception on
    7450 kHz at 2350 UT on 7 Nov, transmitter going off abruptly at 2358
    then appearing on 7475 kHz at 0004. Programming was an all-female
    studio chat interspersed with music. "Tsopanakos Imouna" (i.e. the
    long-standing ERA/Voice of Greece IS) at 0005 followed by "Edisis"
    (news). 9420 kHz was heard in parallel and with fair reception
    throughout this period, and both SW frequencies were 15 seconds behind
    the web stream ( (David Kernick, Interval Signals
    Online, 0019 UT Nov 8, ibid.)

    I've been listening to 9420 for the past 1/2 hour. No talk, and lots
    of dead air. Otherwise all music. Also very strong, and even more so
    than 7475 here in Eastern Canada. 73, (Walt Salmaniw, PEI, 0049 UT Nov
    8, ibid.)

    9420 also very strong and clear here, just automation playout of (very
    nice) music. 7475 also audible but poor strength and fading 73 (Tony
    Molloy, Winter Hill, NW UK IO83ro, CCW SDR 4+ and CCW HF Active
    Antenna 0103 UT Nov 8, ibid.)

    Both 9420 & 7475 putting very good signals into Southeastern
    Massachusetts at 0145. Music only (Stephen Wood, Harwich, Mass.,


    Greek riot police block the main entrance of the former state
    broadcaster ERT in Athens. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

    “Even words lose their meanings,” says the disembodied voice. It’s
    speaking to fill the space before the silence, to be present. “Are
    these your orders? Yes, those are my things….Somewhere here we close,
    dear listeners. The voice of Greek radio falls silent. Good luck to
    everyone. We’ll find each other, we’ll meet again. These microphones
    are shutting down. Deep soul.”

    Early this morning riot police broke into the Athens headquarters of
    ERT, Greek Radio and Television, which was officially closed by
    ministerial decree on June 11 but whose journalists and technicians
    have continued to broadcast over the Internet. After dispersing
    protesters outside with teargas, armoured police cleared the building
    room by room. Union representative Nikos Tsimpidas was last at the
    microphone, calling for a “magnificent demonstration, not just for
    ERT, not for our jobs, but for democracy itself, against…this virulent
    repression, this rewind through decades, for all the things we should
    have stood up for but couldn’t…”

    Even words lose their meanings. Increasingly, a mark of the Greek
    crisis (not so much a crisis now as a condition) is the fragmenting of
    perceived reality, along with a desperate struggle to control the
    story of what’s happening. I imagine it’s always like this with
    authoritarian regimes — for Greece is clearly now an authoritarian
    regime masquerading as a democracy — but I’ve never seen it from close
    up before. We’re living (as well as everything else) a war of words, a
    propaganda campaign designed to drown out dissenting voices — even
    moderate ones. Questions about whether ERT was wasteful, or padded
    with cronies, or captured by special interests — questions that might
    have been addressed in a functioning democracy — became irrelevant the
    day the broadcaster was shut down by fiat. This morning the other shoe
    dropped. The image is the message: platoons of armoured
    representatives of the state evicting a few dozen journalists and
    locking the doors with handcuffs.

    As always in Greece, the message is two-faced, one visage for foreign
    consumption, the other for domestic. What it’s supposed to say to
    representatives of the Troika who are, once again, in Athens (if
    they’re stupid enough to buy it, or diplomats enough to pretend they
    have) is that everything’s under control: we’re meeting our
    obligations, turning around the economy, cracking down on lawlessness,
    breaking the unions. (The original shutdown of ERT was ostensibly
    designed to meet the Troika’s demand for public sector lay-offs.)

    The message to Greeks is this: You may see a government that’s
    scrambling to appease its creditors without upsetting its cronies,
    that’s lost control of the streets and its own half-tamed heavies,
    that has no idea how to get out of the maze; you may be jobless,
    hungry, disoriented and lost, looking ahead at a winter without heat
    or hope; you may think some kind of resistance is still possible. But
    the evidence of your senses is false, or at least irrelevant. Look!
    We’re installling free WiFi all across the country! Greece is a
    success story! And if you won’t line up behind our version of reality,
    we have the power to persuade you. Against the voice of a man in a
    room with a microphone, we play helmeted troops with teargas and

    Of course, people won’t be silenced, especially not now. (A few days
    ago, a bunch of Dogberries from the Greek police turned up at
    Radiobubble, a citizen radio station run out of a café in Athens, and
    threatened to prosecute because people were “talking too loudly” in
    the street outside. Perhaps they had read about it in The New York
    Times.) But (let them eat WiFi notwithstanding) most Greeks get their
    news from private television stations owned by politically well-
    connected oligarchs—which were given control of the digital airwaves
    by a vote in parliament hours before this morning’s raid on ERT. And
    the cacophony of unsourced hysteria and conspiracy theories that has
    long filled much of the Greek media, across the political spectrum,
    doesn’t help the quest for a coherent, usable description of what’s

    The moment when stories fragment and words lose their meanings is also
    one of possibility, when different futures and arrangements might
    emerge. The nexus of oligarchs, financial interests and politicians
    ruling Greece (in symbiotic struggle with its creditors) now seems
    determined at all costs to close that down. The sense of repression is
    palpable; the scary thing is how quickly you get used to it. Two weeks
    ago I went out to dinner with friends in Athens. As we left the
    taverna—almost empty on a Friday night—a heavily armoured Delta police
    patrol roared by, eight or ten men in black, on motorbikes, two
    abreast. No one even turned to look.

    On the other hand, as I write, the left party, Syriza — some of whose
    MPs were violently prevented from entering ERT’s headquarters this
    morning — is tabling a motion of no confidence in the government, to
    be debated tomorrow. The ruling coalition has a majority of only five
    MPs, some of whom blocked a motion to impose a new property tax a few
    days ago; of course, the pressure on them to conform will be immense.
    The private channels will broadcast this — with dire predictions of
    catastrophe — as another “thriller.” Meanwhile, protesters have
    gathered outside ERT’s headquarters in Athens and Salonika; one banner
    reads, “Deep Soul.” And ERT journalists and musicians are still
    broadcasting on the internet, from the street (via Kevin Redding, Nov
    8, ABDX via DXLD)


    Athens: Riot police stormed the former Greek state television
    headquarters in Athens on Thursday and evicted dozens of journalists
    who were fired five months ago, ending a protracted sit-in against the
    broadcaster's closure.

    The government took ERT off the air in June to meet a target for
    public sector job cuts set by foreign lenders, triggering a political
    crisis that prompted one party to quit the ruling coalition.

    Police carried out the pre-dawn eviction as inspectors from European
    Union and International Monetary Fund lenders were in Athens reviewing
    the progress it made in meeting the targets of its multi-billion
    bailout before disbursing more funds.

    "I was on air when riot police stormed into the studio and ordered me
    to shut the microphones and leave," said Nikos Tsibidas, spokesman for
    ERT's radio workers union. "I've never seen anything like this before;
    it's barbaric and indicative of the kind of democracy we have in this

    Greece's anti-bailout opposition denounced the police raid and forced
    a vote of confidence against the government. Prime Minister Antonis
    Samaras's government is expected to win the vote, which will be held
    late on Sunday, without much trouble.

    Minor scuffles broke out between some protesters and riot police, who
    had cordoned off the area and blocked the entrance to the building
    that has been draped for months with banners reading "ERT Open" and
    "No to layoffs".

    Police fired a few rounds of tear gas to disperse small groups of
    protesters and briefly detained four people for resisting authorities
    during the raid, officials said.

    Some of the journalists, who have kept ERT alive with an illegal news
    feed over the Internet for five months, refused to leave the yard of
    the building, where hundreds of chanting ERT supporters rallied.
    More rallies were planned for later in the day.

    "This is how fascism works, slyly and in darkness," said Adrianna
    Bili, a former ERT employee, after she and other protesters were
    evicted from the building. "I feel like they have raped me, like they
    have violated my home, they have violated my life, democracy. They
    have destroyed everything."

    On Thursday, the channel showed footage of an empty newsroom and
    images of the headquarters with the text "ERT belongs to all Greeks"
    running across it.


    The government said the police operation shortly after 4am (0200 GMT)
    was carried out to "apply the law and restore legality." Government
    spokesman Simos Kedikoglou, a former ERT journalist himself, said ERT
    was "under illegal occupation".

    Inside the building, police checked in the presence of a prosecutor
    whether facilities and equipment had been damaged since the
    broadcaster's closure.

    "The government has reached such a point of delirium that it is
    staging a coup against itself," said Zoe Konstantopoulou, a senior
    lawmaker from the leftist opposition Syriza party, who rushed to the
    building in solidarity with ERT workers. "Some people will be held
    accountable before history and future generations," she said.

    Under lender pressure, the government singled out ERT as a paragon of
    public waste and mismanagement in Greece. Still, the decision to
    silence ERT and fire its 2,600 employees to please EU/IMF lenders
    shocked many in Greece and reduced Samaras's majority in the 300-seat
    parliament to five.

    The Democratic Left party, which quit the coalition in protest,
    accused the government on Thursday of being "autocratic" in
    implementing reforms and of "violently restructuring state TV".

    The government has since launched a new television channel called
    Public TV, or DT, in which about 600 people have been hired, many of
    them from the defunct ERT.

    A message on ERT's Facebook page calling for people to protest in
    solidarity read: "It's time to act. Rally now!"

    The main opposition Syriza party denounced the police raid as
    authoritarian and said it was just a precursor for the tough, new
    austerity measures the government was preparing. "You break into state
    television headquarters in the middle of the night to do the same
    (later) to indebted people's homes and put them up for auction," said
    Syriza chief Alexis Tsipras.

    Samaras's government said it was not worried about the confidence
    vote. "You have given the government a very good opportunity to prove
    that its majority is strong and cohesive," Administration Reform
    Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in reply to Tsipras. Reuters

    Read more:
    (via Zacharias Liangas, Thessaloniki, Nov 8, DXLD)


    An Athens prosecutor ordered riot police officers to enter the
    headquarters of the now defunct state broadcaster ERT in the early
    hours of Thursday.

    According to early reports, riot police units asked former ERT
    employees who were broadcasting from the building to leave the
    premises in the northern suburb of Agia Paraskevi.

    Protesters subsequently gathered outside the building at 6 a.m.
    Traffic was interrupted on Mesogheion Avenue early on Thursday.

    “The battle for democracy and social justice which ERT workers have
    been fighting for more than four months, has reached its most crucial
    moment,” read a message on ERT's Facebook page calling for people to
    protest in solidarity. “It's time to act, rally now!”

    Reports suggested that four former ERT employees were detained by
    police for questioning. A group of 10 SYRIZA MPs who attempted to
    enter the premises were reportedly stopped by police forces.

    In comments made on Thursday, Pantelis Kapsis, the deputy minister for
    public radio and television denied knowledge of plans to raid the
    building, saying the operation was organized by the Ministry of Public

    Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said the operation marked “the
    end of an illegal occupation.” “The authorities have implemented the
    law,” Kedikoglou told Skai radio.

    The government's decision to close down the media network last June
    citing the need for cost-cutting measures due to the ongoing debt
    crisis drew international criticism, while a number of laid-off ERT
    employees continued to produce programs streamed online.

    Meanwhile, an interim network replacing ERT started broadcasts in July
    (source?? via Zacharias Liangas, Nov 8, DXLD)


    Greek opposition parties on Thursday slammed a government decision to
    remove the remaining ex-ERT employees from the state broadcaster's

    SYRIZA MP Zoe Konstantopoulou was among a group of leftist deputies
    who attempted to enter the premises in the northern Athens suburb of
    Aghia Paraskevi early on Thursday, a few hours after police stormed
    into the building.

    “The government... has carried out a coup against itself and against
    legality,” Konstantopoulou told journalists after police stopped them
    from entering the site.

    The police used a pair of handcuffs to lock the main entrance to the
    site. Images of the handcuffs went viral on Greek social media, before
    police replaced them with a lock.

    Fellow SYRIZA MP Dimitris Stratoulis described the night-time
    operation as an “illegal, coup-like act.”

    The decision also drew criticism from the right wing populist
    Independent Greeks party as well as the Greek Communist Party (KKE).

    Independent Greeks leader Pannos Kammenos tweeted that “occupation
    forces have swept the ERT building.”

    “After the ERT shutdown and the mass layoffs, we have once more seen
    the face of state violence and terror,” said Communist Party deputy
    Diamanto Manolakou.

    Greek riot police stormed into ERT headquarters in the early hours of
    Thursday and evicted dozens of protesters occupying it since June when
    the government shut abruptly the state broadcaster.

    Scuffles broke out between some of the protesters and riot police, who
    had cordoned off the area and blocked the entrance to the building.
    Police fired small rounds of teargas to disperse some of the
    protesters and briefly detained two former workers and two unionists
    for resisting authorities, the officials said.

    Crowds of supporters started rallying outside the main ERT building. A
    public rally has been called for 4 p.m. on Thursday.

    Coalition partners PASOK defended the move. “The restoration of
    legality, the free and full operation of public radio and television
    is necessary... to protect the public interest,” the socialists said
    in a statement. “No one should be allowed to stop the modernization of
    public radio and television in the name of populism and opportunism,”
    it said.

    Democratic Left, which left the coalition after disagreements in the
    government handling of the ERT case, attacked the administration's
    intransigence. “The past few months have highlighted the impasse of
    the government's policies. This was to be expected given the absence
    of any meaningful negotiations, MP Dimitris Hatzisokratis told Mega TV
    (via Zacharias Liangas, Nov 8, DXLD)

    Hello all: At 2021 UT, 15630 and 9420 sound like they are still on the
    air. Where is the signal coming from? Are they broadcasting from the
    transmitter site, or where, after the ERT raid earlier? (JOHN BABBIS,

    This is interesting reading from Wikipedia about Greek Radio.
    (via John Babbis, Nov 9, ibid.)

    Greece - 9420, Nov 8 at 2112, something is still here in Greek talk,
    and he`s rather calm; fair signal. Next check at 0108 Nov 9, it`s open
    carrier/dead air, audiblizing CRI English underneath; see EAST
    TURKISTAN. By 0118, Greece is modulating music on 9420 and // weaker
    7475 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    9420, Nov 10 at 0626, good signal from Avlis, despite all the
    disruptions, riot police raiding HQ building, etc., still doing the
    EPT Sunday-morning thing of Byzantine chant; also with recitations by
    female voices (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING

    Heard some programmes still on Avlis TX site on 9420 and 15630 kHz,
    but not on 41 mb. Unidentified programm, not Greek union rebells
    program -- I guess, rather some new public alternative program heard
    this morning. No Greek language culture feeling though - at 0400-0600
    UT, rather international smooth UK, US, Italian(Milva) and West
    African pop music, and after my breakfast logged in again, and heard
    Sunday Greek mass live transmission broadcast at 07-08 UT. Nov 10.
    vy73 (Wolfgang Büschel, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    The Thessaloniki program with V Of Greece IS, ERT3 ID, various audio
    snippets, some Metallica, some Greek folk music, is currently observed
    on 9420 (strong), 11645 (weak), 15630 (strong). 8 seconds delay to the
    audiostream ERA Thessaloniki on

    The IS seems to come a few minutes after ToH and BoH. 10 November
    2013, 0907-1003 UT. 73, (Eike Bierwirth, Wiesbaden, Germany, Perseus
    SDR + DX-10 Pro active antenna, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Logs for Saturday 9/11: From now on, all ERA frequencies carry ERA 3
    from Thessaloniki (Zacharias Liangas, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    As the police raided the central building of ERA in Athens, ERA 3
    Thessaloniki is relayed from all transmitters. Yesterday 10/11 at
    11xx, 9420 /11645 and 15630 were on and relaying ERA (Zacharias
    Liangas, Thessaloniki, Nov 11, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Grenada - Programming on Klassic 540 Tonight 11/9/13

    My friend down at Grenada's Klassic 540 has told me about some
    interesting programming tonight, I'll be listening and I encourage
    everyone else to tune in. Here's what's going on...

    The Klassic Radio Announcers play whatever music they want. One of
    their announcers, Godfrey has gotten really cocky and thinks he is
    king music and everybody loves his choices. So a few weeks ago another
    announcer, Andre challenged his selections and lost. On two
    consecutive Saturdays.

    So, my friend at Klassic 540 who is the Sales Manager has challenged
    him this week. They have to play music from 4 categories: Regional,
    International, Country and Christmas.

    They will go tune for tune and the has to public call and vote for
    which song they prefer. This takes place TONIGHT (Saturday 11/9/13)
    from 5 to 9 pm Eastern time which is 6 to 10 pm in Grenada.

    You can listen online by going to
    or searching Klassic 540 on the Tunein App.

    I helped my friend Janelle, the Klassic 540 Sales Manager by giving
    her a few classic country titles she should play. You can call in and
    vote for her selections as the better ones by calling (473) 435 2041
    (~~PAUL Walker Jr, PA, Nov 9, IRCA via DXLD)

    Guam - Further correspondence with AFN HQ in LA regarding the
    missing USB transmissions from Guam on 5765 and 13362: while
    investigating the technical reasons for the program feed not being
    `decoded` for transmission, the question arose whether there should be
    any such emissions, since Guam is after all US territory and AFN must
    not compete with local stations. I tried to point out that HF is not
    intended nor suitable for local reception, and that Guam is merely a
    convenient base for reaching ships at sea and other remote outposts,
    but the impetus seems to be to let it stay off (Glenn Hauser, Nov 14,

    Guam - re KTWR DRM 15445 kHz outlet. Just checked, and as expected,
    nil from KTWR on the east coast. BSKSA on 15435 is very strong and
    splatters over to past 15440. Buzzy too, which is not too unusual.
    Perhaps the lower frequency for later in the week might propagate, but
    I still doubt it (Walter Salmaniw, PEI, Nov 5, DXplorer via BC-DX Nov
    8 via DXLD)

    Guam - KTWR B-13 winter schedule.
    Trans World Radio, Guam. Eff Oct 27, 2013

    To China
    Cantonese 1330-1400 Mon-Fri 9940
    Hui 1330-1400 Sat-Sun 9940
    Mandarin 1000-1015 Daily 15235
    Mandarin 1015-1100 Mon-Sat 15235
    Mandarin 1100-1230 Mon-Sat 9910
    Mandarin 1130-1230 Suns 9910
    Mandarin 1115-1145 Mon-Fri 12105
    Mandarin 1115-1200 Mon-Sat 12105
    Mandarin 1200-1215 Daily 11580
    Mandarin 1215-1245 MoTuThFr 9975
    Mandarin 1245-1330 Sun-Fri 11580
    Mandarin 1245-1415 Sat 11580
    Mandarin 1330-1345 Mon-Sat 9975
    Mandarin 1330-1430 Mon-Sat 9940
    Mandarin 1345-1445 Daily 9975
    Mandarin 1345-1430 Sun 11580
    Mandarin 1345-1500 Mon-Fri 11580
    Mandarin 1445-1500 Non-Fri 9975
    Nosu Yi 1200-1215 Daily 11580

    To Korea
    Korean 1345-1415 Sat 11580
    Korean 1345-1430 Sun 11580
    Korean 1345-1500 Mon-Fri 11580

    To South Asia
    English 1400-1423 MoTuFr 15190
    English 1400-1430 Thurs 15190
    English 1400-1435 SunWed 15190

    To South Pacific
    English 1000-1019 Mon-Fri 11840
    English 1000-1030 Sat 11840

    To SoEaAsia
    English 0850-0930 Tue-Fri 15200
    English 0900-0930 Mon 15200

    To Indonesia
    Balinese 0930-1000 Sat 15200
    Balinese 0945-1000 Sun 15200
    Madurese 0930-0945 Mon-Sat 15200
    Madurese 0945-1000 Daily 15200
    Indonesian 1000-1030 Daily 15200
    Sundanese 1030-1100 Daily 15200

    To Myanmar
    Burmese 1200-1245 Mon-Fri 15390
    Burmese 1200-1300 Sat-Sun 15390
    Sgaw Karen 1300-1330 Daily 15390

    To Vietnam
    Vietnamese 1245-1330 Sun-Fri 11580
    Vietnamese 1245-1345 Sat 11580

    To South Asia
    Kokborok 1230-1300 Mon-Fri 15240
    Kokborok 1245-1300 Sun 15240
    Santhali 1300-1315 Daily 15240
    Assamese 1315-1345 Sun-Fri 15225
    Manipuri 1315-1345 Sat 15225

    Trans World Radio, P. O. Box 8780, Agat, Guam 96928, USA (HFCC/KTWR,
    Nov 3 via BC-DX Nov 8 via DXLD)

    Guam - 9650, Nov 13 at 1341, good signal from YL in Russian, with
    Bible lesson (urok); thought it might be KNLS, but 1346 IDs in passing
    as Golos Nadezhdiy, along with some hymn music mixing in now. It`s
    KSDA, scheduled here only at 1330-1400, 100 kW, 345 degrees from Agat
    in Russian, with the Adventist catch-slogan ``Voice of Hope``. (KNLS
    is listed on 9655 but not at this time nor in this language.) (Glenn

    Guatemala - 4055, Nov 9 at 1157, good signal from R. Verdad --- in
    Japanese with dramatic music background past 1201; weakening by 1217.
    Sounds like the same kind of program heard in Chinese around 1130,
    maybe same source. TGAV no doubt has had DX reports from Japan, and
    concludes it really has an audience there (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    India - 4775.01, 0040-0050 06.11, AIR Imphal, vernacular talk,
    music, 15221 (Anker Petersen, heard on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 28
    metres longwire in Skovlunde, Denmark, via Dario Monferini, playdx yg
    via DXLD)

    4775, Nov 11 at 1253, JBA carrier, likely AIR Imphal, only thing
    listed on air now; 60m very unproductive from Asia lately, beyond 4940
    China and 4750 Indonesia/? This 4775 is even weaker than 4750. Also a
    carrier on 4800, maybe Hyderabad if not Geermu, China (Glenn Hauser,

    India [and non] - 4840, Nov 10 at 0046, JBA carrier, presumably AIR
    Mumbai, 50 kW ND, which starts at 2355 per Aoki --- now possible
    because WWCR is not opening here until 0100 instead of 0000 during DST
    (even tho propagationally it would make more sense to open it

    in the winter rather than later). Next check at 0136, WWCR
    is on, presumably from about 0100. No Latin American broadcasters nor
    anything else are known in the world on 4840 but AIR and WWCR (Glenn

    India - AIR KOHIMA - 50 YEARS OF BROADCASTING --- All India Radio
    (AIR), Kohima, today [Nov 7] celebrated 50 years of public service
    broadcasting in Nagaland. The celebration was marked by unveiling of
    monolith at the AIR Kohima station by state Governor Ashwani Kumar in
    presence of Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar and other officials.

    AIR Kohima was commissioned on January 4, 1963 as the 36th station in
    the country amidst political unrest in Naga inhabited areas at a
    makeshift hill type rented house.

    At present, it has a full-fledged office complex and runs 16 news
    bulletins, including 14 in local dialect, English and Nagamese news,
    besides several local programmes and music.

    In his address, the Governor said AIR Kohima has been instrumental in
    preserving and promoting the art and culture of Nagaland as well as
    strengthening the unity and integrity of the state. On behalf of the
    state government, he congratulated all present and past staff of AIR
    Kohima for working cohesively to bring AIR Kohima to the present

    Sircar in his address said an FM radio station could be established in
    Kohima by March next year. A cultural programme presented by 15
    different tribes of Nagaland enthralled the gathering.

    Also see

    Unfortunately 4850 kHz (AIR Kohima) was silent today on this special
    occasion. Celebrations were carried via 103 MHz FM, which I guess is a
    sign of the times. FM more prevalent than SW. Also "Listeners can tune
    of this programme on their mobile handset also." (Ron Howard,
    California, Nov 7, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)


    --- (Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, dx_india yg via DXLD)

    4850, PBS Xinjiang seems to have returned again; first day here Nov
    12; first heard at 1245 through 1400; started at below threshold level
    and very slowly improved to poor; 1332 to 1358 non-stop singing; at
    both 1300 & 1400 time pips; not able to make out language, but
    possibly their Kazakh service as heard in past years here. So is this
    replacing 6015? Am positive was not AIR Kohima!

    An unfortunate development, as I am expecting AIR Kohima to be on the
    air here with coverage of the major event of the year for them, the
    Hornbill Festival, which takes place in Nagaland from Dec 1 to 10.
    Website at
    With PBS Xinjiang here, it will make for difficult reception of
    Kohima. As this year is AIR Kohima's Golden Jubilee, surely they will
    be broadcasting the festival via SW, as they have done in past years.
    BTW - The state of Nagaland was formally inaugurated on December 1,
    1963, another important reason for Kohima being on the air Dec 1.
    contains a recording of
    a typical reception of AIR Kohima during the Hornbill Festival (2012 -
    "Festival of Festivals") (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón
    E1, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    India - 4895.00,
    0053-0100 06.11, AIR Kurseong, AIR IS, 0055 ann,
    "Vande Mataram" hymn, Nepali ann, song 34233 - stronger than
    Mongoliin [sic] R underneath (Anker Petersen, heard on the AOR
    AR7030PLUS with 28 metres longwire in Skovlunde, Denmark, via Dario
    Monferini, playdx yg via DXLD) WRTH spells it with i-umlaut: Mongolïn

    India - 4990, AIR Itanagar, 1420-1425, Nov 6. In English; local ID;
    news (item about local 5.5 earthquake, etc.); running well past their
    normal sign off time; still heard at 1514 (Ron Howard, Asilomar State
    Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    India - 5010.00, 0025-0105 06.11, AIR Thiruvananthapuram, Malayalam
    talk, short Indian music, 0030 Hindi news, 0035 English news, 0040
    Malayalam talk 35232 - China not interfering at this hour (Anker
    Petersen, heard on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres longwire in
    Skovlunde, Denmark, via Dario Monferini, playdx yg via DXLD)

    India - 9445, Nov 8 at 2111, AIR GOS with commentary in S Asian
    accent, fair signal, weaker than // 11620. At 2136 I find a third,
    7550, weakest at this hour. At 2136 they are playing Indian classical
    music and on two receivers, 7550 has strengthened, producing a stereo
    effect with 9445 as they are slightly unsynchronized. At this hour in
    A13 per Aoki, 7550 was Delhi-Khampur and 9445 Bengaluru, probably
    still the case. At 2137 there`s a fourth, 11670 which is much better
    than 11620 except for ACI from 11665 Japan and 11670 also has a
    transmission break as I tune in (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING
    DIGEST) See also ROmanIA [and non]

    11670, Nov 11 at 2107, AIR with news in English about Kuwait business,
    good signal, with some flutter, but undermodulated and with lite
    whine, // fair 9445 with exactly same pitch whine (both listed
    Bengaluru site) and // 7550 too poor to evaluate its whine if any
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    India - All India Radio, GOS, 11935 Mumbai. Nov 11, 2013 Monday.
    1825-1842. Classical music (sarod and tabla). ID at 1830 “You are
    listening to the General Overseas Service of All India Radio”, into
    “Faithfully Yours”. Fair-good. To East Africa (EiBi). Jo'burg sunset

    All India Radio, GOS? 11580, Aligarh. NOT // 11935. Nov 11, 2013
    Monday. 1851-1908. Language?? Song with tabla accompaniment, followed
    by several other Indian songs. NOT English as listed by EiBi and Aoki,
    and HFCC denies all knowledge of it as usual. Good. To West Africa
    (EiBi). Jo'burg sunset 1632.

    11580, Aligarh. But // 11670 (Bengaluru) after 1945. Nov 11, 2013
    Monday. 1851-2020. Language?? Song with tabla accompaniment, followed
    by several other Indian songs. NOT English as listed by EiBi and Aoki,
    and HFCC denies all knowledge of it. Cut off in mid song at 1940
    Came back at
    1945 in an Indian dialect; NOT French as per Aoki.
    Several IDs for All India Radio General Overseas Service. Found to be
    // 11670 to UK and W. Europe, which is in Hindi according to DX India.
    Good. To West Africa (EiBi). Jo'burg sunset 1632.

    GOS, 11580 Aligarh. Nov 12, 2013 Tuesday. 1740-1755
    Language?? Indian
    songs, light melodies. But not English as listed by DX India, Aoki and
    EiBi. Suddenly off in mid-song at 1755
    , although all three say it
    stays on air until 1945. At 1802-1804 it came back in the middle of a
    slow classical song with tabla accompaniment. Clearly different
    programming, and, I suspect, different antenna azimuth, to the 1740-
    1755 time slot, but for only two minutes. Suddenly off again in mid
    song at 1804
    , and has not returned by 1955. Good reception, Jo'burg
    sunset 1632.

    AIR to West Africa --- Following my post last night re All India Radio
    GOS on 11580, thanks to Alokesh Gupta for suggesting I refer to the DX
    India web site for further information. I did so, but it did not help;
    seems that AIR are doing their own thing on this frequency, and that
    "thing" does not correspond to the information supplied by DX India,
    Aoki, or EiBi. And of course India seems to have dropped out of HFCC.

    According to DX India, EiBi and Aoki, 1745-1945 on 11580 should be
    English. To West Africa, according to EiBi and DX India. Not what I
    found last night and tonight.

    Yet another variation for AIR on 11580. That is three consecutive
    nights with three different presentations (or lack of). GOS, 11580
    Aligarh. Nov 13, 2013 Wednesday. 1640-1820. Nothing heard. AWOL, no
    carrier. Lots of lightning QRN due to a local thunderstorm in Jo'burg.
    Jo'burg sunset 1633 (Bill Bingham, Johannesburg RSA, dxldyg via DX

    India [and non] - 11740, Nov 10 at 0100, 5+1 timesignal, last pitch
    higher, and off. I was tuning in for AIR Sinhala service via GOA as in
    A-13, so is it still here or not, lacking a B-13 schedule from them?
    Per Aoki and HFCC, the 11740 transmitter closing at 0100 is CNR at
    Lingshi 725 site.

    This does uncover a much weaker signal which could be AIR. What about
    11985 Delhi/Khampur which was supposedly // 11740? Better signal there
    with S Asian music, which could really be the Sinhala service for
    once. Aoki now claims to have B-13 info for AIR which does show both
    of them, same as in A-13. But I think such Aoki labels are often
    assumptions, projexions.

    11985, Nov 12 at 0058, there it is again! That mysterious multi-note
    interval signal from AIR Khampur and once again I don`t have my
    recorder handy. Poor signal, undermodulated and flutter. Still going
    past 0105, instead of Sinhala service. Previously heard Oct 24, as in
    DXLD 13-44, 36 or 37 notes on keyboard. But what is this signifying?
    The Sindhi service should have started at 0100 if that were it; its
    listed 5990 was still covered by China/Cuba at 0059.

    Jose Jacob tells me Nov 12: Dear Glenn, Yes, lot of mysterious things
    (feeds) observed on AIR frequency 11985, especially at 0045-0115
    Sinhala schedule. The info is that AIR now using new satellite feeds
    which is yet to stabilise may be. Lot of wrong feeds are observed

    Please note that my site is already updated based upon my monitoring
    etc. Not many changes are observed from A-13 period. Please see
    External Service Time Wise:
    External Service Language Wise:
    AIR Complete SW schedule:
    --- Tnx, Jose, especially still lacking any official skeds from AIR!

    11740, Goa site, supposed to be // 11985 for 0045-0115 Sinhala: at
    0058 dominated by China CCI, and can`t hear the mystery IS; at 0102
    AIR in clear, definitely with different music (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD

    11985, Nov 14 at 0056, very poor signal with talk, presumed Sinhala
    with AIR really running that language as scheduled, so no mystery IS
    tonight, now that I have my recorder handy. Nominal // 11740 is even
    worse with the CCCCCCI which goes off at 0100 after its timesignal;
    now the two seem // in music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    AIR's shortwave transmitters on their way out? Quoting ET ....

    Terrestrial transmitters cannot be completely done away with in the
    North East but ''we shall concentrate in increasing satellite
    transmission in the region``, he said.

    In case of AIR, short wave transmitters were on its way out due to its
    crackling sound and ''where it is of no use it might as well be
    closed'`, he said. 'Our focus was now on increasing the reach of FM
    radio as it had the added advantage of being received on telephones
    which ensures that it will reach a wider audience'', the CEO said.

    Read more at:
    Copyright © Economic Times
    (via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, dx_india yb via DXLD)

    Ricky Hermawan BLOG Report from Indonesian Radio Stations
    (playdx yg via DXLD)

    Any of them shortwave? Haven`t gone all the way thru it (gh, DXLD)

    Indonesia - 4869.90v, RRI Wamena, 1238, Nov 7 (Thursday). For the
    past two Thursdays, I had unusable reception of KGI, but not so today!
    Ana and Greg together; many mentions of Indonesia and Australia; 1246
    KGI contact info; read letter from listener; 1253 "Thanks for
    listening." For a while Atsunori Ishida, at his website had been indicating these KGI Thurs. programs, but
    not this one for some reason (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA,
    Etón E1, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Indonesia - 9525.88, VOI, 1347 on Nov 6 in English; back after a
    short absence. Also on Nov 7 (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA,
    Etón E1, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Indonesia on in the afternoon --- Hi Glen[n], Hope you are well. We
    are getting a rare treat here in New England with B-13 and all: VOI
    shows up daily on 9526 with English news and commentary at 1900 UT.
    Nice clear and fat signal the way shortwave used to be. Best, (Mark
    Carlsen, Nov 11, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    9526, Voice Of Indonesia, 1855-2005+, 11-10-13, many IDs around 1900,
    freqs announced, into news and features. Signal much improved by 1930
    so I could copy programs, into mailbag and musical request show
    “English Mailbag”. YL read letters and email from listeners. Played
    two songs by Indonesian female pop star Anggun - “Mimpi” and “Bayang-
    Bayang Iiusi” [music ID’d by iPhone app Shazam]. IDs and email info
    until into French at 2001 Indonesia is a rarity up here in Mass and
    this was the best I’ve ever heard them! (Chris Lobdell, MA, NASWA
    Flashsheet via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Iran - VIRI English to South Asia --- VIRI in Italian observed with
    good reception (via Global Tuners Rimini receiver) at 1015 UT 8 Nov on
    21640 kHz, signing off then going into Vangelis music at 1020, when
    21510 kHz joined in parallel with similar reception. Italian not
    listed in current WRTH at this time, though IRIB website has it listed
    0920-1020 on 99.5 FM (Tehran), satellite and internet.

    English started at 1023, opening announcement giving this as the 1030
    UT transmission on 21575 and 21610 kHz, whilst the announced web
    stream actually carried the audio from Press TV at this time - wrong
    on all counts! (David Kernick, Interval Signals Online, dxldyg via DX

    7325, Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, at 2011, on 11/9. Male
    talking in English with musical interlude at 2016 for 10 seconds
    followed by male speaking again. Station announcer mentioned nuclear
    program and USA sanctions. Female then came on and gave a station ID
    at 2018 also shared frequency lists and where to send in reports on
    reception. Station went off at 2059. Good (John Cooper, PA, WinRadio-
    G33DDC Excalibur Pro, RF Space SDR-IQ, Grundig Satellit- 750, Tecsun
    PL-660, Wellbrook ALA 1530+ Imperium, All Band Tuned Super Sloper.
    PARS SWL End Fed Sloper, NASWA Flashsheet via DXLD)

    [and non]. 5920, Nov 12 at 1325, fair signal with Qur`an, 1328 talk in
    unID language; 1330 three chimes, mention Iran, IRIB news theme
    including vocalising. HFCC shows this is VIRI`s Kurdish service, 500
    kW non-direxional from Kamalabad at 1320-1620. Along grayline, this
    could be short path more likely than long path this time of year.

    {now moving all transmissions 7 minutes earlier starts to make some
    sense: in order to get all the mandatory preliminaries out of the way
    and start the news exactly on the hour/half hour}

    17840, Nov 12 at 1351, Qur`an atop Romania[n] with variable SAH of
    about 5 Hz, and // 17500 in clear. At 1450 RRI in the clear on 17840,
    since the IRIB Arabic collision is over at 1420, 500 kW, 289 degrees
    from Zahedan, after a 9-hour span from 0520; while 17500 lasts only 6
    hours until 1620, 500 kW, 259 degrees from Kamalabad. How much longer
    will it take RRI to move? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Ireland - Re: DXLD 1345, Hi Glenn!

    ``27631 NFM, St. Joseph´s Church Glenville, Co. Cork, 1010-1016, Nov
    1, mass, 34433. [WORLD OF RADIO 1694, apparently Krueger`s catch]``

    Not for sure. There are 5 churches identified on this frequency, and
    at least 2 others unidentified. Because of the time he mentioned (1406
    UT) it looks like, that it was a special occasion mass like wedding,
    baptism, funeral (okay with laughters I think we can exclude the last

    ``[note besides Sunday Nov 3, some logs on Fri Nov 1 == All Souls, and
    even Sat Nov 2, Boxing All Souls? --- gh]``

    Nov 1: All Saints --- Nov 2: All Souls. 73, (Patrick Robic, Austria,

    Hi Glenn! Some logs from this morning.

    27735 NFM, St. John the Baptist Church Croagh, Co. Limerick, 1210-
    1230, Nov 9, funeral mass, 32432.
    27745 NFM, Church of St. Mary & St. Michael New Ross, Co. Wexford,
    1125-1200, Nov 9, funeral mass, 33433.
    27795 NFM, SS Peter & Paul Church Clarecastle, Co. Clare,
    Nov 9, mass, 33433.
    27811 NFM, St. Anne´s Church Portmarnock, Co. Dubin, 1010-1030, Nov 9,
    funeral mass, 23322.
    27891 NFM, St. Cronan´s Church Swords, Co. Dublin, 1010-1020, Nov 9,
    mass, 34333.
    73, (Patrick Robic, Austria, Nov 9, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    27651 NFM, Church of St. Patrick & St. Brigid Clane, Co. Kildare,
    1135-1155, Nov 10, mass, 23432.
    27765 NFM, Church of Immaculate Conception Bruree, Co. Limerick
    (tent.), 1135-1200, Nov 10, mass, 34433
    (Patrick Robic, Austria, ibid.)

    Ireland and NORTHERN - Irish churches frequency list --- Hi Glenn!
    My updated frequency list for Irish churches can be found at:
    73, (Patrick Robic, Austria, Nov 8, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING

    LOTS of `em – 8 page pdf, by frequency and by location (gh)

    Ireland NORTHERN - UK, 27801 NFM, St. Patrick´s Church Belfast,
    1225-1235, Nov 10, mass, 23332.

    And here´s another log from Nov. 10 (Northern Ireland): 27691 NFM, Our
    Lady of Lourdes Church Steelstown/Derry, Co. Derry,
    1215-1235, Nov
    10, mass, 34333. 73, (Patrick Robic, Austria, Nov 11, DX LISTENING

    Israel - 6885, Nov 12 at 0035, music amid SSB and CW QRM, presumed
    Galei Zahal, best heard in a long time. No pirates around (Glenn

    15850, Galei Zahal, Nov 10 1214-1305, 25322-35333, Hebrew, Talk and
    music and news, ID at 1259, SJ at 1303 (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX,
    IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121,
    ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Japan - 11665, Nov 8 at 2137, NHK in Japanese surprisingly good
    despite being beamed oppositeward from Yamata, 235 degrees at 21-23.
    Perhaps this will still include western classical music on weekends,
    such as local Sunday morning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Japan - 6055, Nov 7 at 1345, it`s Thursday and R. Nikkei 1 is
    teaching English; American-accented OM reads passage mentioning Obama
    and CSIS; then Japanese YL explains the terms; much better on // 9595
    at 1348, explaining ``come to a standstill`` as pronounced both in
    American and British accents. It was also audible a bit earlier on
    3925 vs QRhaM.

    [and non]. 9595-9605, Nov 8 at 0647, R. Nikkei 1 has heavy QRDRM
    centered on 9600. I bet it`s Romania. Yes, per HFCC, RRI in English,
    0630-0700, 300 kW, 300 degrees for W Europe (but also US!) from
    Galbeni. If I wanted to hear that, I would listen to AM on 7345 from

    6115, Nov 11 at 0650, poor signal with jazz, and not much beyond Cuba
    on 49m. Must be R. Nikkei 2, 50 kW, 50 degrees from Nagano which is
    favorable for us; // is 9760 tho not propagating now, as it sometimes
    is. 0650 UT = 1550 JST, close enough to sundown now for 49m. See also
    Russia 6115 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Juan Fernandez - 21265-USB, Nov 10 at 2041, weak station called
    XR0ZR occasionally. Does not say ``this is``, but when saying only
    that call and not another, I assume it means his own. Mostly in clear
    but sometimes interrupted by co-channel callers, whistles, hets.
    Others come on and say ``split 5 up``.

    That`s where the pileups are that I first encountered, not only 5 up,
    but just about every kHz from 21270 to 21280, countless stations
    spouting nothing but their own calls, which we can only assume are
    meant to be attempts to contact XR0ZR.

    Here`s the DXpedition page all about it and their strict QSLing rules:
    I was looking for Wake Island`s K9W DXpedition on nominal 21285, but
    unfound on ``15`` m.

    21270-USB, Nov 11 at 2055, ID for XR0ZR, as the Robinson Crusoe
    DXpedition continues. Pileups are a few kHz higher (Glenn Hauser, OK,

    XR0, Juan Fernandez. By the time you read this, operators
    Fabrizio/IW3SQY, Franco/IZ8GCE, Josep/EA3AKY, Art/WA7NB, Les/SP3DOI,
    Paolo/IV3DSH and Dino/CE3PG should be active as XR0ZR from Robinson
    Crusoe Island (SA-005, DICE ICE-004, WLOTA 0153, WWFF CEFF-003) until
    November 20th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and
    RTTY, with four stations on the air. QSL via IV3DSH, direct or by the
    Bureau. ClubLog' s OQRS will be available (preferred QSLing). Log will
    be uploaded to LoTW after 6 months. For more details, visit the XR0ZR
    Web page or the following media links at: Website:
    Twitter: @xr0zr (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 1136, November 11, 2013,
    Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland,
    Ohio), via Dave Raycroft, ODXA yg via DXLD)

    Korea North [and non] - CLANDESTINAS: 3480, Voz do Povo, Goyang,
    Coreia do Sul, 2220-2230, 08/11, emissão em coreano dirigida à Coreia
    do Norte, radioteatro (?); 33442, sinal empastelado pela C. do Norte;
    // 3912, 4450, 4557, 6518, 6600.
    4557 idem, 2225-2239, 08/11, cf. // 3480; emissão empastelada pela C.
    do Norte; 43432.
    6600 idem, 2242-2252, 08/11, texto; 33431, emissão empastelada pela C.
    do Norte. 73 (Carlos Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING

    Korea North [non] - 9775, Nov 7 at 1354 tune-in, no open carrier but
    cuts on at
    1354.6, much later than previously, prior to R. Free
    Chosun at 1400. This signal displays no transpolar fading as would be
    expected from alleged Tajikistan site; instead it`s strong and steady,
    almost as good at 9800 VOA Korean, 250 kW, 21 degrees from Tinang,
    Philippines, which aims that also right onward toward US.

    So I continue to suspect this is no Tajikistan, but either Tinang or
    Tinian, as this station altho based in Seoul is funded by the US
    government anyway. How covert is that? It`s explicit in the WRTH 2013
    which also listed Dushanbe sites for it. Unfortunately, website is all in Korean.

    This 9775 is not in HFCC B-13, where instead you come up with two
    bogus listings at this time on 9775, no trace of either heard:
    CNR, 0900-1605, 150 kW, 270 degrees from Beijing in Chinese; and
    SLBC, 1230-1630, 300 kW, 350 degrees from defunct Ekala, Sri Lanka in

    9775, Nov 8 at 1504, R. Free Chosun starting its second hour in
    Korean, with VG signal, now equivalent to 9760 VOA English which is 21
    degrees also USward via Tinang, Philippines. Chosun continues
    unbelievable via Aoki-listed site Tajikistan, and unlisted in HFCC.
    About time the USG/IBB came clean about broadcasting such clandestines
    from Tinang or Tinian, if they are. What does it take, an FOIA

    9775, Nov 10 at 1333, big open carrier for R. Free Chosun at 1400 is
    already on way early again; still very good signal during show at
    1450, equivalent to 9800 VOA Korean Tinang. No way, I say again, that
    this is from listed Tajikistan site (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

    9775, Nov 12 at 1357, R. Free Chosun open carrier was not on much
    earlier today, and now it`s fluttery, and not comparable to stronger
    and steadier VOA Korean Tinang on 9800. 1400 sign-on with theme,
    Korean, still flutter. So is it really from Tajikistan site today, or
    at least something further west, more trans-polar than Philippines?

    9775, Nov 13 at 1336, R. Free Chosun carrier is once again on, way
    early before program at 1400; good with some flutter, Tajikistan or

    9775, Nov 14 at 1357 seems missing but there is a JBA carrier past
    1400, while 9800 Tinang VOA Korean is still very good (Glenn Hauser,

    Korea North [non] - 5910, Nov 12 at 1329 open carrier, 1330 Shiokaze
    via Japan opening in Chinese this Tuesday. ID sounds like ``shi-yang
    guangbo dientai`` but WRTH 2013 quotes Chinese ID as ``Zheshi
    Shiokaze, Chaofeng Bosong``. Also says a QSL card costs a $10
    donation. Hmmm, maybe WORLD OF RADIO could raise some funding that way
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Korea South - [Re 13-45, Chris Kadlec on MND Radio] ``A friend
    brought a shortwave radio here from the US and all North Korean
    stations are wide open here - no jamming at all by the south.``

    What about medium wave? Does South Korea still jam 1053 kHz etc.?
    73, (Mauno Ritola, Finland, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    It`s still reported frequently as a routine log on west coast N
    America. Occasionally have heard carrier here, but can`t tell if it`s
    really the jammer (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    The South Korea government jams most mediumwave frequencies used by
    North Korea. The effectiveness of the jamming depends on location, but
    it's generally very disruptive noise jamming.

    As Chris mentioned, FM from North Korea is also jammed, but I managed
    to find a way around some of that.

    Shortwave is left wide open, leaving me to conclude that the
    government's policy is jamming of mediumwave because so many people
    have receivers at homes and cars, but leaving shortwave open because
    it's not worth the effort versus the number of listeners (Martyn
    Williams, CA, [North Korea Tech], dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Korea South [and non] - GREAT BRITAIN: 3955, KBS South Korea
    (presumed); 2203, 6-Nov; M&W in English; buried so can only pick up a
    word here & there, including "wartime history". Ham whistler
    apparently trying to get their attention (Harold Frodge, Midland MI,
    USA, Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie; 85 ft. RW & 180 ft. center-fed RW,
    All logged by my ears, on my receiver, in real time! DX LISTENING

    Winter schedule of KBS Seoul in B-13 season.

    2000-2100 NE/ME/AF 9840 (Al Dhabaya-UAE)

    1130-1230 China 6095
    1130-1230 seAS 9770
    1300-1400 AS 1170 (MW) 7275
    2200-2300 China 7275
    2300-2400 seAS 9805

    English 1
    0200-0300 SoAM 9580
    0800-0900 seAS 9570
    1300-1400 seAS 9570
    1300-1400 NoAM 15575
    1600-1700 EUR 9515
    1600-1700 seAS 9640
    1800-1900 EUR 7275
    2200-2300 EUR 11810

    English 2 [English 1 programs edited down for half-hours --- gh]
    1100-1130 EUR (Sat only) 9760 (DRM mode; Woofferton-UK)
    2200-2230 EUR 3955 (Woofferton-UK)
    2200-2300 EUR 11810

    English 3 [with different programs than English 1 --- gh]
    0200-0300 seAS 9690
    1230-1330 China 6095
    1400-1500 seAS 9640

    2000-2100 NE/ME/AF 5950 (Issoudun-F)
    2100-2200 EUR 3955 (Woofferton-UK)

    1900-2000 EUR 5885 (Kostinbrod-BUL)
    1900-2000 EUR 5875 (DRM mode; Kostinbrod-BUL)
    2000-2100 EUR 3955 (Woofferton-UK)

    1200-1300 seAS 9570
    1400-1500 seAS 9570
    1600-1700 seAS 9805
    2200-2300 seAS 9805

    0100-0200 Japan 9580
    0200-0300 Japan 11810
    0800-0900 Japan 6155
    0800-0900 Japan 7275
    0900-1100 Japan 9805
    1100-1300 NonDir 1170 (MW)

    Korean 1
    0900-1100 AS 7275
    1000-1100 NonDir 1170 (MW)
    1600-1800 EUR 7275
    1600-1800 NE/ME/AF 9740
    1700-1900 EUR 9515

    Korean 2
    0300-0400 SoAM 11810
    0700-0800 EUR 6045 (Woofferton-UK)
    0900-1000 NE/ME/AF 15160
    0900-1100 SoEaAS 9570
    1000-1100 NonDir 1170 (MW)
    1200-1300 AS 7275
    1400-1500 NoAM 15575

    1800-1900 EUR 7235 (Woofferton-UK)
    0100-0130, 0530-0600, 0930-1000, 1300-1330,
    1630-1700, 1900-1930, 2030-2100 Moscow 738 (MW)

    0100-0200 SoAM 9605 (HRI Cypress Creek SC-USA)
    0100-0200 NoAM 11810
    0200-0300 NoAM 15575
    1100-1200 SoAM 11795
    1800-1900 SoAM 9740

    0100-0200 seAS 9690
    1030-1130 seAS 9770
    1500-1600 seAS 9640
    (KBS, Nov 3 via BC-DX nov 8 via DXLD)

    11810, KBS 10/11 2232 UT. Servicio en inglés para Europa con música en
    coreano. Señal con SINPO: 55444 (Claudio Galaz, Tecsun PL-660, hilo
    largo de 25 metros, Sector sur de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile,
    condiglista yg via DXLD) Joe Hanlon was also hearing this in NJ, but
    hardly a signal here (gh, OK, DXLD)

    Kurdistan [non] - 11510, V. of Kurdistan:
    Nov 03 1155-1211 35333-35433 Kurdish, Music and talk, ID at 1200
    Nov 10 1153-1214 35433-45433 Kurdish, Local music and talk, ID at
    1159, etc, (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-
    515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX

    11510, Nov 9 at 1415-1420, fair signal with great Kurdish music tnx to
    the PKK terrorists via PRIDNESTROVYE, but marred by IADs several times
    per minute. IADs (intermittent audio dropouts) aren`t nearly as bad as
    IEDs. Aoki shows this switching from Grigoriopol to Kostinbrod
    (Bulgaria) at 1600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    But Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria says it switches to France (gh, DXLD)

    11510, 10/Nov 1843-1903, BULGARIA (Relay [sic]), Denge Kurdistan in
    Kurdish. Sequence of local music. At 1854 what seems to be a song of
    the Qur`an(?) and at 1859 a recitation. At 1900 OM of hoarse voice and
    paused talk. Today, with a reception unrivaled, good signal. 35443
    (Jorge Freitas, Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W - Brasil,
    Degen 1103 - All listening in mode of filter Narrow the 4 kHz. Dipole
    antenna, 25 meters - east/west, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Kuwait - 15515, R. Kuwait, Nov 09 0504-0515, 34433, Arabic, News, ID
    at 0513 (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515,
    NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX

    Kyrgyzstan - 1287 - ex-1467 - new[?] TWR Bishkek outlet.

    Bisher wurden noch keine neuen TWR Programme Richtung Afghanistan /
    Pakistan berichtet, und die TWR Central Asia Programme laufen jetzt
    auf 1287 statt 1467 kHz.

    Da koennte man nur heftig spekulieren, ob vielleicht der 500 kW Sender
    speziell fuer 1467 kHz geplant ist (und spaeter dort auf die neue 4-
    Mast Sidefire Antenne geschaltet wird) und der 150 kW Sender auf 1287
    kHz parallel laufen soll, oder die 1287 Hz Aussendung sind bereits der
    500 kW Sender (nur via die alte Soviet-USSR non-directional Antenne
    fuer Central Asia) ...

    Das ist noch ein Stochern im Nebel, kann auch sein, dass Bishkek das
    alte 150 kW Soviet Schaetzchen von 1467 kHz nach 1287 kHz gemovt/frei
    gemacht hat, der starke neue TWR Sender fuer AFG und PAK ueber die -
    im Google Earth - sichtbare neu gebaute 4-Mast Sidefire Antenne in
    Bishkek dann auf 1467 kHz aufscheint.

    Ich bin nicht zuhause, und kann z.Zt. nicht auf Alan Davies'
    exzellente MW Liste zugreifen, um mal die Moeglichkeiten fuer TWR
    Mittelwellen Empfang in AFG und PAK auf 1287 und 1467 kHz

    Lassen wir uns mal ueberraschen. Die TWR CeAS Aussendungen via Bishkek
    und Gavar sind seit einem Jahrzehnt schon immer etwas 'veiled'
    abgelaufen, -- das ist ein sehr, sehr schwieriges Feld fuer die
    evangelische Missionierung (Wolfgang Büschel, Nov 1, wwdxc BC-DX
    TopNews Nov 8 via DXLD)

    Kirgisien, ex 1467. Passt auch wunderbar zu der IS um 1715 UT da auch
    auf 1467 kHz die IS alle 15 Minuten zum Start einer neuen Sprache
    gesendet wurde. Und erklaert mir auch warum ich auf 1467 kHz in den
    letzten Wochen kein TWR Signal mehr hoeren konnte. Handelt sich wohl
    um den neuen TWR Sender nahe Bishkek.

    Danke fuer deine Einschaetzung, Wolfgang. Die gewaltig umfangreiche
    Pacific Asian Log Liste meldet auf 1467 kHz einen 100 kW Sender in
    Bangkok und einen in Jeypore, danach waere der 75 kW Sender in Bishkek
    schon der staerkste.

    Auf 1287 nur AIR aus Goa mit 100 kW - und eben Bishkek mit gelisteten
    150 kW, das sollte schon zu hoeren sein (Christoph Ratzer, Austria,
    OE2CRM, A-DX Nov 3, ibid.)

    Auf 1287 kHz nur AIR aus Goa mit 100 kW - und eben Bishkek mit
    gelisteten 150 kW, das sollte schon zu hoeren sein.

    TWR hat doch einen 500 kW Sender in Kirgistan in Betrieb genommen, um
    damit in den moslemischen Staaten wie Iran, Afghanistan und Pakistan
    so richtig schoen zuendeln zu koennen. So richtig schoen Benzin ins
    Feuer giessen.

    Vergiss 150 kW, das auf 1287 kHz ist mit Sicherheit die brandneue 500
    kW Anlage. Uebrigens meine ich, nach dem unverkennbaren TWR-
    Pausenzeichen eine ID als "Radio Diamant" vernommen zu haben (Martin
    Elbe-D, A-DX Nov 3, ibid.)

    To provide a translation of this (I think it makes not so much sense
    to do so also with all the other reflections whether 1287 and 1467 are
    150 or 500 kW):

    "But TWR put a 500 kW transmitter in operation in Kyrgyzstan, to
    nicely ignite the Islamic countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and
    Pakistan. Nicely putting petrol into the fire. Forget 150 kW, this on
    1287 kHz is certainly the very new 500 kW facility. Btw, I think I
    heard after the unmistakable TWR interval signal an ID that went like
    'Radio Diamond'". (Kai Ludwig, Germany, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    TWR had previously bragged about its new high-power MW to Central Asia
    without specifying frequency or site! (gh, DXLD)

    Kyrgyzstan - 4010, 0040-0050 06.11, Kyrgyz R, Krasnaya Rechka,
    Bishkek. Kyrgyz ann, folksongs 45333 // 4795 (35232) (Anker Petersen,
    heard on the AOR AR7030PLUS with 28 metres longwire in Skovlunde,
    Denmark, via Dario Monferini, playdx yg via DXLD)

    Lithuania - See Europe

    Mali - 9635, R. Mali, Kati, 1306-1322, 08/11, francês, noticiário;
    25442, modulação fraca.
    5995 idem, 2256-..., 09/11, onde está o áudio? 54433, QRM adjacente.
    73 (Carlos Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Mexico - 1180, Nov 9 at 0148 UT, Spanish from NE/SW, and no
    Cuba/Martí problem from the SE. ``Los 40 Principales y La Ke Buena``,
    plug event ``domingo 17 de noviembre a las 8 pm, en el centro de la
    ciudad``; fortunately the next ad for a mueblería mentions what city:
    Delicias. So it`s per current Cantú:
    1180 XEJK Ke buena + FM 95.3 Cd. Delicias, Chih. 5,000 1,500
    But XEDCH in WRTH 2013 and IRCA 2012, latter with 250 night power.
    I assume the ref to Top 40 was about joint sponsorship by sibling
    station XEBZ 1590 as in Cantú (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Mexico - 6185-, Nov 8 at 2152, there is already a JBA carrier here,
    at the typical lo-side offset of XEPPM, which supposedly does not
    start until 0000 UT, when we recently heard a sign-on anthem. Can`t
    tell yet whether it`s modulating, but why not? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    Mexico [and non] - 24960-USB, Nov 12 at 1455, here`s a hot DX spot
    working mostly Europeans, such as HA0NAR in Hungary who tried again
    and again; and only occasionally giving his own call, which I still
    can`t copy for sure after listening over half an hour! Mostly in
    heavily accented English talking too fast, occasionally Spanish if the
    contactee should understand it. Seems all simplex, calling on same
    frequency with the intermittent pileups. Most of the time, the callers
    only utter their own indicativo, and so does the DX station, theirs,
    not his! Often he asks for ``only 3`` or some other number in their
    callsigns to lessen the pileups. His signal is stronger than most of
    them, surely not far from here. Eventually I build up a partial call,
    X#1P. So it`s probably Chile or Mexico. Then I search thru recent ham
    DX bulletins, and finally find this in ICPO of Nov 8-15:

    ``09/11/2013: Manuel XE2HUQ, Saul XE2HQI, Craig XE2HWJ and Felix XE2I
    will be active as XF1P from Isla Partida (NA-124) on 9-16 November.
    They plan to operate SSB and CW on 160-10 metres. QSL via XE2HUQ
    (direct only). [425 DX News]``

    Here`s their website, with aerial shot of this uninhabited (except for
    seals), internetless island in the Gulf of California:
    PARTIDA Island, NA-124, Group Name: Baja California Sur State South
    East group (11 islands), Located in the Gulf of California,
    24 32'1''N, 110 22' 10'W
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Mexico - Radio estudiantil. Etimado Sr. Hauser: Platicando con el
    Ing. Dídier Barrera Novelo, director del plantel (escuela) Cobay
    (Colegio de Bachilleres de Yucatán) de la localidad de Calotmul, me
    platicó sobre la creación de una estación de radio estudiantil con
    fines educativos y sin afán de lucro . Por el momento será del ámbito
    escolar, posterioremente irán al internet y luego esperan gestionar
    una frecuencia. Esperemos que las autoridades competentes (léase
    Secretaría de Comunicaciones) no pongan objeciones, debido al grado de
    control de la información que surca el éter en México. Aquí la nota:
    Atte: (Ing. Israel González Ahumada, M.I., Yucatán, Nov 12, DX

    Micronesia - 4755.54, Cross R., Nov 10 0740-0803, 34443, English,
    Talk, URL announce at 0741 (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-
    525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper

    Mongolia - 12085, 09/Nov 1025, Voice of Mongolia in Mongolian. YL
    talk then local music. At 1028 ID. At 1029 interval signal, at 1030
    beginning of the program in Japanese with ID by YL. 25432 (Jorge
    Freitas, Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W - Brasil, dxldyg via

    Myanmar - 5985.78v, Myanmar Radio, 1543-1557, Nov 6 (Wednesday).
    Another "VOA Special English" Wed. program; very readable; followed by
    "Welcome to our music show presented by Myanmar Radio."
    contains a transcript of today’s VOA program.

    6165, Thazin Radio, 1435, Nov 6. News in English; poor underneath
    CNR6. I very much miss their former clear reception on ex 7110 (Ron
    Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO

    Netherlands [non] - Update on Jerry Cowan --- I just want to inform
    everyone here who remembers Jerry Cowan. Information that was given to
    me 2 years ago from someone was inaccurate on what they know about
    Jerry. I managed to contact him a few days ago and he is doing fine
    and enjoying retirement on the West Coast of Canada. His health is
    fine (Keith Perron, Taiwan, Nov 11, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    Nice to have an update on Jerry Cowan, one of the finest voices that
    ever bounced off the ionosphere. Hard to believe it's been around 30
    years since we last heard him on Radio Netherlands. Never heard
    anything about his post-RNW career; do you have more info?

    Perhaps any wrong info on Jerry could have to do with the
    misinformation some years ago regarding ex-wife Dody Cowan, who was
    reported in some DX circles to have died, until resurfacing in 2008 as
    author/blogger Deborah Rey (Steve Luce, Houston, Texas, dxldyg via

    Netherlands [non] - The Mighty KBC Short Wave "Giant Jukebox"
    Hi all, The AM tie in? Well known DXer, and NRC webmaster, Kraig Krist
    has a guest segment weekly on this show. Give a listen on Mighty KBC
    broadcast Saturday's 0000-0200 UT [Sunday! gh], 7375 kHz via Nauen,
    Germany. Kraig is also an IRCA member if someone wants to post it to
    that list also. 73 (Wayne Heinen, Nov 9, NRC-AM via DXLD)

    Around what time, Kraig? (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 0145/0200

    New Zealand - 6170, Nov 8 at 1406, fair signal, YL ending news with
    sports scores, program preview on Radio New Zealand National, then NZ
    weather. RNZ International has done it again! Gone back to ex-A-13
    frequency instead of 5950 for B-13. Why does this keep happening? Lack
    of oversight vs the computer-controlled transmitting schedule? (Glenn

    New Zealand - RNZI music block at 1006 UT --- Sometimes early on
    weekday mornings I hear great blues, jazz, and rock music on Radio New
    Zealand, and I never really tried to establish if this was a regular
    feature, or just an occasional feature - like their Sounds of the
    Pacific programming, which is fantastic Polynesian music that they
    only seem to play when they need to fill time.

    I've looked at the RNZI website, but I can't make sense of it, but I'm
    fairly confident that this is a regular weekday program at 10 UT.
    After the 5 minutes of news, they fill the hour with an eclectic mix
    of blues, jazz, and rock, either in the form of recorded concerts or
    canned documentary-type programming featuring various artists or
    groups. For anybody who likes blues, jazz, or rock it is well worth
    checking out. All the best, (Kent D Murphy, WV, Nov 5, WORLD OF RADIO

    Current frequency during the 10 UT hour is 9765 AM; and 9870 DRM.
    RNZ International schedule shows `Late Edition` news magazine at 11 pm
    local. BUT, they must not really be doing it, tho a bit early to be
    off for summer holidays; instead defaulting to the RNZ National
    schedule, which shows e.g. for the week of Nov 11-17:

    Mon 11:06 PM Full-Time Blues Radio 6 of 12 from PRX [USA]
    Tue 11:06 PM WOMAD Taranaki 2013 --- Highlights from this year's WOMAD
    Festival in Taranaki (8 of 13, RNZ)
    Wed 11:06 PM Jazz Time -- Latin & Afro Cuban Jazz (4 of 10, PRX)
    Thu 11:06 PM The Music Mix --- Nick Atkinson presents a contemporary
    music magazine with interviews and music from NZ and overseas artists,
    coverage of new releases, tours, live sessions, music festivals and
    events (RNZ)
    Fri 11:06 PM The Last Year in the Life of The Beatles (4 of 5, PRI)
    Sat 11:06 PM The Last Year in the Life of The Beatles (5 of 5, PRI)
    Sun 10:45 PM Wayne's Music --- Wayne Mowat presents a selection of
    tunes too good to be forgotten (RNZ)

    Frequency change of Radio New Zealand International in DRM: 1551-1650
    NF 9630 RAN 025 kW / 035 deg to Cook Isl, Samoa, Tonga, ex 7285 (Ivo
    Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX LISTENING

    Nigeria - NIGÉRIA, 6089.9, R. Nigeria, Kaduna, 2237-2251, 08/11,
    dialecto local, texto, refs. a Kaduna, cânticos; 54433. 73 (Carlos
    Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Nigeria [and non] - 9690-, Nov 8 at 2107 is the first time I have
    rechecked the V. of Nigeria Hausa collision with VOA Hausa, as I
    discovered on November 4, registered until 2100 via France, from 2100
    via UK. Now I am only hearing VON on its signature off-frequency
    9689.9, so has VOA moved by now, or is Europe just not propagating?
    Somewhat: Greece is fair on 9420; India better on 9445.

    I look around the 31m band for a new VOA Hausa channel; nothing
    obvious. 9800 has DW English via Rwanda rather poorly; 9815 has a poor
    signal from algo --- that`s listed as VOA French M-F until 2130 via
    São Tomé, but also in Hausa at 2030-2100 on Saturdays only. The Nov 8
    HFCC still has VOA Hausa on 9690 at 2030-2130 M-F. Maybe by Monday Nov
    11? Or they could have just deleted 9690 without replacing it (Glenn
    Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING DIGEST) see also U S A

    Nigeria - 15120, V. of Nigeria:
    Nov 08 0810-0828, 35333, English, Talk, ID at 0812 and 0823
    Nov 10 1547-1558
    , 35333, English, Talk, ID at 1556, Closing announce
    at 1557, IS from 1558, 1558 sign off (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-
    R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT,
    70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    North America - 6935-AM, Nov 9 at 0121, very poor signal with music,
    right on frequency compared to 6115 WWCR, and adjacent to the only
    other pirate activity, also in AM on 6940. 0126, some pulsing dance
    music on 6935, now a bit stronger than 6940. Maybe Liquid Radio, on
    from 2241 Nov 8 per this thread, but could be something else now:,13706.0.html
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    North America - 6940+AM, Nov 9 at 0121 very poor signal with music,
    slightly on the hi side, and adjacent to the only other pirate
    activity, also in AM on 6935. At 0125 an announcement on 6940,
    mentions ``90s to the 70s``. This thread IDs it as Radio True North:,13714.0.html
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Norway - LLE3 - 5895 kHz - Bergen Kringkaster - Erdal, Askoy Is.
    (NOR) - QSL. Salen con sólo 50 W. en onda corta y, flojito, pero
    llegan! La capté el pasado 15 de octubre entre las 0700 y las 0800Z.
    Lo más fácil de oír era el código morse, pero también algunas frases
    de la identificación de vez en cuando. Envié el informe por correo-e y
    esta mañana he recibido una carta-QSL con mucha información sobre la
    estación y varias fotos. Tienen una tarjeta QSL física que se puede
    obtener enviando los informes de recepción por correo postal,
    adjuntando sellos noruegos o 3$. Las emisiones se anuncian en
    diferentes grupos DX cada semana (suelen ser los martes y miércoles
    por la mañana y los jueves por la tarde) y las direcciones a las que
    dirigir los informes de recepción son: Box 100, N5331 RONG, Norway o
    report@... [truncated, big help] (Info TNX Mauricio Molano, Spain. 2 Nov via Dario Monferini, playdx yg via
    DXLD) q.v. for many other illustrated QSL reports; see also Denmark

    Oklahoma [and non] - 800, Nov 8 circa 0410 UT, on I-35 near Edmond,
    I find that KQCV OKC English religion is getting buried by XEROK
    Ciudad Juárez in Spanish. This is not too surprising, considering that
    XEROK is 150 kW ND, while KQCV is 1 kW at night direxional protecting
    XEROK. Yet as far away as Enid I can pick either one by nulling the
    other, but no way to do that on the caradio. At least they are close
    to zero-beat (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Oklahoma - 1590, Nov 7 at 1849 UT, KWEY Weatherford barely audible
    with local mention. This was around Okarche OK on the road. I can`t
    hear it in Enid, and had suspected it was off the air, so was tuned to
    1590 as heading south on US 81; once KVGB Great Bend KS could no
    longer be heard on groundwave, still nothing for a while. And shortly
    after exiting Okarche, which is NW of OKC, on SH 3 toward OKC, losing
    KWEY again. That`s because of their efficient 2-tower direxional
    which has nulls toward 00-05, and 75 degrees, but a very broad pattern
    covering from NW to SE, peaking at 220 degrees. 1 kW day, 32 watts
    night (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Oklahoma [and non] - 1640, Nov 8 circa 0410-0420 UT on I-35 between
    Edmond and Guthrie, KZLS ``Hennessey-OKC`` with True Oldies suffers
    heavy rapid SAH and QRM from presumed WTNI in Biloxi MS, which must
    still be on day power of 10 kW instead of 1 kW. It wouldn`t be nearly
    so bad if the two stations could be zero-beat. (As far as I can tell,
    KZLS is on-frequency, or very close, compared to other carriers in the
    daytime.) KZLS has the same problem along US 81 on the other side of
    OKC, despite its unusual direxional pattern with a lobe toward OKC.
    Altho that is legal, perhaps WTNI is illegally retaliating for KZLS
    causing them more QRM than it would otherwise near Biloxi.

    1640, Nov 14 at 0620 UT, open carrier/dead air from KZLS, so I can
    hear ``ESPN 98.7`` thru it, I think that being their New York
    frequency altho this is certainly WTNI in Biloxi MS. Unknown for how
    long dead, as it`s late, and leaving the volume up would be risky
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Oklahoma - RF32, WQOS306, the TV-OK intercity relay transmitter at
    the same downtown Enid location as RF31, KXOK-LD, has been missing for
    a few days, as of Nov 12 at 1554 UT check. It `looked like` a regular
    ATSC DTV transmission with same stuff as on RF 31 but noticeably
    weaker signal. This was explained in DXLD 13-21:

    ``The RF32 signal is as you suggest, an STL licensed as a relay rather
    than broadcast. Its call sign is WQOS306. It's a very narrow-beam
    antenna, vertically polarized, aimed straight at the Lamont K35JY-D
    transmitter site (Trip Ericson, ibid.)``

    RF31 continues with TV-OK, Retro TV on main channel 31-1; 31-2 still
    constant full color bars only with PSIP as M-FOX; and 31-3 still black
    and silent with PSIP as Azteca. So KXOK has shrunk from six distinct
    program transmissions to one. RF32 was the original NTSC analog
    channel of KXOK, and I have wondered whether they also fired up the 32
    DTV as ``protexion`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Oman - 15140, Nov 8 at 1429, rock music, better signal than usual,
    then Radio Sultanate of Oman ID, intro News, then Big-Ben type chimes
    appropriate for top of hour, 16 of them, rather than bottom of hour
    where there should be only 8, and furthermore, only one bong to
    follow. I think their original significance has been lost; time check,
    news theme and news. Recheck 1455 YL still/again in English. (BTW, I
    can`t believe how often I see SULTANATE misspellt, like Sultinate or
    Sultantate) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Papua New Guinea - 3905, NBC New Ireland, 1404
    , Nov 6. Ham QRM, who
    mentioned there was music on the frequency and asked if he should join
    in singing? Off with usual children singing Anthem. Also heard Nov 7
    before 1400 (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg

    Papua New Guinea - 3905, NBC New Ireland, 1329 & 1402
    , Nov 8. DJ in
    Tok Pisin/Pidgin playing pop and C&W songs in English. Nice to find
    this is not on an automated shut down system; sign off time does vary
    and they always go off after anthem is sung by children, so must be
    done manually (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg

    Peru - 4774.90, Nov 3, 2301, R Tarma amazingly clear with two full
    IDs within 3 minutes giving the fqs for MW-SW-FM and also their
    website Some 35 minutes later I checked
    again but the station was gone. The coming nights the signal has been
    heard as early as 2145. JOE (John Ekwall, Sweden, SW Bulletin Nov 10
    via DXLD) Also excellent signal on Nov 9 at 2200 (Thomas Nilsson, ed.,

    Peru - 4985.5, Nov 9, 0058, R Visión Cristiana reactivated. Checked
    this frequency when I saw Dave’s log of a station here. Only noted a
    S4-5 carrier here Nov 9 at 0100 with very weak audio, making it almost
    impossible to get any details. But on Nov 9 at 2240 there was enough
    audio to compare with the webstream at
    and the religious program is the same from both channels. Some traces
    of Radio Brazil Central with football [4985.0?]. (Thomas Nilsson,
    Sweden, SW Bulletin Nov 10 via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    Off since July 2013 (Anker Petersen, DSWCI DX Window via DXLD)

    Peru - 5980, Nov 9 at 0053, enough carrier to make out some
    modulation, probably R. Chaski; and certainly R. Chaski by the time it
    cuts off at 0103:25.5
    , which is 16 seconds later than last check
    three days before.

    Meanwhile, Ian Baxter of shortwavesites says ``I found the approximate
    TX location of: Radio Chasqui, SW: 5980 kHz, here at:
    -72.111240`` --- ``Approximate`` --- to six decimal places??

    BTW, as of tonite with colder weather, I am moving my evening
    monitoring on the portable DX-398, off the porch to inside, but as far
    from household noise sources as possible, with the main computer off;
    also a different short random wire running north-south but higher off
    ground that the usual one. The S/N level turns out to be better on
    some bands, worse on others.

    [non]. 5980, Nov 11 at 0101, my usual DX-398 setup is inconvenient, so
    I try to hear R. Chaski on the main FRG-7 and longwire. Heavy pulse
    jamming, tnx a lot, Arnie, but a JBA carrier under it; however, it`s
    still on at 0104 and probably result of overload by something else
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    5980, R. CHASKI, 08/11 2331 UT. Portadora con sobremodulación pero con
    mucho QRN de fondo, pero mejorando cerca de las 2342 en adelante
    cuando se escuchan himnos cantados coralmente más aviso de la emisora.
    Señal con SINPO: 33333.

    5980, R. CHASKI, 10/11 2328 UT. Himno “Alma bendice al Señor”,
    interpretado de manera coral con identificación de la emisora. Señal
    con algo de sobremodulación y QRN con SINPO: 44343.

    5980, R. CHASKI, 11/11 0028 UT. Música instrumental con algo de
    sobremodulación y SINPO: 43343 con QRM de otra emisora que toca música
    oriental ¿Voa o CNR-1 como jammer? (Claudio Galaz, Rx: Tecsun PL-660,
    Antena: hilo largo de 25 metros, QTH: Sector sur de Ovalle, IV Región,
    Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    5980, Nov 12 at 0048, very poor carrier with some modulation, no
    jamming tonight, until Chaski cut-off at 0103:41.5
    which is 16
    seconds later than 3 nights ago (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

    5980, R. CHASKI, 13/11 0102 UT. Aviso de la emisora con
    sobremodulación y muchísimo QRN con SINPO: 22222 (Claudio Galaz, Rx:
    Tecsun PL-660, Antena: hilo largo de 25 metros, QTH: Sector sur de
    Ovalle, IV Región, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    5980, Nov 13 at 0057, R. Chaski carrier is very poor but some
    modulation detectable; cut off at 0103:53
    which is 11.5 seconds later
    than two nights ago (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Philippines - Pleased to see that Radio Pilipinas appears to have
    survived the typhoon. Radio Pilipinas, 15190, Tinang. Nov 8, 2013
    1728-1735. Came on air with sine wave at 1727-1728, music and
    song at 1728. Anthem music? 1731, ID “Radio Pilipinias” at 1732. Into
    other music and several more IDs. Fair. // 11890 and 9825 also on air,
    and much better reception. Jo'burg sunset 1630 (Bill Bingham,
    Johannesburg RSA, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Hi Bill, Nov 8, was expecting some special coverage of super typhoon
    Haiyan from Radio Pilipinas on 9825 // 11890 // 15190, while listening
    from 1831 to off at 1930
    , but nothing special noted. Sounded rather
    ordinary. Was it because it was pre-recorded? Perhaps Radio Pilipinas
    at 0200 UT (Nov 9) will carry special coverage on 15285 //17820? Worth
    checking (Ron Howard, CA, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    R. Pilipinas: From West Indonesia, Nov. 9, 2013, first 20 minutes,
    17820 //17700 heard poor but steadier than 15640 which was strong up
    to 0215 only before decreasing. ID, choir "we were united - anywhere
    in the world - seven thousand five hundred islands - one in heart -
    PBS". Speech on behalf of President Aquino wishing all the best to
    Filipino workers in all parts of the world. News read by OM Santos.
    Regards, (Tony Ashar, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DXLD)

    17700, 09/Nov 0224, R Pilipinas in English. OM talk. At 0226 local pop
    music. 25332. At 0231 back OM, yet in English. Until at 0245 regular
    programming: OM talk and music. // 17820 very weak signal (Jorge
    Freitas, Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W - Brasil, dxldyg via

    11890, 9/11 1730, R. Pilipinas - Manila Filippino, ID e NX su uragano
    in // a 15190, buono (Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli / Italia, via
    Roberto Scaglione, shortwave yg via DXLD)

    Philippines - 9530, VOA (via Tinang) NOV 8, 1545. Hard to tell if
    VoA on or not with Chi-Comm jamming. Very loud strong signal, likely
    CNR-1, but covering F in Chinese underneath. At ToH, pips. Loud
    station off here and //s 9605 and 9825, but Yankee Doodle Dandy
    clearly heard, but at much less level than (presumed) CNR had been.
    9605 left the air right off, 9530 remained on with OC. I'm calling it:
    Philippine site on. From what I could see on the wx reports, the eye
    would have passed well to the south of the relay site and, sadly,
    would have hit hardest slightly south of Tacloban City, Leyte, where
    my brother's wife is from (and where we still have a lot of family).
    (Rick Barton, AZ, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    15155, 09/Nov 0056, Philippines (relay) VOA in English. OM Talk. At
    0059 ID by YL and at 0100 time off. No signal of jammer Chinese in my
    QTH. 35433 (Jorge Freitas-B)

    15205, 09/Nov 0104, Philippines (Relay), USA in English. OM talk. At
    0105 OM and YL talk animatedly. No signal of jammer Chinese in my QTH.
    35333. 73 (Jorge Freitas, Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W -
    Brasil, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Philippines - Radio Veritas Asia, Philippines also noted as usual at
    0100 on 15530 in Telugu -- Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Jose Jacob,
    VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, India, UT Nov
    9, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    [and non]. 9520, Nov 11 at 1327, English hymn gives way to ID loop at
    least thrice, in English with jazz music, from Radio Veritas Asia,
    Quezon City, stay tuned for the Sinhala broadcast at 1330 on 9520;
    good signal with a fast SAH. Squeezed between this and the China radio
    war on 9530 is a JBA carrier from 9526 Indonesia. RVA has no use for
    English except as a continuity language. Obviously business as usual
    in the QC area while much of the country is suffering.

    9520, Nov 12 at 1341, JBA carrier, still R. Veritas Asia in Sinhala?
    Yesterday it was in well. Still next to 9526- VOI also JBA carrier,
    which is still overrun by the 9530 China radio war even on `Exotic
    Indonesia` Tuesdays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    /Vatican STATE, RVA Manila B-13 schedule. Radio Veritas Asia -
    SHORTWAVE TRANSMISSION SCHEDULE, 27 October 2013 to 30 March 2014

    0030-0057 15265
    1400-1430 11870

    2330-2357 9720
    1130-1157 15450

    2300-2327 15355
    1500-1553 15320 [via CVA - Santa Maria de Galeria, Vatican state]

    0030-0100 15280
    1330-1400 11870

    1200-1227 11935

    2330-2357 9645
    1230-1257 15225

    0000-0030 11935
    1200-1230 15225

    1000-1030 11850

    2100-2257 6115
    1000-1157 11945

    0000-0027 11855
    0000-0027 15460
    1330-1400 9520

    0030-0057 11855
    1400-1427 9520

    0100-0130 15530
    1430-1500 11750

    0100-0127 15280
    0100-0127 17860
    1430-1457 15330 [via CVA - Santa Maria de Galeria, Vatican state]

    2330-2357 9670
    0130-0227 15530
    1030-1127 11850
    1300-1327 11850

    0130-0157 15255
    1430-1500 11870
    (RVA Technical Dept, Nov 3 via BC-DX Nov 8 via DXLD)

    Philippines - 15435, 09/Nov 0111, FEBC Manila (PRESUMED) in Chin-
    Thado (listed Aoki). YL talk. At 0113 gospel music. Many QRN and QRM
    unidentified. Does not seems to be my power grid. At 0116 possible
    start the program in Meitei, according list Aoki. Very weak signal,
    but I hear voices and music. 73 (Jorge Freitas, Feira de Santana,
    Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W - Brasil, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    9425-9445, Nov 8 at 1424, extremely distorted FMy Chinese, as the FEBC
    9430 transmitter is out of whack again. At 1502 the mess is narrower,
    closer to 9430. This does not happen every day; it was back in whack
    last few days after last blobbization heard on Nov 3. Can`t they tell
    this at Bocaue? Not correlated with typhoons, I think (Glenn Hauser,
    OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) But see also China

    9465, R. Teos via [FEBC Bocaue] Philippines, Nov 08 1501-1511, 34433,
    Russian, 1501 sign on with ID, Opening announce, Talk (Kouji
    Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345,
    Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING

    ROmanIA [and non] - 7340, Nov 9 at 0119, RRI Romanian bihour to E
    North America has a LAH [low audible heterodyne]; now what could that
    be? Possibly a ute, and nothing else scheduled in HFCC, but Aoki shows
    AIR Urdu service from Mumbai at 0015-0430, which is certainly capable
    of being off-frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) v Japan

    Russia - 6085, Radio Rossii via Krasnoyarsk (city in Siberia), 1305,
    Nov 8. News in Russian; 1310 "Radio Rossii" IDs; poor. Thanks to Dave
    Valko for the tip (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1,
    dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    [and non]. 7320, Nov 13 at 0625, good carrier but very undermodulated
    music, some flutter, 0626 Russian announcement. It`s R. Rossii,
    Magadan, 100 kW due northeast and also toward us.

    5930, R. Rossii, Pet/Kam, Nov 13 at 0629 I check for // to 7320, but
    it`s not. At 0630, maybe it is, but not synchronized (which is the
    usual situation when both sites on same network feed 6 hours later on
    5930, 5940).

    ACI to 7320 from 7325 increases circa 0629 as BBC switches from
    Woofferton to Ascension (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Russia - 5900, Nov 12 at 1326, open carrier, then talk in uncertain
    Asian language, 1329 VOR announcement and IS. HFCC shows Mongolian
    this hour, 100 kW due west from Vladivostok. Other VOR usage of 5900:
    10-13 Mandarin, 14-15 English; plus Irkutsk English at 15-18. Don`t
    you believe SLBC defunct Ekala still listed with B-13 dates thru March
    2014y, 35 kW at 1230-1630! I don`t think they
    used 5900 (Glenn

    Russia [non] - ARMENIA: 9395, Voice of Russia;
    2155:41-2209+, 7-
    Nov; Up abruptly mixing with Radio Algerienne (presumed) still on. On
    with English news in progress to VoR spot at 2158+ and again after ToH
    pips. "American Edition" headlines to 2205, then news commentary.
    SIO=4+54 after 2200.

    VoR in English via Armenia on 11985 at 1500 & 1800 there but not
    copyable -- could only catch an English word here & there (Harold
    Frodge, Midland MI, USA, Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie; 85 ft. RW & 180
    ft. center-fed RW, All logged by my ears, on my receiver, in real

    I noted over the weekend a change in ID announcements from Voice of
    Russia. I don't know whether this is to be a complete change but I
    repeatedly heard Radio VR as their identity. I wonder whether this
    will be adopted on all broadcasts? 73's (Dan Goldfarb, England, Nov
    11, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    They were still saying "Voice of Russia" (two different presenters) at
    1630 GMT today, at which time they were broadcasting from their London
    studios. But a change from Voice of Russia to VR would be in line with
    the change a few years ago from "Russia Today" to "RT" for the TV
    channel (Chris Greenway, Nov 11, ibid.)

    The Radio VR identification has been used from at least September 12.
    I did a talk on the history of the Voice of Russian for the Reading
    International Radio Group September 14, taped a part of their morning
    show from the DAB service in the UK and they were using it then (Mike
    Barraclough, England, ibid.)

    I heard the radio VR ID on Sept. 4.,12440.0.html
    I think this was also the last time VOR was heard on 9665 via Moldova
    (Dave Hughes, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    6115, Nov 11 at 1258, a bit of jazz, but this time it`s not Nikkei as
    heard 6 hours earlier, see Japan; that supposedly stops at 1000. Then
    Chinese ID mentioning RUVR, IS, good with flutter, maybe some CCI.
    HFCC shows VOR, 11-14, 250 kW, 152 degrees from Irkutsk (Glenn Hauser,

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the alert. Rare that I actually listen to Russia,
    but did so Nov 13. Heard on 6115, via Vladivostok, from 1416 to 1457,
    in English and // to weaker 4960 via Dushanbe. Can indeed confirm your
    observations! It was obvious that the primary ID used was "Radio VR,"
    much more so than the few "Voice of Russia" IDs. At 1425 “Burning
    Point” show (Ron Howard, California, ibid.)

    Not all VoR services have changed their ID's, not yet anyway. As a
    random check, I listened to some of today's on-demand audio files of
    their Portuguese, Russian and Turkish services - all still ID in their
    language equivalents as "Voice of Russia" (David Kernick, Interval
    Signals Online, England, Nov 14, ibid.)

    Russia - Letter from "Samara radio television transmitting center":
    Hello, Alexander, Sorry for the late reply to your question on the
    Wave of Tatarstan. And radio broadcasts from Krasnodar is temporary
    difficulties at the time of license renewal, broadcast from
    Novosibirsk should be carried out, although there is a similar
    problem. Indeed, on 27 Oct 2013 after the switch to winter schedule
    these sessions have moved to our colleagues in Krasnodar and

    Sincerely, Marat Yusupov Rinatovich, chief engineer
    Branch "RTRS" "Samara radio television transmitting center"
    ul. Soviet Army 205
    443011, Samara, Russia.
    phone (846) 200-20-80, 231-01-99
    fax. (846) 926-10-30
    mob. 8-902-372-83-87
    (Alexander Golovihin-RUS, "open_dx" & "deneb-radio-dx", RUSdx Nov 3
    via BC-DX Nov 8 via DXLD)

    Russia - Exactly 70 years ago, completed the construction in
    Krasnodar regional radio stations.

    Very modern at the moment object created by its own platoon of the
    military draft. Praised the work perfectly. The Admissions Committee
    then stated that the transmitter broadcasts almost the whole region.
    The station became the foundation of today's broadcast.

    Fully Kuban radio waves covered about 50 years ago. Then the edge
    radio station replaced the Krasnodar radioteleperedayuschy center. Its
    location provides a 180-meter tower. These appeared in the major
    cities of province, says Victor Efimtsev. He came to work here 40
    years ago, communication technician. Now - deputy head of department.

    - At the present time, several generations of radio equipment. Through
    this equipment, we passed a signal at the first radio link Krasnodar -

    While the engineers, mechanics and electricians due KRTPTS have
    imposed frequency in the province, the Tbilisi district built a more
    powerful radio center. In Soviet times, such in the country was only
    11. Nearly 600 acres of land here is lined with antennas. The complex
    can transmit information anywhere in the world: Africa, Europe, North
    America and even Antarctica.

    "This is Antarctica . It was during the Soviet era, when the
    expeditions which were from the Soviet Union ensured broadcasting in
    Russian from here, from this radio center ", - said Viktor Mokhov ,
    deputy section chief of the branch KRTPTS.

    A total of 16 transmitters radio center. They receive programs via a
    satellite, and then the signal supplied to the antennas. They send
    information to hundreds of thousands of kilometers to consumers.

    All the work stations is a so -called chain. Some other signal points
    is transmitted, and thus it covers a large area. Each radio tower
    broadcasts a radius of 70 kilometers. And the rhythm control room. It
    is KRTPTS, here and there handing out programs.

    - Can control the "first radio", "Kazakh FM», the rest of the program.
    Even the TV volume control, for example, "the Ninth Channel."

    During the decades of broadcasting Kuban engulfed not only the
    territory of the region. Today, the radio sounds a lot better. In
    addition to regional stations on the radio market Kuban and federal
    work, although it may not be the limit. The new digital format will
    bypass and broadcasting. However, when it moves, it is not known.

    (Author: Angelica Efimova , 05.11.2013,
    via Moscow Information DX Bulletin, Weekly electronic publication #
    866, November 5, 2013, The editor of the current issue: Alexander
    Dementyev, via RusDX via DXLD)

    Rwanda - 6055, Radio Rwanda, 1500-1507, Nov 6. Series of four
    languages with news headlines; today in vernacular / French /
    vernacular / English - so not always the same language order! Five
    East African Community states have ranked Rwanda the least corrupt
    country in the region, peacekeeping troops head to Mali, etc. Very
    nice to be able to occasionally have decent reception for this news
    segment! (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via DX

    RE: Radio Rwanda news headlines - After more monitoring, believe I can
    safely say the four languages used at 1500 for the new headlines,
    separated by unique theme music, are Kinyarwanda, French, English and
    Swahili, but not always in that order.

    Also I noted these news headlines on Sunday (Nov 10) at 1500 (item
    about the peace negotiations in the Congo with the UN special envoy,
    etc.), so in fact they do have some news on the weekend. The only
    question now is do they have headlines on Saturday? I believe that day
    is devoted to sports coverage, but is that always the case? (Ron
    Howard, California, Nov 11, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    San Andres - 18146-USB, Nov 10 at 2046, 5J0R with quick contacts;
    calling different continents, Oceania, Africa, South America, VK/ZL,
    no takers so back to the N American pileups. This may be paired with
    the piles on 18130, but it`s hard to tell since the pileuppers spout
    nothing but their own callsigns hoping to override the QRM. There`s
    another pileup on 18155-USB, for what? Hey, I`m beginning to think
    this is no fun at all! I was looking for the Wake Island K9W
    DXpedition on nominal 18140, but unfound on ``17`` meters.

    San Andrés Island Dxpedition
    IOTA NA-033
    QSL via EA5RM
    San Andrés and Providencia
    All about this DX-pedition ending Nov 11:
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LI STENING DIGEST)

    5J0, San Andres ISLAND. By the time you read this, members of the "DX
    Friends" from San Andres Island (NA-033) as 5J0R should be going QRT.
    As of 0212z on November 10th, they made 70049 QSOs with 20509 Unique
    callsigns. QSL via EA5RM direct (see Web page). You can use the OQRS
    (see Web page) for direct and Bureau cards. Visit their Web page at: (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No.
    1136, November 11, 2013, Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, Provided by
    BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio), via Dave Raycroft, ODXA yg via DXLD)

    Sarawak [non] - 2/11, 9835, RTM at 19xx with again nice Malay top
    hits (Ramlah Ram, Iwan, Ella, Visa). In finally best reception (and
    clear) is between 1900-2100 (Zacharias Liangas, Thessaloniki, Greece,

    11665, 09/Nov 1037, MALAYSIA, RTM WAI FM in Malay. Local pop music. At
    1041 YL talk. At 1044 ID vignetting, then. Good signal, 45444.

    9835, 09/Nov 1046, MALAYSIA, RTM Sarawak FM in Malay. Local pop music.
    At 1049 OM talk, then more local pop music. 35433 (Jorge Freitas,
    Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W - Brasil, dxldyg via DX

    Intruder list for RTM Sarawak 9835

    UTC 9830 9835 9840
    1600 CNR (poor) RTM R Liberty Russian
    1630 AWR Tajik (strong) RTM
    1700 CNR 1 NHK + RTM
    1730 - NHK + RTM
    1800 - RTM R Liberty BLR
    1830 - RTM
    1900 - RTM WHRI Eng – poor
    1930 - RTM
    2000 CNR 1 RTM KBS Arabic (strong)+ a poor
    2030 AWR French RTM KBS Arabic (strong)+ a poor
    2100 AWR English RTM -
    2130 CNR RTM -
    2200 CNR CNR (strong /jammer) & RFA Tibetan
    (Zacharias Liangas, Greece, Nov 13, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Sarawak [non] - 15420, R. Free Sarawak via Taiwan, Nov 08 1222-
    , 35433 English, Talk, ID at 1229, 1230 sign off (Kouji
    Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345,
    Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING

    Saudi Arabia - 9675, Nov 11 at 2042, fair signal with Turkish talk,
    and 2044 music mixed, so is it TRT? No, HFCC shows BSKSA in Turkish
    here at 1800-2100, 500 kW, 340 degrees from Riyadh, so also USward.
    Off at 2108 check. Encountered when I was hunting for VOA Hausa new

    9555, Nov 11 at 2109, poor-fair in Arabic with music background. Aoki
    shows R. Riyadh, General first program, at 1755-2300, 500 kW, 295
    degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Slovakia [non] - WRN tell me: On Nov 14, 15, 16 we will test drm/am
    simulcast 1830-1900 UT for Radio Slovakia in German 5810 kHz DRM and
    5820 kHz AM (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Slovenia - 21300-USB, Nov 9 at 1525, Mike, near Ljubljana, says it`s
    a special event call, but never pronounced slowly and clearly: sounded
    like S560R, i.e. with three numbers in the middle. Leads nowhere in nor other permutations tried. Ideas? Said he was going QRT for
    an hour. 425 DX News has previously reported such format calls for
    special events in Slovenia (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Solomon Islands - 5020, Nov 9 at 1159, pulling a JBA carrier aside
    5025 Cuba, just in time to hear it cut off at 1200:00
    sharp, i.e.
    SIBC autotimer. No time to confirm it`s on the lo side of 5020. Two
    minutes earlier tried to do the same on Micronesia 4755.5, but missed
    it, or still inactive. Otherwise, Pacific signals on 60, 75 and 90
    metres have been pitiful. Nothing detected on 90m from PNG (Glenn

    SOMaliLAND - 7120-, Nov 14 at 1346 VP carrier maybe with some music;
    as an also very weak LSB ham is right on the same frequency. The AM
    carrier, presumed R. Hargeisa by long-path is slightly low compared to
    1120 KMOX. Cuts off the air at 1359:50
    as usual close to 1400 for a
    one-hour break (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    South Africa - Sentech B-13 from Oct 27, 2013, til 30 March, 2014.

    3255 0500 0600 52SE,53SW,57N 100 0 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
    3255 1600 2000 52SE,53SW,57N 100 0 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
    3320 1800 0400 57NW 100 275 1234567 Afr AFS SAB SNT
    3345 0300 0400 52SE,53W,57N 100 5 .23456. Eng AFS CAF SNT

    4880 1700 1859 53SW 100 5 1.....7 Und AFS BAB BAB
    4880 1700 1859 53SW 100 5 .23456. Und AFS BAB BAB
    4895 1630 1730 57N,53SW 100 0 .2..... Eng AFS SRL SNT

    5820 1930 2000 46,47,48,5253 100 0 12345.. eng AFS RTE WRN

    6155 0300 0400 48,53NW,52E,47250 19 .23456. Eng AFS CAF SNT
    6180 1900 1933 46S,47S,52 250 320 1234567 Por AFS RFI TDF
    6190 0500 0600 52SE,53SW,57N 100 15 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
    6190 0600 0800 52SE,53SW,57N 100 0 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
    6190 1600 2000 52SE,53SW,57N 100 15 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S

    7205 0800 0900 57N,53SW 100 0 1...... Eng AFS SRL SNT
    7230 0400 0700 52SE,53W,57N 100 5 .23456. Eng AFS CAF SNT
    7285 0400 0700 57NW 100 275 1234567 Afr AFS SAB SNT
    7465 1800 1830 53S 250 76 1234567 Fra AFS BBC BAB FRENA_S

    9410 1800 1830 48 250 32 1234567 Som AFS BBC BAB SOMLA
    9625 0700 1200 52SE,53W,57N 100 5 .23456. Eng AFS CAF SNT
    9625 1200 1300 52SE,53W,57N 100 5 .23456. Nya AFS CAF SNT
    9625 1300 1400 52SE,53W,57N 100 5 .23456. Loz AFS CAF SNT
    9625 1400 1500 52SE,53W,57N 100 5 .23456. Por AFS CAF SNT
    9625 1500 1600 52SE,53W,57N 100 5 .23456. Eng AFS CAF SNT
    9650 0700 1800 57NW 100 275 1234567 Afr AFS SAB SNT
    9665 0430 0500 47E,48S,52E,53500 19 1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF
    9755 1700 1730 52 250 328 1234567 Por AFS RFI TDF
    9860 0600 0800 52SE,53SW,57N 100 15 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFE_S
    9870 1700 1730 52 250 328 1234567 Por AFS RFI TDF

    11605 0500 0600 46SE,47,52 100 345 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
    11605 0600 0700 46SE,47,52 100 345 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
    11610 1730 1800 48E,48SW 100 35 1234567 Som AFS IBR BAB FE02
    11740 1730 1800 48E,48SW 100 35 1234567 Som AFS IBR BAB
    11750 1930 2000 46SE 250 328 1234567 Ibo AFS AWR AWR
    11755 2000 2030 46E,47W 250 328 1234567 Fra AFS AWR AWR
    11755 2030 2100 46SE 250 328 1234567 Yor AFS AWR AWR
    11770 1700 1730 48SW,53NW 250 19 1234567 Swa AFS AWR AWR
    11770 1730 1800 48SW,53NW 250 19 1234567 Mas AFS AWR AWR
    11780 1800 1830 47,52 250 328 1234567 Eng AFS NHK NHK
    11790 0530 0600 47E,48S,52E,53100 15 1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF -22 Feb
    11800 1800 1830 46E,47W 250 328 1234567 Eng AFS NHK BAB
    11800 1800 1830 47,52 250 328 1234567 Eng AFS NHK NHK
    11830 1830 1900 48SW,52E,53NW 250 19 1234567 Eng AFS AWR AWR
    11845 1800 1830 48 100 30 1234567 Som AFS BBC BAB SOMLA
    11925 0500 0600 48SW,53NW 250 7 ......7 Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
    11925 0529 0600 48SW,53NW 250 7 1...... Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
    12095 0600 0700 47SW,52 100 335 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFW_C

    15160 0530 0600 47E,48S,52E,53100 15 1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF Feb 23-
    15170 0600 0700 46SE,47,52 100 340 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
    15170 0700 0800 46SE,47SW,52 250 328 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
    15235 1600 1700 46,47,52 250 340 .23456. Fre AFS CAF SNT
    15235 1700 1800 46,47,52 250 340 .23456. Eng AFS CAF SNT
    15255 0600 0700 46,47,52 250 328 .23456. Eng AFS CAF SNT
    15260 1930 2000 46S 250 315 1234567 Ful AFS AWR AWR
    15360 1500 1600 47E,48S,52E,53250 7 1234567 Swa AFS RFI TDF
    15480 0400 0600 38E,39,47N,48N250 19 1234567 Ara AFS AWR AWR
    15490 0500 0600 48SW,53NW 250 5 ......7 Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
    15490 0529 0600 48SW,53NW 250 5 1...... Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
    15790 1630 1700 48SW,53NW 250 7 .23456. Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
    15790 1830 1900 48SW,53NW 250 7 .23456. Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA

    17660 1200 1300 46SE,47,52N 250 342 1234567 Fra AFS RFI TDF
    17690 1500 1700 48 250 32 ......7 Som AFS BBC BAB SOMLA
    17710 1000 1100 46S-48S,52-53W,57 250 1234567 Swa AFS DWL DWL
    17760 0800 0900 48,53W 250 19 1...... Eng AFS SRL SNT
    17770 1500 1600 48,47E,52E,53W250 19 .23456. Swa AFS CAF SNT
    17830 0700 0800 47SW,52 250 328 1234567 Eng AFS BBC BAB ENAFW_C
    17870 1630 1700 48SW,53NW 100 7 .23456. Kin AFS BBC BAB KRWNA
    17880 0700 0729 47S,52N,52SE 250 342 1234567 Fra AFS BBC BAB FRENA_C
    (hfcc B-13 Sentec entries, Nov 3, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8 via

    South Carolina [non] - Germany(non) Brother Stair, instead of Pan
    American Broadcasting via MBR: 1500-1600 on 15260 ISS 100 kW / 085 deg
    to WeAs English Sunday, November 3 (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX
    NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Cancelled transmissions of Brother Stair via Media Broadcast
    1200-1400 on 15325 NAU 100 kW / 085 deg to EaEu English
    1200-1400 on 17690 NAU 100 kW / 090 deg to N/ME English Mon-Fri
    1200-1400 on 17690 ISS 100 kW / 077 deg to N/ME English Sat/Sun
    2000-2200 on 9490 NAU 100 kW / 175 deg to NoAf English
    2100-2300 on 9465 NAU 125 kW / 299 deg to NoAm English
    2100-2300 on 11955 NAU 125 kW / 250 deg to SoAm English

    Current schedule of Brother Stair TOM via Media Broadcast:
    1400-1600 on 9460 NAU 100 kW / 270 deg to WeEu English Mon-Fri
    1400-1600 on 9460 MOS 100 kW / 285 deg to WeEu English Sat/Sun
    1400-1600 on 13810 ISS 100 kW / 120 deg to N/ME English
    (Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, DX Re Mix News Nov 11 via DXLD)

    Spain - RNE: REG/LOCAL schedule in UT, winter time.

    0625-0630 REG RN // R5
    0650-0700 REG RN // R5
    0745-0800 LOCAL R5
    0805-0910 REG R5
    0830-0845 LOCAL R5
    1125-1130 REG R5
    1210-1300 REG RN // R5
    1830-1900 REG R5

    0805-0815 REG R5
    1230-1300 REG RN // R5

    They produce M-F the RN blocks and the 0745 and 0830 ones on R5

    73! (Mauricio Molano, Salamanca, ESPAÑA - Spain
    RX site: Aldea del Cano, Cáceres.
    LAT: 39º17'09.70 N LONG: 6º19'00 W
    dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Spain - 6065, Radio Exterior España, at 2005, on 11/9. Male
    announcer speaking in English to 2 people who produced films. One of
    the films had a title of “Beam me Up!” Good (John Cooper, PA,
    WinRadio-G33DDC Excalibur Pro, RF Space SDR-IQ, Grundig Satellit- 750,
    Tecsun PL-660, Wellbrook ALA 1530+ Imperium, All Band Tuned Super
    Sloper. PARS SWL End Fed Sloper, NASWA Flashsheet via DXLD)

    ?? Not scheduled on 6065 at all. Did you perhaps mean 6055 at 0005 UT?
    (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

    11680, poor Nov 11 at 2105, REE`s Brazilian-accented YL in Portuguese
    service, with clips of someone in Castilian. HFCC shows this hour only
    in Spanish. Aoki is correct with Portuguese, 21-22 M-F (Glenn Hauser,

    [and non]. 21630, Nov 9 after 1400, REE is still here on ill-chosen
    new frequency, colliding with BBC Hausa via ASCENSION until 1430. At
    1509, now it`s colliding with WHRI, gospel huxter in English! and
    making a SAH. REE supposedly stops 21630 at 1600, and on weekends
    only, WHRI starts 21630 at 1500 instead of 1600.

    21630 is carrying a silly ballgame, // 17595, but at 1511, 21610 is
    NOT --- instead alternative programming with a YL talking about YL
    affairs. (21540 is just Kuwait; Spain`s other collision would have
    closed at 1500.) SBG still going on 17595 at 1535 check.

    21630, Nov 10 at 1401, REE is still here despite collision with
    ASCENSION, BBC Hausa. After `Amigos de la Onda Corta`, which I was
    listening to on better 17595, at 1355 they announced there would be a
    frequency change from 21630 to 21640 at 13-17 for listeners in Central
    America, so they are doing something about this clash, but not yet
    today. Recheck 1446 Nov 10, still on 21630 as well as 21610. This also
    resolves the collision with WHRI after 1500 weekends on 21630, which I
    still heard yesterday. NOW: how about getting off 21540 vs Kuwait?

    21630, Nov 11 at 1359, REE is still here, // 21610, and colliding with
    Ascension BBC Hausa from 1400 on 21630; despite announcement yesterday
    that would move to 21640; like when?

    21630, Nov 12 at 1353, REE is still here // 21610, and at 1355 once
    again canned announcement that 21630 is moving to 21640, but when?
    Madrid, please tell Noblejas about it! 21630 is still heard at 1452;
    and the third REE 13m channel remains on 21540 colliding with Kuwait.
    HFCC Nov 11 now shows both 21630 and 21640 with identical parameters
    at 13-17, and both for the entire B-13 datespan.

    21630, Nov 13 at 1411, BBC Hausa via ASCENSION still has CCI from REE
    which stupidly moved onto this frequency for B-13, and despite
    announcement they have been running the last few days circa 1355 about
    an imminent switch to 21640 at 13-17. Still nothing there! And 21540
    is still mixing with Kuwait producing a SAH; while 21610 remains the
    only REE 13m channel in the clear.

    Checked again Nov 14 at 1355, better heard on 17595: same canned
    announcement, says lunes a viernes para Centroamérica at 13-17 will be
    on new 21640 instead of 21630; more info at --- Going
    there leads to an unfound but forwards to
    where there is a link to Nuevas Frecuencias para América y África:
    but clicking on that also leads to ``not available``. Looks like REE`s
    web is just as screwed up as their broadcasting, as 21630 continues on
    air yet another day colliding with BBC Ascension from 1400 (Glenn

    Sudan [non] - Cancelled broadcasts of Sudan Radio Service from
    November 1:
    0400-0530 13720 DHA 250 kW / 255 deg to NEAf Arabic EDC Darfur Program
    1600-1730 17745 WOF 250 kW / 135 deg to NEAf Arabic EDC Darfur Program
    (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX

    Sudan [non] - 15550.10, R. Tamazuj via UAE, Nov 10 0427-0430
    43443, Arabic, ID at 0427, Closing announce, 0430 sign off.

    15550.10, R. Dabanga via UAE, Nov 10
    0430-0437, 43443, Arabic, 0430
    sign on with IS, IS and SJ and ID, Opening announce, Talk (Kouji
    Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345,
    Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING

    Taiwan - 5010, Radio Taiwan International (list log), 2246, 5-Nov;
    M&W alternating in Mandarin Chinese. SIO=3+53; still there at2310. Not
    in 10/31 Aoki, but in 11/5 update (Harold Frodge, Midland MI, USA,
    Drake R8B + 125 ft. bow-tie; 85 ft. RW & 180 ft. center-fed RW, All
    logged by my ears, on my receiver, in real time! DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Or CNR1 jammer which is what everyone was reporting here first. When
    Taiwan is involved,
    assume first what you are hearing is most
    likely a ChiCom jammer, u.o.s.! (gh, DXLD) see China for more

    5010, RTI presumed the one in Mandarin at 2217 with a man and woman
    with excited talk then a fanfare at 2218 and a number of promos with a
    woman with talk over light music - Fair Nov 10 (Mark Coady, Selwyn,
    ON, Alinco DX-70, Drake SPR-4, inverted vee or delta loop, ODXA YRX
    via DXLD)

    ?? Why assume it was RTI rather than CNR1 jamming which is likely to
    dominate and has been reported by several others? (Glenn Hauser, DX

    Taiwan - Critical Distance - March 2013 - Taiwan PaLi
    Always lots of interesting material on Jonathan's Blog

    Which leads to this site:
    Unfortunately the two YouTube Videos are no longer accessible.

    None-the-less that material is of interest, particularly the early
    photograph of the PaLi SW TX site. I've a special interest in this
    early SW TX site having visited there in the past (after the site

    I noted earlier this year that more of the buildings have been removed
    along with the surrounding security wall of the site - according to
    recent GE & SV imagery.

    Would love to procure more earlier imagery material of this site. I
    have met one of the engineers who used to work there. Unfortunately he
    didn't have any photographs of the site or any historical material. I
    understand that RTI doesn't retain any either. Requests to BCC (owner
    of the site) via RTI resulted in a non-cooperation stance on the part
    of the BCC, now a private commercial broadcast entity (Ian Baxter, Nov
    10, shortwavesites yg via DXLD)

    Taiwan [non] - Frequency change of PCJ Radio International from Nov
    1330-1430 NF 11990 TRM 125 kW / 045 deg to EaAs English Sun, ex 11835
    (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX
    LISTENING DIGEST) But changed again on short notice to: 9705 (gh)

    Tajikistan - Radio Free Asia on strange frequency via Dushanbe:
    1500-1600 NF 5832 DB 200 kW / 125 deg to CeAs Tibetan, ex nom. 5825
    (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX
    LISTENING DIGEST) Same site habitually puts V. of Tibet on split
    frequencies, so why not RFA? Helps evade jamming? (gh, DXLD)

    Tatarstan - Kazan. 7 November 0410 on 11790 kHz accept the Na Volne
    Tatarstana. Transfer anniversary is in Russian. Began with a story
    about the academic history of the Tatar people. Since 0440 is a
    musical show with stories about the history of radio in Tatarstan.
    Transmission began with a weak signal. SINPO - 35333. Signal began to
    rise. in 0415, in 0440 SINPO - 55444. Complete the transfer in 0459.
    (Alexander Golovihin, Tolyatti, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx" via RusDX 10
    Nov via DXLD) See also Russia

    Thailand - Radio Thailand B-13 schedule till March 30, 2014

    0000-0030 English 13745 US-East
    0030-0100 English 13745 US-West
    0100-0200 Thai 13745 US-West
    0200-0230 English 13745 US-East
    0230-0330 Thai 13745 US-East
    0530-0600 English 12015 Eastern Europe/Russia
    1000-1100 Thai 17630 Middle East
    1030-1100 Thai 1575 SoEaAS
    1100-1130 Thai 1575 SoEaAS Mon-Fri only
    1100-1115 Vietnamese 5875 Asia-Pacific
    1115-1130 Khmer 5875 Asia-Pacific
    1130-1145 Lao 5875 Asia-Pacific
    1145-1200 Burmese 5875 Asia-Pacific
    1200-1230 Thai 1575 SoEaAS Mon-Fri only
    1200-1215 Malaysian 9390 Asia-Pacific
    1230-1300 English 9390 Asia-Pacific
    1300-1315 Japanese 9390 Asia-Pacific
    1315-1330 Mandarin 9390 Asia-Pacific
    1330-1400 Thai 9390 Asia-Pacific
    1400-1430 English 9390 Asia-Pacific
    1800-1900 Thai 9940 Europe
    1900-2000 English 9965 Europe
    2000-2015 German 9535 Europe
    2030-2045 English 9535 Europe
    2045-2115 Thai 9535 Europe
    2230-2400 Thai 1575 SoEaAS Sun-Thur only.

    Radio Thailand, World Services (HSK9),
    Public Relations Department, Royal Thai Government
    236 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Din Daeng,
    Bangkok 10400, Thailand

    Tel +662 6919917 Fax +662 2776139
    (via Wolfgang Büschel, Nov 3, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8 via DXLD)

    2/11, 9940, V of Thailand, 1845 with traditional Thai song, then talks
    in Thai, S10 max with sudden signoff

    9965, V of Thailand, 1900 with program in English and ID at 1901 with
    news (Zacharias Liangas, Thessaloniki, Greece, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Tibet [non] - 15520, Nov 9 at 1400, fair signal in presumed Tibetan,
    as in Aoki, VOT via MADAGASCAR at 1400-1428; not in HFCC B-13, nor on
    former 15525; no jamming audible but probably just not propagating
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Uganda - 4976, R. Uganda, Kampala, 1922-1939, 08/11, inglês, texto,
    entrevistas; 45332, modulação pouco clara e algo débil. 73 (Carlos
    Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Ukraine [non] - 3985, Nov 6 2115, R Ukraina Int. many IDs,
    schedules, in German, songs. Via Kall, Germany presumed, fair
    (Giampiero Bernardini, Milano, Italia, playdx yg via WORLD OF RADIO
    1695, DXLD) 20 kW per HFCC (gh, DXLD)

    Ukraine - Re: ``Brovarskiy radio center. In October, was demolished
    260-foot radio tower (built in 1972), which prior to 1 January 2013 on
    549 kHz broadcast UR-2 ("Promin"), and before that - the UR-1 to 207

    This was the last antenna for high power LW/MW broadcasting there,
    after a 180 metres mediumwave mast had already been demolished in
    June, as the photos on the referenced page show (the ShARRT-257
    antenna is featured only still intact, anything else on this page is
    "this reminds of"). So essentially no AM broadcasting facilities exist
    in Kiev area anymore (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U K [non] - Keith Perron posted in the PCJ Media and PCJ Radio
    Facebook group:

    November 13 2013 --- In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan the BBC World
    Service has extended some of its hours on shortwave until next week.
    0900 to 1500 UT
    0000 to 0200 UT
    11825 kHz
    12010 kHz
    17790 kHz

    What I find very annoying is that let's say you were listening on air,
    you would hear no mention of it in Newshour or any of the other
    current affairs programs. They post it online, but since the internet
    is down in the area they are trying to reach how is someone going to
    find out. Why not mention it in their programs? (via Mike Terry,
    dxldyg via DXLD)

    U S A [and non] - 15255, Nov 8 at 2131, fair signal with flutter in
    Bambara --- this must be one of VOA`s B13 frequencies for their newest
    language, to Mali. One can make out some French words mixed in. I soon
    find it`s // inbooming 13670 which was also the A-13 frequency for
    this via Greenville; yet it`s not strong enough to muscle aside the
    TADIL-A bonker which has invaded the 22m SWBC broadcast band on the lo
    side of 13670. Continuing my all-bandscan, at 2134 I come across
    another VOA Bambara on 9620. Now comparing the DX-398 and the G-8
    easily tuned to Greenville, I find none of them are synchronized: 9620
    is 3 seconds behind 13670, while 15255 is 4 seconds behind 13670.

    Looked up later, HFCC confirms these: 15255 via Ascension, 9620 via
    São Tomé, and 13670 via Greenville. There are very few Bam entries in
    HFCC B-13, but one more for this M-F only at 2130-2200 from VOA is
    7325 via Ascension; that one should match the 15255 delay. In fact the

    other Bambara broadcast is Saudi Arabia on 17650 at 16-18,
    which needs to be confirmed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
    See also Nigeria [and non] re 9690 et al.

    VOA Radiogram this weekend (9-10 November) will include a
    transmission in Thor100, in addition to the usual MFSK modes. There
    will also be more tests of the new long-interleave modes MFSK64L and
    MFSK128L. Details here:
    (Kim Elliott, dxldyg via DXLD)

    Today there was noise interference from a jammer on 17870 kHz. This
    affected particularly the upper sideband of VOA broadcasts.
    Nevertheless, even with SAM-USB there were no errors in the fast
    modes. Therefore: The first winner is the SAM-mode in STUDIO1! Only in
    the AM mode, there were mistakes that allowed a comparison of the
    three fast modes. The clear winner here: MFSK 128L. So, not only my
    ears but also FLDIGI feels better with "SAM" of STUDIO1......
    (roger, Germany, ibid.)

    U S A [and non] - 9790, Nov 11 at 0157, VOA finishing `Today in
    History`, poor with flutter, and mixed with `Soviet`? tune-up tones.
    Then an editorial ``reflecting American ideals and institutions``,
    about natch, Veterans` Day.

    Exactly same wording for outro,
    no longer
    refers to being official
    views from the US Government!!! But of course, it is; now listeners
    are supposed to find these mandated editorials more friendly,
    acceptable? They were usually pretty bland and generic, anyway.

    Outro cut short, for loop IDs as ``RFE/RL, Praha`` a few times, and
    off, uncovering the weaker pre-beeping signal. HFCC as of today claims
    IBB used 9790, 250 kW, 300 degrees from Udorn, Thailand, for the Week
    of Confusion only, ending 02 November! But here it is nine days later.

    As for the understation, HFCC shows VOR in Russian, 02-04, 250 kW, 117
    degrees from Moskva site, thru the entire B-13 season (Glenn Hauser,

    U S A [non] - 9689.1, Nov 11 at 2041, one station in Hausa, and it`s
    off-frequency V. of Nigeria, as now for sure, VOA has vacated 9690
    which it started using B-13 at 2030-2130 M-F via France and UK, also
    in Hausa! Until we exposed this horrible collision last week. Still no
    replacement found on 31m for VOA. (Today`s Nov 11 HFCC still shows VOA
    Hausa 2030-2100 on 9690 via Issoudun, but followed at 2100-2130 in
    French instead of Hausa, via Woofferton. But not heard at 2108 either,
    VON still sole (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX LISTENING

    U S A - WORLD OF RADIO ON INTERNET --- Glenn, since you gave the
    latest schedule for WOR on SW, I thought some updates about WOR on
    internet might be valuable. Both of these sites use Eastern time, but,
    for the convenience of everyone, I am using UT times and days.

    WOR on ACB Radio: In previous years, I think I remember that ACB Radio
    did not change its schedule when we changed the time. This year seems
    to be different, programs are one hour later. Thus, the daily cycle
    starts at 02:00 UT, and repeats every four hours. Note: I am not sure
    if it is a four hour rotation every day. It is so on Friday.

    World of Radio is heard at 0200 Friday, and repeated every four hours
    that day. Note: they seem to fade down WOR during the last minute,
    which, thus, is not heard. Also, ACB Radio sometimes has a little dead
    air between programs, do not think your computer has dropped off.

    From this site, one can download the ACB Radio Tuner, which gives
    access to all five channels with a simple keyboard command.

    Geneva Community Radio, from Geneva, New York. I do not know how long
    this has been going, I found out about it a few days ago, because
    Marion Webster, of Marion's Attic, mentioned it. One might think this
    is a LPFM, but, from the I.D. it seems to be internet only.
    World of Radio: Mon. UT, 0000
    This is followed by what appear to be a few other programs with radio-
    related content, but, I have not heard them yet. 73, (Tim Hendel, AL,

    Tnx Tim, that confirms some of the listings at

    U S A - WORLD OF RADIO 1694 monitoring: confirmed first airing
    Thursday November 7 at 2201:41 on WTWW-1 9479 (its last day before
    moving to 9475 Nov 8); confirmed NOT on the air at 0430v UT Friday Nov
    8 from WWRB 3195, as Dave apologized saying their internet-via-
    microwave-link connexion was out of order again, so filled with jazz
    music instead. Try again next Thursday night.

    Next: UT Saturday 0300v on Area 51 via WBCQ 5110v-CUSB; Saturday 0730
    & 1530 on Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB; Saturday 1600 on WRMI 9955;
    UT Sunday 0030v on WTWW-2 5085; UT Sunday 0501v on WTWW-1 5830;
    perhaps UT Monday 0030v on WTWW-2 5085 as reported last week when it
    was on 9930 at 2330 Sunday (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1695, DX

    WORLD OF RADIO 1694 monitoring: confirmed on Area 51 webcast, UT
    Saturday Nov 9 at shifted time of 0302, after a bit of entertainment
    concerning Mister Ed; and presumably on 5110v-CUSB, which was
    certainly on a bihour earlier. Next WOR chances:
    Sat 0730 & 1530 on HLR 7265-CUSB
    Sat 1600 on WRMI 9955
    Sun 0030v on WTWW 5085 (or maybe 9930)
    Sun 0501v on WTWW 5830
    Mon 0030v on WTWW 5085 (or maybe 9930) (maybe)

    WORLD OF RADIO 1694 monitoring: confirmed at new time and frequency
    from WTWW-2, UT Sunday Nov 10 at 0030 on 5085, ex-Sat 2330 on 9930.
    Maybe repeats UT Monday like last week. Also confirmed on WTWW-1 at
    new time UT Sunday Nov 10 at 0501, still on 5830.

    Following at 0100+ Nov 10 on 5085 was Amateur Radio Newsline,
    including a report from NZ at 0106 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

    WORLD OF RADIO 1695: ready for first airing Thursday Nov 14 at 2201 on
    WTWW-1 9475; then, UT Friday 0428v on WWRB 3195 (we hope; their
    internet was out last week; also check in case of // on 5050-USB); UT
    Saturday 0300v on Area 51 via WBCQ 5110v-CUSB; Saturday 0730 & 1530 on
    Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB; Saturday 1600 on WRMI 9955; UT Sunday
    0030 on WTWW-2 5085; UT Sunday 0501 on WTWW-1 5830 (Glenn Hauser, OK,

    U S A - 12105, Nov 7 at 1434, no signal from WTWW-3. It seems quite
    often at least one of the three transmitters is down for some

    9475, Nov 8 at 1423, WTWW-1 on new frequency, ex-9479, upon request of
    VOA to avoid QRMing 9480. R. Australia barely detectable underneath.
    Why was WTWW ever on the odd frequency 9479? Originally supposed to be
    9480, but it turned out that the sixteenth harmonic of 9480 near the
    transmitter site was QRMing the 2-way frequency of a local school bus.
    So shifting 1 kHz down shifted the harmonic 16 kHz down, enough to
    solve that problem. Meanwhile it produced a 1 kHz het with all the
    other SW stations on 9480. The evening shift from 9475 to 5830 is also
    supposed to change at 0000 UT instead of 0100.

    12105, Nov 8 circa 1430, weak open carrier, WTWW? (13845 WWCR blasting
    in). Or RFA Burmese via SAIPAN which ends at 1430.

    9904 & 9956 approx., November 8 at 2007, JBA hum spurs at same pitch
    as on 9930 along with Brother Scare, equidistant from WTWW-2.

    12105, Nov 8 at 2015, open carrier, poor level like around 1430, not
    what you would expect from WTWW-3 in the daytime, yet nothing else
    scheduled. Yet2, neighbor 12160 WWCR is blasting in at 2015 as usual.
    Same at 2115, 2128. Suspect only the exciter of the WTWW-3 transmitter
    is on, or testing at much reduced power for some reason. It`s also
    weak enough that fading is noticeable.

    QSY to nite-band time has been 0100 UT, but Nov 9 at 0109, 9475 is
    still on; 9930 is
    weaker with something else? No, it too is
    WTWW in the Brother Scare service as soon heard after a clip of some
    other voice. Neither 5830 nor 5085 is on yet. 9930 is so weak compared
    to 9475, that I think it too like 12105 must be on exciter-only or
    drastically reduced for some reason. By next check 0135, both have
    made the switch, and are at usual very strong levels on 5085 and 5830.

    I`m told the plan is to move the QSY time to 0000 UT for both; maybe
    from tomorrow, and that will affect whether WORLD OF RADIO 1694 is
    heard on 9930 or 5085 at the expected shifted time of 0030v UT Sunday
    (and maybe Monday).

    5085, Nov 9 at 0636 check, WTWW-2 is off, but 5830 WTWW-1 is on.

    5830, Nov 10 at 1256, WTWW-1 is in open carrier/dead air; still/again
    OC/DA after switch to 9475 at 1408; SFAW had resumed by 1447 check.

    5085, UT Monday Nov 11 at 0030, WTWW-2 is in country music as usual on
    Sunday evenings, rather than an extra airing of WORLD OF RADIO as one
    reported last week when it was an hour earlier on 9930. I wasn`t
    listening carefully, but it seemed like 5085 cut on and off the air at


    5830, Nov 14 at 1200, WTWW-1 in open carrier/dead air and again/still
    so at next check 1340 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    New 24 hours schedule of WTWW-3 from November 3:
    0000-0300 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Spanish Sat-Wed
    0300-0500 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Portuguese Sat-Wed
    0500-0600 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Portuguese Sat-Wed, addit
    0600-0900 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Yoruba Sat-Wed, addit
    0900-1200 12105
    TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Chinese Sat-Wed, addit
    1200-1400 12105#TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Russian Sat-Wed, addit
    1400-1500 12105#TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Russian Fri-Tue
    1500-2100 12105^TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Arabic Fri-Tue
    2100-2400 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm French Fri-Tue

    co-ch KTWR Agana also in Chinese 1115-1200
    # co-ch Radio Free Asia in Burmese 1230-1430
    ^ co-ch R.Dialogue En/Shona/Ndebele 1600-1700
    Changes between languages vary from 3 to 6 minutes (Ivo Ivanov,
    Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    I`ll believe Yoruba and Chinese when I or someone axually hear them
    (Glenn Hauser, ibid.)

    Unscheduled test transmissions of WTWW-3 on Nov. 3-6 0500-1400 UT
    0500-0600 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Portuguese
    0600-0900 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Yoruba
    0900-1200 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Chinese
    1200-1400 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Russian

    Current schedule of WTWW-3 as of HFCC timetable 1400-0500 UT:
    1400-1500 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Russian Fri-Tue
    1500-2100 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Arabic Fri-Tue
    2100-2400 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm French Fri-Tue
    0000-0300 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Spanish Sat-Wed
    0300-0500 on 12105 TWW 100 kW / 040 deg to NEAm Portuguese Sat-Wed
    Changes between languages vary from 3 to 6 min.
    (Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, DX Re Mix News Nov 11 via DXLD)

    Frequency change of WTWW-1 effective from November 8:
    1400-2400 NF 9475
    TWW 100 kW / 050 deg to NEAm English, ex 9479

    co-ch R. Australia in English till 1900 and TWR Africa in Swahili
    1700-1745 (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013,

    U S A - 3215, Nov 9 at 0058, The Dave Frantz Show again on WWRB; now
    he`s pointing out that lots of missionary broadcasters want to reach
    Europe, Mideast, Africa, and other US SW stations will say, sure we
    can do it, when they really can`t, reliably, because of the noise
    level. When they approach WWRB, Dave says he tells them to buy time on
    closer transmitters, such as `DTK` or BaBcoCk (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    Live on-air rant on WWRB --- Heard UTC early hours 9 Nov [North
    America late eve]. Do you think some preachers owe him for tx time?
    (Brian Gilbert, Roseburg, OR, Nov 10, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    5050-USB, Nov 12 at 0045, Bible reading or story, // 3215 AM but much
    stronger on 5050; so WWRB is again trying the pure USB mode on 5050.
    Last time I heard this was Feb 22 as in DXLD 13-09. Dave was plugging
    for clients to double their power with 200,000 watts by buying both
    3215/3195 for the east and 5050 for the west, but I wonder if one did
    now specifying USB?

    5050-USB, Nov 14 at 0059, WWRB again in pure USB, no carrier, //
    weaker AM on 3215 with preacher (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO

    U S A - 7490, UT Sat Nov 9 at 0113, it`s time for `Allan Weiner
    Worldwide` but sounds a lot different than usual with other voices and
    reverb. Mentions Area 51 and recalls that Johnny Lightning has been on
    A51 or WBCQ since 2007y. They can`t hear 9330-CUSB and wonder if it is
    on the air? Maybe skipping over. I
    hearing it and time the delay
    after 7490 as 30 seconds later. Also // 5110v-CUSB, the Area 51
    frequency; it`s about one word behind 9330. Asks for contacts to radio
    @ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    3885-AM, Nov 13 at 0636, the TimTron, WA1HLR immediately recognizable
    upon tune-in as he belches right away. Discussing some construxion
    project with another weaker AM ham. VG signal, as if using a WBCQ
    high-gain broadcast antenna, which is fine with the FCC, as long as
    his transmitter power is within proper limits (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    U S A 12050, Wewn, 09/11 0012 Ut - Programa de jóvenes católicas
    hablando de las diversas difamaciones en contra del Papá y la Iglesia
    en el internet y los diversos grupos que se preocupan de propagar
    aquello. Señal con SINPO: 55343 // 13830 con SINPO: 55555. Llama la
    atención que no exista cambio de frecuencia a las 00 horas, como es
    acostumbrado (Claudio Galaz, Tecsun PL-660, hilo largo de 25 metros,
    Sector sur de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    11870, Nov 9 at 2217, seems WEWN Spanish is already on here with
    squeal and R. Vaticano relay, including its own RV IDs in passing. In
    A-13, 11870 did not switch from 13830 until 0000 UT.

    Would you believe that WEWN
    hasn`t posted a B-13 schedule at
    own website, still A-13 dates?

    Also linx to ``shortwave update`` popup, undated but probably elderly:

    ``In keeping with Mother Angelica's vision of spreading the Good News
    to the corners of the world, EWTN Radio reconfigured its shortwave
    radio service to better accomplish this goal. In addition to Europe
    and Africa, EWTN Radio is now reaching into India, the Middle East and
    Southeast Asia - plus increased coverage (in Spanish) to Cuba, South
    America, Mexico and the Caribbean, praise God! EWTN Shortwave radio
    broadcasts (WEWN) are not available to most people in North America.``

    Then goes on to explain about affiliates, satellite, and online
    access. Guess what: EWTN Radio
    available to ``most people in
    North America``: all they need to do is turn on a SW radio!

    HFCC as of Nov 8 and FCC B-13 registrations show 11870 WEWN at 0000-
    1000 UT only! Wait a minute: Romania in Spanish to S America is on
    11870 at 22-23, and that should put in a signal like this here. I
    assumed the R. Vaticano IDs would be from WEWN which does relay RV at
    2200-2230 but that`s M-F only and this is Saturday. OTOH, the ``WEWN
    squeal`` is on this 11870 signal, and no CCI from another station;
    unlikely RRI would be talking about Radio Vaticano, let alone relaying
    it. This needs rechecking and also whether 13830, 12050 are still on
    and //.

    11870, Nov 10 at 2215, no signal from WEWN Spanish, unlike 24 hours
    earlier, which must have been a fluke. Now it`s still on squealless
    12050 and squealing 13830. (Nor is there any sign of Romania Spanish
    on 11870 as scheduled now to S America; is that really on?)

    [and non]. 12050, Nov 13 at 1351, WEWN is still suffering co-channel
    interference from the China radio war, tnx to the USG`s IBB having
    chosen to broadcast Tibetan from TINIAN at 12-14 on a frequency long
    in use by a private US SW station. Probably mainly CNR1 jamming under
    WEWN but impossible to tell which is stronger (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    U S A - 9975, KVOH, 09/11 0220 UT. Avisos de la emisora en español,
    además de clásicos de la música cristiana interpretadas por grupos de
    rondallas y mariachis. SINPO: 54454.

    9975, KVOH, 10/11 0247 UT. Programa “Frecuencia al día” con reporte de
    Gustavo Luna acerca del uso de Internet móvil en Colombia. SINPO:
    55454 (Claudio Galaz, Tecsun PL-660, hilo largo de 25 metros, Sector
    sur de Ovalle, IV Región, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

    [and non]. 9975, Nov 11 at 0200, no KVOH, just weak presumed CVC as
    still scheduled via UZBEKISTAN at 01-04, 186 degrees from Tashkent,
    which means it`s also USward, across one pole or another. Finally KVOH
    cuts on at
    0202 with VG signal, joining Spanish praise music in
    progress. Presumably the sign-on aired only on the STL; 0205 ID in
    passing. It`s somewhat overmodulated and distorted (Glenn Hauser, OK,

    U S A - [Re 13-45:] Re: Big Florida Shortwave Station to Reopen

    In the early 80s, when Jeff White was doing shows on a Latin American
    station, I would never have imagined that he'd control WYFR. Good for
    Jeff White, and good for the short-wave radio biz. And it sounds like
    it's a positive development for many entities, including Family Radio.
    This is great news. Maybe everybody wins with this one (Rick Lewis,
    Nov 7, ABDX via DXLD)

    U S A - Jeff, So I am wondering how many, which of the 12 other
    frequencies registered will really resume carrying FR programming
    rather than WRMI? The times do resemble what FR/WYFR was doing until
    the end. Will you be able to bring Taiwan relays back, any others
    which have been off for a while? KBS World Radio and Radio Japan
    should be among them, but probably not interested? (Glenn to Jeff

    Glenn: For your information, I am attaching the anticipated initial
    schedule as of December 1. There could still be some changes in this,
    and there are several pending possible clients that could cause
    further changes. The two Family Radio programs will be in Spanish
    (probably the same program on 2 frequencies).

    We have had positive conversations with RTI, but nothing definite yet.
    Other similar international broadcasters have shown interest as well.
    We'll have to wait and see (Jeff to Glenn, Nov 10, ibid.)


    RMI on 9955 only: 11-14 & 22-04 on 160 degrees; 14-15 a different
    transmitter at 315 degrees.

    Family Radio, ONLY this: 23-24 on 13695, 9495.

    Radio Africa: 14-20 on 21525, 20-23 on 15190.

    Many other blox will initially carry The Overcomer Ministry, up to
    four frequencies at once, on 7570, 9355, 9495, 9690, 9955, 11565,
    11730, 13695, 15440, adding up to 48 frequency-hours per day (Glenn

    U S A [and non] - 580, Sunday Nov 10 at 1305-1308 UT, after CBS news
    and WIBW Topeka ID, President`s weekly address, about honoring
    veterans. Traces of XEMU Spanish in background. Followed by ad, not
    Republican rebuttal, tho WIBW surely runs that at some other time.
    Finding Presidential address is tough as it`s so short, presumably
    originally airing about 24 hours earlier on Saturdays, up to every
    station`s scheduling whims. Maybe different networks re-availablize it
    at different times (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A [and non] - 650, Nov 11 at 0215 UT, hardly any signal from
    WSM, instead XETNT, Radio K, mentioning Guasave and Los Mochis, and
    also when nulled, English talk, probably KGAB WY. Seems more than just
    a temp fade from WSM; something wrong there? Or strange propagation,
    not exactly auroral as further north stations such as CFZM 740 are in
    well (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - 660, Nov 11 at 1316 UT, C&W music from N/S, whence? It was
    ``After the War`` from 1993y, really the Mark Davis show, says he
    recorded it himself at an event, followed by cheers, so not just a
    talkshow; then DFW traffic from ``660 AM The Answer`` = KSKY The
    Metroplex (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - 710-WOR --- usually off Monday mornings? Midnight heard it
    off and a strong Spanish station with talk/music ("internet terminal"
    zz4a, location: sw connecticut 0523 UT Nov 11, ABDX via DXLD)

    U S A - 790, Nov 8 at 0706 UT, trying to pull something out of the
    pileup, including someone asserting ``Oklahoma is finished`` (i.e. in
    football? I hope, since that is inconsequential), ID in passing from
    another sounds like WGYY. Make that a probable WAYY in Eau Claire WI
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - 830, Nov 11 at 1312 UT, country music, plug searching for
    Y105-5 on some smartphone app, from east/west. No doubt it`s the
    recent move-in to Memphis TN, now known as WUMY;
    mentions they are also on AM 830. 105.5 is the tail wagging the dog,
    really just a translator per NRC AM Log, W288BJ, with the 830 address
    still way off in Poplar Bluff MO, not even adjacent AR. Yet they are
    calling 105.5 ``WUMY`` with a coverage map which is really pretty
    small: Another search on the WUMY brand
    at the website leads to ``WUMY-FM (the “Station”) owned and
    operated by Mighty Media, LP, 230-2 Goodman Road East, Suite 202,
    Southaven, MS 38671``. So it`s multi-state (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    U S A - 940, Nov 11 at 0220 UT, New Orleans Advocate ad, apparently
    black newspaper; Crimestoppers PSA on a specific murder; ad for the
    Audubon Insectarium, providing various bugs for cuisine. Is this a
    put-on? Maybe not for Cajuns, hi. I thought they said ``Ottoman``! See

    Then mentions --- wow, they got the most generic URL,
    leading to ``WYLD for Jesus``, which per NRC AM Log is 10000/500 watts
    U4, ``Amen 940``. Both day and nite patterns have lobes to the
    northwest. Dominant signal now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - WWRC, Washington DC, 1260, full data email verification in
    379 days for email English report to comments at 1260wrc dot com
    (which failed although still listed on their website) and a follow up
    to Bob Jones, Broadcast Operations Director at bobj at wava dot com.
    Thereupon we had an exchange of emails with Bob verifying with a
    personal email 14 days after my initial follow-up. 73 (Al Muick,

    U S A - WRNI - 1290 kHz - Providence, RI (USA) - QSL: En sólo 8
    minutos he recibido una entusiasta respuesta del ingeniero de "Rhode
    Island Public Radio", los licenciatarios y dueños de esta emisora. La
    tienen alquilada a "Latino Public Radio", quienes difunden una
    programación dirigida al público hispano. Escribí a: engineer@...
    [truncated]. El ingeniero de la emisora, Aaron Read, tiene un "rincón
    del ingeniero" dentro de la web de la Institución, donde va contando
    sus vicisitudes al frente de la técnica:
    (Info TNX Mauricio Molano, Spain. 2 Nov via
    Dario Monferini, playdx yg via DXLD)

    U S A - 1300, WFFG Marathon FL – Format to SS (ex-NWS/TLK); slogan
    to “Radio Martí,” delete nets (NRC DX News 81/08 via ARC mv-eko Nov 10
    via DXLD)

    Wait a minute --- not the whole station, just a few hours of R. Marti
    (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - 1430, Nov 8 at 0412 UT, ``Indian Lake`` tune, 0414 KZQZ 1430
    ID, St Louis MO. This was on the caradio, I-35 near Edmond OK, KZQZ
    remarkably able to dominate the frequency on whip car antenna, unlike
    the other regional channels 1250 and up, masses of skywave QRM from
    all direxions.

    Oh, oh, no way KZQZ could do this on 5 kW night pattern:
    which has deep null toward us, major lobe to the NNW, minor to the
    SSE. But look at the 50 kW day pattern:
    which has broad lobes ENE/WSW.

    1430, Nov 9 at 0153 UT, KZQZ St Louis is again dominating this crowded
    regional channel with classic rock from the northeast, like it was
    last night on the caradio; surely still on 50 kW day pattern favoring
    us, rather than 5 kW nite pattern with a null toward us.

    1430, Nov 12 at 0110 UT, KZQZ St Louis is still VG and managing to
    dominate the crowded regional channel with classic rock, surely on 50
    kW day pattern aimed at us (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Another new catch tonight on AM: 1430 - KZQZ - St. Louis, Missouri
    with jingle ID then song by Grass Roots - Heaven Knows and China Grove
    by the Doobie Brothers, Legal ID by man "KZQZ 14-30 AM". Also Everly
    Brothers - "Until I Kissed You". AM station # 1331 overall &
    Ultralight Station # 1211 heard from Newfoundland. Hearing this still
    at 0015 UT bouncing in and out occasionally. Good DX (Allen Willie,
    Carbonear, Newfoundland, UT Nov 13, IRCA via DXLD)

    Re: [IRCA] 1430 KZQZ St. Louis with oldies into Newfoundland tonight:
    Has been huge into Burnt River ON tonight and last couple nights.
    Often over the Toronto station (Saul Chernos, Burnt River ON, ibid.)

    U S A - 1510, Nov 7 at 1327 UT, car care ad in rapid Spanish,
    roughly E/W; 1330 IDs in passing as ``La Ke Buena 1,510 de AM``, 1331
    music. Can`t catch any local references, but sounds like a US rather
    than Mexican station. Nothing fits in 2013 NRC AM Log, altho there are
    several SS on 1510, as close as KS and TX.

    Then I Google on the slogan, “la ke buena 1510 am``, being sure to
    misspell ``que``, and that leads right to
    which turns out to be WQQW in St. Louis MO. Joined FB only on August
    27, 2013.

    That was after the NRC AM Log was printed, where WQQW Highland IL was
    ``Madison County`s Hometown Station`` in English, C&W and talk, 1 kW
    direxional daytimer, address in Belleville IL. (At first I thought it
    must be ex-KMRF in Marshfield MO since their address is in St Louis --
    - but Marshfield is really way off near Springfield in SW MO.) FCC AM
    Query shows the WQQW pattern aims toward the southwest, just right for
    us (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - 1530, Nov 8 at 2140 UT, ``Downtown`` by Petula is playing;
    what`s this? Don`t normally hear music in English here. Loops roughly
    east-west, mixing with sports about Cincinnati --- wait: at 2143 into
    a country-rock tune, and it`s ``ESPN Radio`` which is playing songs,
    i.e. WCKY! What`s this? It`s a lot easier to find cheesecake than a
    plain old program schedule at Anyhow, the hi-
    band mid-afternoon skywave is ramping up as Sol sinx closer to the
    horizon (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - KCNZ, Cedar Falls IA, 1650. Date/frequency confirmation
    letter via email in 343 days for English report and audio CD via
    first-class mail with 2 first-class stamps as return postage, follow-
    up fax to station fax line, and finally a follow-up via email to
    station GM with copy of the report and audio MP3. Verification came 3
    days after last follow up. V/s: Janelle Rench, Office Manager. Janelle
    at 935themix dot com. Station address: 721 Shirley St., Cedar Falls,
    IA 50613. 73 (Al Muick, Whitehall PA USA, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - Classical KUHA (formerly KTRU) in Houston just followed in
    KPAC's footsteps. via the radio-info San Antonio board:
    (via Artie Bigley, DXLD)

    U S A - Nov05 18:16 images of demolition - de WA5IYX

    Nov05 18:09 some background - they got a TRO to stop it (in progress)
    this morning - de WA5IYX

    Nov05 18:07 meanwhile this is causing a minor local furor - de WA5IYX
    (Pat Dyer, San Antonio, TV-FM Skip log via Artie Bigley, DXLD)

    Texas Public Radio-8 hours ago

    Update (5:00 p.m.): A total of eight people were arrested in today's
    events at the site of the original home of KWEX TV Univision in San
    Antonio ...

    Fronteras: The Changing America Desk-33 minutes ago
    all 4 news sources »

    KWEX-TV First Spanish-Speaking TV Station Demolished
    Latin Post-Nov 12, 2013
    That radio shows belonged to KWEX-DT, channel 41, widely known as the
    first commercially based Spanish-language station in the United ...

    San Antonio Express-Nov 12, 2013
    ... the 1955 Univision building, 411 E. César E. Chávez Boulevard,
    last home to KWEX-TV. The peaceful standoff started soon after Judge

    KENS 5 TV-Nov 12, 2013

    SAN ANTONIO -- A judge's ruling to proceed with the demolition of the
    KWEX/Univision building in the 400 block of E. César E. Chávez Blvd.
    (all via Artie Bigley, ex-TX, Nov 13, DXLD)

    U S A - KJWP ON AND TESTING --- KJWP RF2 Wilmington, DE
    (Philadelphia transmitter) on with color bars on 2.1 (John F Zeis,
    2123 UT Nov 11, WTFDA via DXLD)

    That`s the station ``moved`` from Jackson WY due to strange FCC rules
    explained here previously (gh, DXLD)

    It's mapping to 2-1? And what's the PSIP call sign for it? I wonder
    how hard it would be to complain about the 2-1 mapping and try to push
    for something like 59-1 or even 1-1. - (Trip Ericson, ibid.)

    PSIP was KJWP. 2.1 only subchannel. Did not note format. No longer
    transmitting at current time (John Zeis, 2218 UT, ibid.)

    I guess I'd think 2 would be the correct major channel? I suppose it's
    a collision in central NJ but it's unique in Philly (Doug Smith W9WI,
    Pleasant View, TN EM66, ibid.)

    Well, it's "correct" but the collision with Baltimore and New York
    should raise enough of a problem to get it changed. The channel 5
    allocation in Seaford is required to map to 36-1 based on Fox's
    complaints (Trip, ibid.)

    Is a TV station allowed to map to 37-1? I would think so, but I'm not
    aware of any. It would be unique with no "collision". By the way, a
    couple of years ago in the NYC ADI, both WXTV DT-40 and WNJJ DT-41
    mapped to 41. And not only were they in the same market, they were
    both licensed to Paterson, NJ. WNJJ has since changed to map to 40.1.
    (Chris Lucas - Poughkeepsie, NY - FN31bs, ibid.)

    KSLM-LD in Salem OR maps one of their channels to 37-1, but I don't
    think it's been formally approved. It's the only one I know of. And
    only KAXT-CD in San Jose CA has been approved to map to 1-1. Both
    would work really well on the east coast! (Trip Ericson, ibid.)

    Yes and no. There is no technical reason why it wouldn't work.
    Indeed, 37 would probably be a good choice for a station like KJWP as
    you could guarantee it wouldn't collide with anything else!

    In (legal) theory it's not permissible. For a station that's never
    held an analog license, the major channel is supposed to be their
    digital RF channel - which cannot be 37. For a station that once held
    an analog license, the major channel is supposed to be their old
    analog RF channel - which cannot be 37 either.

    But the purpose of the rules is to prevent collisions and since 37
    can't collide with anything, it seems a pretty good choice from here.
    You would theoretically need some kind of waiver from the FCC as
    stations are supposed to use the major channels specified in the ATSC
    standard. == (Doug Smith W9WI, Pleasant View, TN EM66, ibid.)

    Here's the bigger issue: would a station on "37.x" get cable must-
    carry on channel 37, or on channel 2?

    KJWP exists, of course, not so much to be seen over the air as to
    assert must-carry on cable systems throughout the Philadelphia ADI -
    and that's a more valuable proposition on "2" than on "37."

    FWIW, I got to see the KJWP antenna and transmitter last week. It's a
    massive six-bay/four-around panel affair just beneath the FM master
    antenna, just beneath the candelabra on the big ATC tower at the
    Roxborough site. The transmitter is a used Harris Platinum. Not sure
    what station it came from. All the radio engineers I talked to in
    Philly think the whole thing is crazy. We'll see. s (Scott Fybush, NY,

    KJWP is transmitting tonight around 20:30 EST with the color bars and
    the scrolling message "KJWP 2.1 Wilmington". Their signal using the
    Zenith box is around 70% at my location, it is slightly stronger than
    WHYY DT-12. WPVI is near the top of the meter, around 95% (Bob Seaman,
    Hazleton, PA, 0142 UT Nov 13, ibid.)

    U S A [and non] - 7160-LSB, Nov 9 at 1435, W6H calling ``CQ Japan
    JIDX`` several times, finally working JA4JBQ at 1438, with a 5903
    signal report. Special call W6H sounds familiar – o yes, per
    it was for the Route 66 On the Air event a bimonth ago, from several
    ops at unknown locations in New Mexico. Yes, log shows someone is
    using it again today and working mostly Japan,
    altho JA4JBQ is not listed. Hmm, FCC call lookup via ARRL does NOT
    find any W6H, currently. (Can such one-by-one special calls be
    reassigned to totally different stations once an event be over??)

    I was really hunting around for the Wake Island DXpedition, but didn`t
    try 7082 as uplooked later, their nominal 40m LSB frequency. See
    and note their no-nonsense guidelines which all should observe.

    Earlier at 1352 Nov 9, there was a pileup of US stations on 7179-LSB,
    exclaiming nothing but their own callsigns, so wonder if that was
    paired with K9W? After a few minutes they all stopped, maybe ordered
    to QSY or QRT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    U S A - 7190-LSB, Nov 7 at 0705, Triple-H net for WAS (working all
    states), trying to respond to a call from CO5MZ, but continuous QRM
    from a station sending Tarzan yodel-yells over and over, and other
    rude noises, music. N4EDN call heard from someone in the net, asking
    for DX check-ins only; refers to ``trash`` on the frequency (Glenn

    Vanuatu - 3945, Nov 7, 1813, Possibly Radio Vanuatu running very
    late on 3945 kHz?? Heard station hovering around threshold level at
    1433. At 1445 hams came on frequency and mentioned the presents of
    "foreign broadacst on frequency." Note Super Typhoon Haiyan moving
    toward Philippines!!! (Ron Howard, CA, SW Bulletin Nov 10 via DXLD)
    Thanks Victor (Victor A. Goonetilleke), who wrote - "Happy to hear
    Port Vila 3945.00," "My Log (UTC) audio clip from them is 15 minutes
    long. P. Vila was running all night due to the Typhoon." /Victor
    Nov 7 & 8, I could only hear an open carrier after 1400 UT, which I
    thought might be them. /Ron Howard
    I heard them from 1229 UT (Nov 8) with lovely mx, deep voiced English
    announcer, into Beatles I want to Hold your hand at 1231 and much
    music till past 1302 when the signal started getting lost in the
    noise. 1229 was almost sunset here. Some one says, or wanders if it
    was NSB Nikkei instead. Bah as if I am in the baby class of DXing,
    though haven't got a PHD!!!! /Victor
    Hi Victor, You are indeed fortunate at your QTH to hear Vanuatu. Here
    in California, 3945 is totally covered by RN2 till 1400 UT, with pop
    music and many announcements / IDs by native speakers of English.
    Website -
    Typical audio level for me, starting with "RN2" ID, at -
    BTW - RN2 is only on till 1400 UT from Mon-Fri. The weekend is the
    best time to check out Vanuatu. /Ron Howard (all SW Bulletin via DXLD)

    Vatican [and non] - 15110, Nov 9 at 1529, VR IS, good signal,
    ``L.I.C.`` and YL opening English as about to broadcast holy mass live
    to Asia and Middle East, stay tuned on 7545, 15110 and DRM 15775. HFCC
    shows 15110 is relay via IBB Tinang, Philippines, so violating
    Separation of Church and State. 7545, unchecked, is Tashkent,
    violating separation of church and mosque. 15775 is SMG direct, JBA
    noise with BFO (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    3975, Sunday Nov 10 at 0636, no signal from VR when Latin mass is
    scheduled daily, and heard previously; yet DRM noise from BBC
    Woofferton 3950-3955-3960 is quite audible and propagating. VR is
    heard on 6075 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Vatican STATE [non] - Frequency changes of Vatican Radio from Nov 4:
    1430-1450 NF 7550 TAC 100 kW / 163 deg SoAs Hindi, ex 7545 // 15110
    1450-1510 NF 7550 TAC 100 kW / 163 deg SoAs Tamil, ex 7545 // 15110
    1510-1530 NF 7550 TAC 100 kW / 163 deg SoAs Malayalam ex 7545 // 15110
    1530-1550 NF 7550 TAC 100 kW / 163 deg SoAs English, ex 7545 // 15110
    (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX

    I just heard them today on 15110 announce also 7545, unchecked (Glenn
    Hauser, ibid.)

    [and non]. Cancelled transmissions:
    0025-0040 on 7410 SMG 250 kW / 087 deg to SoAs Urdu Mon/Thu
    0025-0040 on 9560 SMG 250 kW / 086 deg to SoAs Urdu Mon/Thu
    1415-1430 on 7545 TAC 100 kW / 163 deg to SoAs Urdu Wed/Sun
    1415-1430 on 15110 PHT 250 kW / 283 deg to SoAs Urdu Wed/Sun
    (Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, DX RE MIX NEWS #803 November 9, 2013, DX
    LISTENING DIGEST) RCC has given up on making Pakis into Cathis? (gh)

    Venezuela - Critical Distance - Dec 2012 Article: SW TX Sites
    (Ian Baxter, Nov 10, shortwavesites yg via DXLD)

    Vietnam [non] - 5930, ENGLAND, Voice of Vietnam at 2210 in
    Vietnamese with a woman with talk with traditional music bridges
    - Good Nov 4 (Joe Robinson, Scarborough, ON Sony ICF-2010 and 150'
    perimeter antenna, ODXA YRX via DXLD)

    Vietnam [non] - CLANDESTINE, 9930, Que Me via Palau, Nov 08
    1214, 45444, Vietnamese, 1200 sign on with opening music, Opening
    announce, Talk (Kouji Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830,
    NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan,
    DX LISTENING DIGEST) Fridays only --- gh

    Wake Island - 18140-USB, Nov 10 at 0124, very poor signal from
    somestation making very quick contacts with 5-9 signal reports, mostly
    US stations. I listen until 0130 and
    hear this station`s call
    nor a mention of Wake, just the calls of stations contacted, and 5-9s.

    18140 is a nominal frequency for the current K9W DXpedition until Nov
    15. I`ve been checking all their frequencies from 80 to 10 meters, at
    various times, (3790, 5403.5, 7082, 14185, 21285, 24955, 28485),
    hearing no sign of them until now, and often other QSOs in progress.

    There ought to be a rule: no single ham contact is complete,
    verifiable and eligible for any contest or DXCC, without at the very
    least, both stations speaking the call of the station contacted AND
    THEIR OWN CALL, preceded by ``this is`` or ``from``, at least once!
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    KH9, Wake Island. The "K9W Wake Atoll Commemorative DXpedition"
    continues to be active until November 15th (Wake Island time). The log
    is being posted on the Web page below and on the ClubLog Web page at:
    The log shows as of 1752z, November 9th, that they have worked a total
    of 66414 QSOs and 17236 Unique Callsigns. Breakdown is 36491/CW,
    27384/SSB and 2539/RTTY. Breakdown by Continent is 441/AF, 3/AN,
    23113/AS, 15794/EU, 23532/NA, 2336/OC and 1195/SA.

    An OQRS will be available by ClubLog (Highly Recommended). This is the
    preferred method to use for your QSL confirmation. After the
    DXpedition ends you can order either a direct or Bureau QSL card using
    the OQRS online QSL service provided by ClubLog. For sending direct
    QSL requests, the mailing address is: Wake Island DXpedition, P.O. Box
    5005, Lake Wylie, SC 29710 USA (See detail on their Web page). QSLing
    by the Bureau is via AA4NN. Logs will be posted on LoTW 6 months after
    the conclusion of the DXpedition. NO eQSL. For more details and
    updates, visit the K9W Web page at:
    (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 1136, November 11, 2013, Editor Tedd
    Mirgliotta, KB8NW, Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio), via Dave
    Raycroft, ODXA yg via DXLD)

    Western Sahara [non] - 1550, Saharawi Arab Dem Rep National Radio,

    NOV 3, 2228 - Good, with no sign of North American domestics; man
    talking fast in Arabic through the bottom of the hour. Still listening
    at 2300, and station rolled through the hour with music, but then
    aired time pips at 2302, and segued into tribal 'pluck and sing' music
    familiar to those who have ever tuned Mauritania. [Taylor]

    NOV 3, 2231 - Very strong signal with non-stop Arabic talk. Thought
    I'd look at the frequency, since I hear a het on 1550.028 kHz, but I
    think this station is closer to the fundamental. 1550 itself is a
    jumble of many stations smeared across the channel, so impossible to
    be sure. Man with an echo in his voice (or speaking from an echoey
    location at 22:38). 2254 hoping for an ID at 23:00, but instead kept
    playing Arabic music until 23:02, at which time there were time pips,
    then some dead air, and into more of the same music. Very strong and
    enjoyable, especially with the SAM engaged, and the bandwidth opened
    on the Perseus SDR. There's definitely an African flare to this music.

    NOV 3, 2310 - Sahwari music similar to what you would hear on
    Mauritania, group of people singing with some kind of stringed
    instrument, possibly a xalam. Went off at 2333 after anthem. Their
    clocks are a few minutes slow, as I heard time pips at 2303 on both
    Nov 2 and Nov 3. [Wolfish] (PEI DXPedition report via DXLD)

    CLANDESTINAS, 1550, Frente POLISARIO, Rabouni, Argélia, 1155-1302
    resto do programa em árabe, emissão em castelhano, cerca das 1200, com
    temas variados, inclusive "Espacio Científico", fecho com o hino;
    35342. --- 2 gravações anexas ---. [date missing]

    A emissão vespertina continua a ser pelas 1700, começando de imediato
    com a oração corânica, até cerca das 1715, hora a que tem início uma
    rubrica de 45 minutos em castelhano; das 1800 às 2330, a emissão é em
    árabe. 73 (Carlos Gonçalves, PORTUGAL, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Zambia - 5915, 09/Nov 0335, Zambia BC in Swahili. OM talk. At 0336
    African pop music. At 0341 OM back to talk. At 0342 Listener on the
    phone. 25432. 73 (Jorge Freitas, Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S
    38 58´W - Brasil, Degen 1103 - All listening in mode of filter Narrow
    the 4 kHz, Dipole antenna, 25 meters - east/west, dxldyg via DX

    Hi Jorge, This would not have been Swahili; it is not spoken in that
    part of the world. EiBi lists that time slot on Saturdays as Nyanja,
    which is mostly spoken in Malawi and eastern Zambia. Also amongst the
    many Malawian migrants in Zambia. Regards, (Bill Bingham, RSA, ibid.)

    5915, Zambia Nat. B.C., Nov 10 1600-1614, 23432, vernacular, Fish
    eagle IS, Repeated blows of the drum, Local music and talk (Kouji
    Hashimoto, Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345,
    Satellite 750, DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING

    Zanzibar - 6015, 09/Nov 0305, TANZANIA, Zanzibar Radio (PRESUMED) in
    Swahili (listed Aoki). Prayer and reading of the Qur`an, then Om talk.
    At 0311 some speeches exalted of OM. At 0315 quick local music. 24432
    (Jorge Freitas, Feira de Santana, Bahia, 12 14´S 38 58´W - Brasil,
    Degen 1103 - All listening in mode of filter Narrow the 4 kHz, Dipole
    antenna, 25 meters - east/west, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Zanzibar - 11735, Nov 8 at 2016, vocal music on fair signal from ZBC
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    TANZANIA, 11735, Zanzibar B.C., Nov 10 1509-1544, 35433, Swahili, News
    and local music and koran, ID at 1522 as "ZBC" (Kouji Hashimoto,
    Japan, RX, IC-R75, NRD-525+RD-9830, NRD-515, NRD-345, Satellite 750,
    DE-1121, ANT, 70m Sloper Wire, Japan, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    11735, Nov 10 at 2055, ZBC music good but heavy flutter, already off
    at 2059.

    11735, Nov 11 at 2104, ZBC nice music, fair with flutter, and still on
    at 2105, but off by 2110 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    ZBC Radio, 11735 Dole. Nov 11, 2013 Monday. 1755-1812. Afro music and
    song, then ID at 1759 “ZBC” and drums. At 1800, 5+1 time pips, into
    news in English, much of it local news about Zanzibar and its
    surrounds. Also a long item about the typhoon in the Philippines and
    Vietnam. At 1810, back to Swahili. Standard jingle at 1812 (as often
    heard in the early mornings on 6015), followed by a song about
    Zanzibar. Mostly quite readable, unusual for me to be able to listen
    to an evening news bulletin from Zanzibar. Jo'burg sunset 1632 (Bill
    Bingham, Johannesburg RSA, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Zimbabwe - Voice of Zim - a rare appearance. Voice of Zimbabwe on
    999 is present tonight, although it came on late. Nothing heard on
    4828, and both were missing last night (Nov 10).

    Voice of Zimbabwe, 999 Gweru. Nov 11, 2013 Monday. 1727-1735. Mostly
    unreadable, but YL mentioned "Harare" at 1731. Afro music at 1732.
    Very weak and poor, a lot of lightning QRN in Jo'burg. And AWOL at
    slightly earlier check, 1710. Jo'burg sunset 1632 (Bill Bingham,
    Johannesburg RSA, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Unidentified - TA carrier search looping NE/SW, Nov 9: 549 at 0144;
    882, 945, 954, 1053 at 0145-0146; 1215 at 0150; 1512 at 0151.

    TA carrier search Nov 10 at 0109: only one I can detect, JBA, is 693

    TA carriers JBA Nov 12: 1521 het on 1520 KOKC SB game at 0109; 882 at
    0120; no others noticed in non-exhaustive search.

    TA carrier search Nov 14 at 0117: none lower than 783, which is about
    ENE = Mauritania, and a weaker one on 882; nothing further up to 1215
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Unidentified - 960, Nov 12 at 0113 UT, I find I can almost totally null
    local KGWA tnx to a stronger than usual signal at that critical point
    --- sports talk mentioning TCU football, call from a coach, 866-485-
    7042, which I took to be the toll-free call-in number for this show,
    but searching on that leads to nothing but a 2005 page for Golf Gifts
    Fore U in Lagrange IN. As it faded into the QRM before ads, gave some
    network ID. Doesn`t fit with KGKL San Angelo programming, altho a
    Texan would be most likely. KMA Shenandoah IA at least has a program
    with minute-by-minute details --- until 6:30 pm when it becomes vague
    (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Unidentified 960, Web searches indicate that TCU only recognizes WBAP
    820 as the English station. Cannot find a network list. The Univision
    radio station on 1270 in DFW carries the games in Spanish. The other
    two stations mentioned are FM (KTCU 88.7, KTFW 92.1). With WBAP they
    should not need anything else, but that doesn't stop the Longhorns and
    the Aggies. None of these transmitters are in close proximity to each
    other so I doubt that it is mixing, but you're a better expert on that
    (David Block, TX, ptsw yg via DXLD)

    I think it was only a mention of TCU in sports talk, not game coverage
    (gh, DXLD)

    Unidentified - 1100, Nov 11 at 1303 UT, road work reports concerning
    Decatur Drive, Lakeshore Drive, Martin Luther King Drive, in
    Bloomington, also mentions counties: DeWitt, Livingston, McLean. 1305
    into Christian song. Those streets and especially counties lead not to
    Chicago, but to the Bloomington, Illinois area. Trouble is, there is
    no 1100 station anywhere around there (nor Bloomington IN). Loops
    about east/west. Suspect it is just my nearest 1100, KKLL in Webb City
    (Joplin) MO, somehow relaying off-topic programming from the IL city.

    I`ve yet to find any connexion confirming this. KKLL is owned by the
    New Life Evangelistic Center, address in St Louis MO, and their
    closest IL station is WINU 870 in Shelbyville, a bit too far from
    Bloomington. No NLEC listed at FCC as licensee of any Bloomington IL
    AM or FM station. If it weren`t for the three counties, I would go
    hunting at several other Bloomingtons in the USA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    Unidentified - 1300, 26.10 0540, OID som id:ade ”Radio Trece” vid denna
    tid, så kanske ändå stn i México City. Får kolla mer (RÅ, ARC MV-eko
    Oct 29 via DXLD)

    The Radio Trece in México DF is on 1290! On 1300 a Radio Trece is XEP
    in Juárez, a regular here, but there could obviously be others, altho
    none listed by that slogan in IRCA (gh, DXLD)

    Unidentified - 3995 on Nov 8 at 1325 & 1403 found decent strength open
    carrier. Checked it today due to alert from Atsunori Ishida Would be great if it's reactivation of RRI
    Kendari, but so far no hint of audio. Testing the tx?

    Interesting that Atsunori indicates "weak carrier," while I would say
    I was hearing a carrier that was stronger than the RRI Kendari signal
    I have heard in the past. So something new? Can only hope whoever it
    is will soon provide some audio so we know for sure who this is. Worth
    monitoring (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etón E1, dxldyg via

    Could also be N Korea, which has jumped around to 4000, 4005 (gh,

    Unidentified - 4845, 0210 07.11, UNID playing non-stop Spanish songs
    was NOT heard tonight! The conditions are still very poor for Latin
    America, but better for Asia (Anker Petersen, heard on the AOR
    AR7030PLUS with 28 metres longwire in Skovlunde, Denmark, via Dario
    Monferini, playdx yg via DXLD)

    Unidentified - Heard a station this morning from 1102 past 1125 UTC on
    4985.5. Definite man announcer, possibly preaching, with music on
    occasion. Faded out as the late Latin Americans do at this time here.
    I checked my recordings and the man announcer does sound similar to
    the one on R. Voz Christiana [sic] that was heard on 4985 last year.
    I haven't seen any loggings of it lately. Is R. Voz Christiana on
    4985.5 now?? Here is a link for a recording from this morning, 1103-
    1104 UT.
    73 (Dave Valko, PA, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

    In Spanish there is no H in Cristiana, FYI. He doesn`t even mention a
    country, but it was Peru, as in WRTH 2013: ``4987, R. Voz Critiana
    [sic] (R. Manantial), Huancayo``. Manantial [wellspring] was its
    original name, and not clear whether it really changed or R-V-C- was
    programming source/name (Glenn Hauser, OK DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    No carrier visible today at 2300. Maybe they are on weekends only?
    73, (Mauno Ritola, Finland, Nov 12, HCDX via DXLD) ID as Peru: q.v.

    Unidentified - 6915-RCLSB, Nov 12 at 0123, looking for North American
    pirates, but all I find is the very bass voice Spanish guy here saying
    ``Hola qué tal hola`` over and over, and sometimes counting uno-dos-
    tres. Yes, it seems like he has a reduced carrier plus LSB, no USB;
    quite strong signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

    Unidentified - 17680-USB, Nov 10 at 2028, 2-way in Romance language,
    eventually recognized as Spanish; one of them has background noise as
    from an engine. A far cry from CVC La Voz (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

    Unidentified - I still check analog channel 2 TV frequently, often
    turning it on in the mid-mornings and evenings, in case there be an
    off-season sporadic E opening from Canada, Mexico or beyond. Finally,
    Nov 13 at 1611 UT, something shows up! It`s a large-font graphic
    saying 2344 KILLED --- not sure of the number, but probably refers to
    the Philippine typhoon death toll at the moment? Anyhow it`s in
    English, which makes Mexico unlikely. Antenna is southward in usual
    resting position; I rotate north and still see it, but no stronger
    than south --- of course the signal itself from wherever could have
    faded during those few seconds. There should be a few Canadian analog
    TVs left on channel 2, e.g. Ontario.

    At 1612 there is also some video showing on channel 3. The first thing
    I do in such cases is compare to cable channels 2 and 3 here on
    another monitor, as cable radiation can be a problem, and they do NOT
    match cable, so real DX! Both are gone within a couple of minutes.
    Nothing significant showing on 50 MHz Es maps, and hardly anything on
    28 MHz; altho there have been some recent reports of F2 propagation
    getting up to 35 or 40 MHz. It`s yet a big leap to 56 or 62 MHz, so I
    would still say a bit of sporadic E is more likely (Glenn Hauser, OK,

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